2019 Members and Leadership Meeting Minutes

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, December 14, 2019 at Kingsbridge Social Club, 10:30AM

Welcome – Mandi Susman, President
a. Great Turnout
b. Team Picture was taken before the meeting

Intro to current BoardGovernance – Mandi
a. Intro to Board and How Management Works
b. 5 Board Seats
i. 2 year terms
ii. 2 seats up for 2020
c. After election the Board members meet to determine their roles
d. Elections after Nominations

a. Rigo announced list of eligible members, Rigo announced he is not running for Board
b. Mandi Susman nominated Bobby Asher; seconded by Steve
c. Ken Rolston nominated Bette Clark; seconded by Bobby Asher
d. Andrea Raphael nominated Dave King; seconded by Brian Mortensen
e. Bette Clark nominated Rick Bloomer; seconded by Gerard Chamorin
f. Bobby Asher nominated Gerard Chamorin; seconded by Steve Shernicoff
g. Ken Rolston nominated Susan Adiletta; seconded by Bobby Asher; Susan Adiletta declined the nomination
h. Bobby Asher nominated Susan Moore; seconded by Steve Shernicoff; Susan Moore declined the nomination
i. For nominations not here
ii. an email will be sent
iii. 1 week to nominate
iv. 2 weeks to decide
j. Thanks to Rigo for his service on the Board

Treasury Report – Andrea

Membership Report – Andrea

New members since last meeting

  1. Thanks to Andrea for her work on Treasury and Membership
  2. Race Overviews
    a. Tough Love – Carolyn Hehir
    i. this past edition had 35 teams and 15 volunteers
    b. UEC was put on
    c. Summer Series – Stephany, Bobby
    i. 1 race cancelled this year due to weather
    ii. 125-150 racers per race
    iii. Relay – 60 teams
    d. Flats Mile on June 13, 2020
  3. Athletic – Ken
    a. Womens 60 – 2nd place
    b. Mens 70 – 2nd place
    c. Womens 70 – 3rd place
    d. Mens 60 – 4th place with a shout out to Bob Rooney
    e. Womens 40 – 4th place by 1 point
    f. CIM Report
    i. Laura had loft goals and set a new Marathon PR
    ii. Story of people working together to meet Olympic standard for Olympic trial
    iii. Exciting as the weather was warmer than expected
    g. Spoke with Coach Matt Centrowiz Sr. of Manhattan College of possibility of using their track during the winter
    h. Coach Glen had successful eye surgery and should have more availability
    i. Considering having a female coach
    j. Bette Clark and Rick Bloomer are the Team Captains. Age Group Captains are:
    i. Womens 60 – Stephany Evans
    ii. Mens 60 and 70 – Sal Carretta
    iii. Mens 50 – Sean Moore
    iv. Womens 50 – Andrea Raphael
    v. Womens 40 – Susan Moore
    vi. Mens 40 – Rigo Martinez
    vii. Womens Open – Carolyn Hehir
    viii. Mens Open – Matt Soja
    k. Discussion of Team Spots for NYRR Team Points Races
    i. policy is on the website
    ii. Try to fill different age teams
    iii. Suggestion of paying for race insurance for longer races just in case you cannot race
    iv. Suggestion of trying to get announcements for when Points races open up registration
    v. Suggestion of having age group captains let members in their respective age groups know of opening of race registrations
    vi. Team Spots as a last resort
    vii. Club has lobbied for more spots at NYRR
    viii. 11 Team Points races set for 2020
    ix. Thanks to Gee for keeping track of NYRR Club Council Meetings and Minutes
    x. Most Team Point races are open
    l. Call for volunteers for Age Group Captains
    m. Congratulations to Manlio Mondo for completing 15 NYC Marathons and joining the streakers club
    n. New NYRR corral assignments based on 2019 race times
  4. Committees – Mandi
    a. Happy to have volunteers for the various committees
    b. Standing Committees
    i. Athletic
    ii. Clothing
    iii. Communications
    iv. Membership
    v. Social
  5. Clothing – Beni Veraz
    a. Jackets: available today; want one please speak to Beni
    b. Singlets, hats, and patches are available for sale at today’s meeting
    c. Thanks to Beni for his work on Clothing and his organization with clothing and bus signups
  6. Communications – Steve Shernicoff
    a. Brian Mortensen on Social Media: Instagram followers grew to over 800 followers and we want to get to 1000; call for content so please share pictures on Facebook and send to Brian
    b. There is a public FB page; follow VCTC on all platforms
    c. Thanks to Clelia Milan for her work on the Aesop’s Bench email news letter
    d. Thanks to Scott Ceniza-Levine for his work on the website and adding a robust calendar system
    e. Thanks to Gee Chamorin for his work on the website
  7. Social – Jill Staat
    a. What we did
    i. Summer Series BBQ – Jill
    ii. Summer Beer Run – Dave and Sean
    iii. Santa Run – Dave and Sean
    iv. Yankees Night – Susan Adiletta
    v. Thanks to Rick for organizing the Orchard Beach Training Run and the Captain Lawrence Bike and Run
    vi. Thanks to Wendee and Rashida for their work on Annual Dinner
    vii. Thanks to Kingsbridge Social Club for hosting our Annual Meeting
    viii. Awards Dinner by Wendee and Rashida
    ix. Awards Dinner on January 18, 2020 with prices set: Members $55.00, Guests $65.00, Door $70.00
  8. New Business
    a. Bette – Question on new UEC date set for April 5, 2020
    b. Bette – Liason with other Bronx Running clubs say on a Beer Run
    c. Mandi – club is collecting gently used running sneakers throughout the year starting at the Awards Dinner; Joe Tucker volunteered
  9. Motion to adjourn by Rigo; seconded by Mandi. Adjourned at 11:59 AM.

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 12/14/19

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting, December 11, 2019, 7pm

  1. Call to Order at 7:13PM by President, Mandi Susman
  2. Summer Series – Bobby Asher
    a. Bobby had sent an email regarding expanding the leadership of the summer series
    b. Explained by Andrea: have more than 1 person directing the race
    c. Stephany had a discussion with Jill about having 3 race directors
    d. One overarching plan
    e. Perhaps discuss now because open it up at the Annual Meeting
    f. Discussion tabled for a separate date
    g. Dates for Summer Series
    i. May 21, 2020
    ii. June 4, 2020
    iii. June 18, 2020
    iv. July 2, 2020 – 2×2 Relay
    v. July 16, 2020
    vi. July 30, 2020
    vii. August 13, 2020 – End of Summer Series Party Post Race
    h. Flats Mile on June 13, 2020
  3. Urban Environmental Challenge – Mandi
    a. possibly change
    b. March 29, 2020 but Healthy Kidney on that date
    c. 4/5/2020 possibly
    d. leave it for now
    e. Possible partnership with Patagonia; Bobby will follow up
    f. Mothers and Grunters also on 3/29/20
  4. Tough Love Relay – Mandi
    a. February 15, 2020
  5. Annual Meeting Agenda Discussion – Mandi
    a. Committee Heads to provide an Annual Report
    i. Treasury a year to date or similar
    ii. Membership – Andrea receiving an email when someone purchase a membership thanks to Scott
    iii. Athletic by Ken, Bette, or Rick
    iv. Clothing
    v. Social – club sponsored events
    b. Thank Sponsors
    i. from Bobby’s email about finding a way to thank our sponsors
    ii. Discussion
    iii. sponsors looking for promotion, more prominent advertising
    iv. donors are different, looking to donate
    v. partners provide free items like Lloyds
    vi. find a way to balance
    vii. logos social media
    viii. maybe have a one page of definitions of levels of sponsorship
    c. Announcement of race schedules
    i. Rigo will announce Race Dates
    d. UEC – Bobby to announce and describe
    e. Who is on the Board
    f. Nominations Committee – Rigo
    i. email sent to those eligible
    g. Describe nominations process and open the floor for nominations
    h. Board paying for the food at the Annual Meeting
    i. Jackets will be available for those who orders; singlets and patches for sale
  6. Santa Run Pub Crawl – Bette
    a. on Sunday
    b. possible have one in the summer and invite other Bronx Running Clubs
  7. Race Results – Bette
    a. have a system on the website for results; ie a form
    b. Steve referred a Word Press app to Scott on a Database
    c. Discussion of blog post on Website
    d. Old newsletter had a good format; Dave King willing to work on it
    e. Bette willing to help with race results
  8. Timing for Races – Bette
    a. Matt will not be able to continue; consult him on change
    b. Need a timer by the 1st race
    c. Discussion of using a timing company
    d. Put up position for timer at Annual but may be difficult to learn
    e. Bobby suggested 2 timing companies
    i. Elite Feats
    ii. Fulton on Accurate Timing
    f. Discussion of timing once Race Directors are set
  9. Awards Dinner
    a. set price
    b. charge same
    c. Keeping tipping like last year
    d. Snow Day
    e. 2 different cakes – a Vegan option
    f. Comp guests and discussion of guests
    g. $55.00 Members, $65.00 Guests
    h. Rigo Martinez moved for a vote on setting Awards Dinner Door price at $70.00
    i. motion seconded by Steve Shernicoff
    ii. unanimous vote
  10. New Business
    a. Beni – please do not change email passwords after elections, discussion of changing passwords after
  11. Motion to adjourn by Rigo, Seconded by Mandi. Adjourned at 8:23pm.

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Recording Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 12/11/19

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, November 9, 2019 at An Beal Bocht, 10:30AM

  1. Annual Meeting – Andrea
    a. December 14, 2019 10:30AM; Location TBA
  2. Elections – Andrea
    a. coming up in January
    b. email will go out shortly to eligible candidates from Rigo
    c. 2 Board seats up for election
  3. Polar Plunge – Andrea
    a. on Facebook
    b. reach out to Mandi if your are interested
  4. Awards Dinner – Andrea
    a. January 18, 2020
    b. DJ is locked in
  5. Tough Love Race – Andrea
    a. scheduled for February 15, 2020
  6. Ted Corbitt 15K
    a. Race is December 7, 2019 at a different time
    b. If you want a Club Spot, please send an email to vctconline@vctc.org
    c. Names are due into NYRR by November 27, 2019
  7. Pete McCardle 15K
    a. Post Part at Stephany’s apartment
    b. Kevin Shelton Smith will be there
    c. Bring a beach chair
  8. Committee Reports
    a. Communications – Steve
    i. tweaked Aesop’s Bench Newsletter a bit
    ii. if you want something in there, email it to Comms by Sunday night
    iii. Aesop’s will now be emailed on Wednesdays
    iv. New email: Board@vctc.org
    b. Clothing – Beni
    i. Jackets may possibly arrive in 4 weeks
    c. Bus – Bette
    i. Do we want an NYC Half bus – Facebook poll soon
    ii. Marathon bus – cost $730.00 and collected $1275.00
    d. Santa Run on December 15, 2019
    e. Membership – Andrea

New Members since last meeting

f. Treasury – Andrea

  1. Athletic – Bette
    a. Voting on Points Races in December; club will have a Facebook poll
    b. 11 races and drop 2 in 2020
    c. Possibility of using Manhattan College Track for Winter Training
    i. Ken will write a proposal
    ii. May involve club giving a donation to the college
    d. Team spots should not be a default so please remember to sign up timely for Points races
  2. New Business – Willy Kaye
    a. San Blas Half in Puerto Rico
    b. He would like to see a bigger club contingent race as in the past
    c. Willy will be there this year
  3. Motion to adjourn
    a. Motion by Rigo
    b. Seconded by Steve at 10:58 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 11/9/19

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting, November 6, 2019, 7pm

  1. Marathon Bus – Bette
    a. Lost money on the Staten Island Bus but made money on this bus
    b. Proposed change to bus charges
    i. charge non-members more than members
    ii. discussion of complications
    iii. suggestions
    iv. Charge non-members for buses starting next year
    c. Remind folks to sign up for bus and to bring their racing bibs
  2. Athletic – Bette
    a. 5 request for Corbitt
    i. 4 spots
    ii. Kevin Shelton-Smith requested – agreed to send his name in
    iii. 4 other requests – we will decide as discussion tabled
    b. All things should be returned to Lockers
    c. Possibility of Ordering a smaller team flag
  3. Elections Eligibility List – Rigo
    a. list put together
    b. Forward to Board and Clelia
    c. Let eligible members know in advance
    d. Include link in email for Board positions that are open
    e. 2 Board seats up for election: Rigo and Bobby
  4. Annual Meeting – Mandi
    a. have an annual recap from all the executive committees
    b. and Race Directors
    c. Rigo to send an email to committees
    d. Not super detailed
  5. Polar Plunge – Mandi
    a. Westchester Polar Plunge following weekend
    b. Could we have our own
    i. get special Olympics to help us
    ii. maybe during Tough Love
    c. Mandi will inquire
  6. Sneakers for Funds – Mandi
    a. Kate offered to inquire, Mandi has not heard back from her yet
  7. Awards Dinner – Rigo
    a. discussion and presentations of materials: mug giveaways and menu
    b. Mugs
    i. discussion over invoice, design, pricing, and quantity
    ii. Steve moved to vote for 120 metallic mug with current design
    A. Bobby seconded the motion
    B. Unanimous vote with change in design to have hare over the tortoise
    c. Menu for awards dinner
    i. need a vegan friendly pasta, preferably with a tomato sauce, no dairy
    ii. No to a veal dish
    iii. Board voted unanimously on overall proposed menu
    d. DJ – Jill confirmed that DJ from last year will be there; remind her to get information to Wendee Corsino
  8. USTAF – Bobby
    a. Bobby is the USTAF representative
    i. Board voted unanimously to elect Bobby to serve in that role
    b. Discussion
    c. This will allow VCTC members to participate in USTAF events but members must also have USTAF membership to participate in those events
  9. Committee Updates
    a. Athletic – Bette
    i. Club trying to be able to use Manhattan College Track during winter
    b. Clothing – Beni
    i. 21 jackets have been ordered by members
    ii. waiting on company so order can be placed
    c. Communications – Steve
    i. suggestion of new email for entire board: Board@vctc.org
    ii. new Aesops Bench schedule working well
    iii. Understand who to send what to
    iv. Thanks to Gee and Scott
    v. Gee suggested using a Calendar plug in for website
    vi. Google Calendar not useful
    vii. Question: Who will update this new calendar
  10. NYRR Club Council meeting
    a. long discussion
    b. 12/4 NYRR will release full Club Points Race calendar
    c. survey will be placed for members on FB for points races they would like to see
  11. Motion to adjourn
    a. by Rigo
    b. Seconded by Steve at 8:31PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Recording Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 11/6/19

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, October 19, 2019
at Van Cortlandt Stadium, 10:30AM

  1. UEC date is March 29 and RD will be Kate again. She’s asking for help with sponsors if anyone has any connections with local businesses and would like to help. 
  2. Club council meeting-there will be 9 team points races for next year with the ability to drop the two worst races for next year. 
    Marathon bus is open for now only to members. Will open for all the week before the race. There are many details about the lastNYRR  Club Council meeting that Gee summarized posted on our website .There will be 11 club points race (drop 2 for 9 scored). It’s not really dropping the 2 “lowest” races—sometimes it’s that there were no scorers in a race.
  3. Marathon pasta dinner will be on the Wednesday before at Kingsbridge Social Club. $25 per person for pasta, pizza, salad and soft drinks. 
  4. We will look into Bronx Ale House for the post race gathering.
  5. Wendee and John will once again host the first time marathoners party on the Monday after the marathon at McGoos at about 6pm.
  6. The Santa Run will be on December 15, details to come. 
  7. The next team meeting will be inside, Susan will check with the golf house to see if they will be open. She will also check to see if we can have the annual meeting there.
  8. Sneakers4Funds – we are looking to partnering with this organization to raise money and donate our old sneakers. 
  9. Awards dinner is set for January 19 at Dunwoodie. 

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting, October 10, 2019, 8:30PM

  1. Summer Series – Mandi
    a. Andrea looked at accounting
    b. Her recommendation now is
    i. $250.00 per charity except Mosaic and Aktiv who should get $500.00 each (by the way using it for ad in Mosaic journal)
    ii. total of $2,000.00 in donations
    c. Race Director discussion tabled to sometime before annual meeting
  2. UEC Date and RD – Kate
    a. Kate intends to direct the race next year
    b. Wants to set a date today
    c. Format will be a 5K and a 10K
    d. Awards for 5K: overall winner gets a carrot cake and age group winners a carrot muffin was discussed
    e. Dates were discussed and the date will be March 29, 2020
    f. Kate wants to hire a graphic designer for a new race logo at $200.00
    i. Vote on money for Logo was unanimous by the Board
    g. Kate wants to ramp up sponsorships and needs help from the club
    h. Kate needs someone to set up RunSignUp
  3. Suggestion by Mandi
    a. try to get club involved at Run for the Wild at Bronx Zoo
    b. Bronx Zoo is celebrating its 125th anniversary
  4. NYRR Club Council Meeting Debriefing – Bette
    a. minutes taken and posted by Gee on club website
    b. NYRR app is gone and their site is mobile enabled
    c. Club Points races
    i. there will be more points races in 2020
    ii. NYC Half will not be a points race
    d. Older Age Group Teams will be able to drop more races
    e. Corral times for the TCS NYC Marathon changed for this year
    f. Corral placements will be recalculated for next year based on your races this year in January 2020
    g. Members should be reminded to look at NYRR website
    h. Members should also be reminded to look at Club Council minutes (action item)
  5. Aesop’s Bench – Mandi
    a. Clelia asked about approval process
    b. Send it out once every other week
    c. If you have something to put in Aesop’s, have it submitted by Monday afternoon
    d. Tuesdays for comments no later than Tuesday night so Aesops is sent Wednesday morning
    e. There should be more highlights
  6. Staten Island Bus – Bette
    a. Only ½ filled as of now
    b. We should be promoting with more lead time
    c. We not break even
    d. Does the club have a cancellation policy?
    i. no policy
    ii. Bette suggests developing a policy for cancellation
    e. Discussion of Local Elite Spots for TCS NYC Marathon
    f. Possibly have Age Group captains reach out to those who qualify when it opens in July
  7. Marathon Pasta Dinner – Susan Adiletta
    a. on Wednesday before Marathon at Kingsbridge Social
    b. adjustment to this year’s menu: no pizza so garlic bread instead
  8. Social – Susan Adiletta
    a. NYCFC event: possibly in the Spring
    b. Suggestion for those who sign up for entire Summer Series are given the option to purchase a ticket for the end of Summer Series barbeque through RunSignUp
  9. Awards Dinner – Rashida
    a. possible giveaway of a mug with VCTC Logo; $5.00 per mug
    b. get together to celebrate 1st Time Marathoners by Wendee Corsino
    c. obtained Hare shaped molds for cakes for Awards Dinner and Lloyds is willing to use them
  10. Sneakers4Funds – Mandi
    a. Mandi called them
    b. Deal is we get 25 bags with org Federal ID
    c. Club gets $0.70 per pound
    d. Possible fund raising
    e. Gently worn Shoes donated to a developing country
    f. Kate offered to look into it further
    g. Discussion tabled
  11. Nominations and Election Committee – Mandi
    a. Steve and Rigo volunteered
    b. Same as last year
  12. Treasury – Andrea

13. Membership will be given at the General Meeting

14. Clothing – Beni
a. making sure color is correct for the next jacket order
b. taking jacket orders
c. Samara offered to put together a new Nike order

Adjourned at 10:06PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, September 14, 2019
at Van Cortlandt Stadium, 10:30AM

  1. Summer Series Recap – Bobby and Stephany
    a. Thanks to Bobby and Stephany
    b. Tentative numbers
    i. $5k close to net proceeds
    ii. despite lower average attendance
    c. Still finalizing
    i. checks to be sent to charities
    ii. we should have a more direct connection to the charities
    d. Discussion of charities we donate to
  2. NYRR Club Council Meeting – Mandi
    a. Bette and Gee are going
    b. Survey to be filled out by Team Captains
    c. Vote on how many point races will be run in 2020
  3. Buses – Mandi
    a. Staten Island Half will open soon
    b. TCS NYC Marathon thereafter
  4. Orchard Beach Run – Mandi
    a. October 6, 2019
  5. Captain Lawrence Run – Mandi
    a. September 22, 2019
  6. Putnam Trail – Mandi
    a. fences going up
    b. once they are up, you cannot get in
    c. Work to start in October
    d. Closed up at turn up to OCA
    e. People are fighting placement of asphalt
  7. Yankees game is next weekend
  8. Treasury – Andrea see below
  9. Membership – Andrea

New Members since last meeting

  1. Clothing – Mandi
    a. Samara offered to help with a new Nike order
    b. Suggestions- shorts, tights, long pants
    c. Volunteers welcomed
  2. Website – Carolyn
    a. developed FAQs for website
    b. updated certain sections of the website
    c. Kevin doing club records
    i. add section to Aesops
    ii. Bobby suggested link to a Google doc
  3. New Business
    a. Stephany asked if NYRR has anything planned for their 50th Anniversary
    b. Bobby to email Stephany
  4. Social – Mandi
    a. Post Bronx 10 Social at Kingsbridge Social
    i. Amy Berg Stephens to give a talk on nutrition
    b. Wendee is looking for volunteers to mark Orchard Beach run
    c. Wendee wants to know who are the first time Marathoners as she usually puts on a 1st time Marathoners get together
    d. To be placed in Aesops
  5. Adjourned

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting September 11, 2019, 7:30PM

  1. Putnam Trail – Beni
    a. Fencing has been built in and trail is fenced in VCP
    b. Work to start in October
    c. Some people are considering hiring an attorney to stop the paving
    d. Many in the community don’t know work will begin
    e. We will have to figure out how to run on Saturdays
    f. Biking will be difficult
  2. Amy Berg Stevens Nutrition Discussion – Bette
    a. nutritionist who wants to present a talk
    b. alternative is to have it at the post Bronx 10 Mile Brunch
    c. format: discussion or Q & A
  3. Awards Dinner – Rashida
    a. January 18, 2020 at Dunwoodie
    b. DJ: check was written and will go out tomorrow
    c. Mold for a cake: Shape of Tortoise and Hare; Lloyd’s will use
  4. Social
    a. Yankees Game this month
    b. Captain Lawrence Run on October 6
    c. Orchard Beach Run
    i. biodegradable markers
    ii. Board agreed to purchase over email
    d. John Rau looking for volunteers to support runners
  5. Athletic – Bette
    a. Team Spots for TCS NYC Marathon due soon
    i. Carloyn Hehir, Deidre Keane, Adam Schwartz, Kaly Barry
    b. Team Spots for Staten Island Half
    i. 2 request so far
    ii. deadline by October 4
    c. Team Spots for Bronx 10
    i. 7 requests
    ii. deadline is September 20
    iii. Discussion of requests
  6. Buses
    a. buses are set for both Staten Island Half and Marathon
  7. Summer Series – Mandi
    a. Charity contributions
    i. need accounting from Run Sign Up, Race Day registration
    ii. Bobby will download
    b. Stephany discussion of dividing up donations
    i. take all races and put into a pot and divide equally among the charities
    ii. one suggestion
    c. Relay – Special Olympics?
    d. The charities are: BREATHE Project, Mosaic, AKTIV, Cystic Fibrosis, Puerto Rican Family Institute
    e. Ask membership for suggestions for charities to contribute to
    f. Don’t forget South Bronx United
  8. Communication – Carolyn
    a. Put together an FAQ for website
    b. Now we should get in on the website
  9. Other Bronx Running Clubs – Bette
    a. try to run with them
    b. Bette will try to invite them to Saturday Runs
  10. More Website – Carolyn
    a. Newsletter should be updated
    b. Club Records: time to update; Kevin Shelton-Smith willing to help
    c. Send him updates
  11. Nominations and Elections Committee – Mandi
    a. Both Rigo and Steve volunteered
  12. Committee Updates
    a. Clothing – Beni
    i. jackets are at issue because sales rep left and company checking for order; more orders coming in
    ii. Mandi to talk to Hazel for Kid’s Club T-Shirt design
  13. Motion to adjourn by Jill and second by Steve

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, Van Cortlandt Stadium, July 13, 2019, 10:30AM

  1. Summer Series – Mandi
    a. Will be held this Thursday
    b. Last race was done well
  2. Flats Mile – Mandi
    a. good day
  3. Summer Series Relay – Bobby
    a. fell on July 4th
    b. Less than 10 teams pre-registered
    c. 26 teams finished
    d. may hold in AM if falls on holiday or shift it over
    e. last year had 50 teams
    f. suggestions of getting permit for every Thursday to account for weather
  4. Hiketober Fest
    a. Christina Taylor of VCP Alliance asked if we want to put a race on Hiketoberfest
    b. Possibly in the PM
    c. 9/14/19 but Woodlawn 5K is on that date
    d. try to get clarification
    e. maybe put on a Kids Race
  5. Team Spots
    a. for Team Champs 4 spots
    b. names by Wednesday and due by 7-19-19
    c. Bronx 10 Mile is closed
    d. Staten Island near capacity
  6. Beer Run – great job by Sean and Dave
  7. Yankee Tickets – only a few left
  8. Membership – Andrea

New members since last meeting


if see someone who doesn’t come for awhile reach out if you see them

  1. Treasury – Andrea
  2. Clothing – Beni
    a. jackets being ordered
    b. suggestion by Jimmy of singlets with less back
    c. no sweatshirts in inventory
  3. Communications – no update
  4. Social – Wendee
    a. possible run over GWB to mark a NJ course for club
    b. Orchard Beach Marathon Training Run needs a leader
    c. Manlio will help mark Orchard Beach Course
    d. Captain Lawrence run
    e. Scavenger Hunt for VCTC?
    f. Non-Profit Sneaker donation – call for someone to lead
  5. New Business
    a. Manlio – have members volunteer to clean up VCP trails; coordinate with Christina Taylor
  6. Athletic
    a. alternating Hills and Track on Tuesdays
    b. 5th Ave. Mile training at track on Saturday mornings
    c. Ken to continue coaching
  7. Motion to adjourn at 11:13AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting July 10, 2019, 7:00PM

  1. Summer Series – Bobby
    a. decent turnout
    b. discussion of points system as 1st race was cancelled
    c. trophies for overall male and female series winners
    d. ask Matt Soja about points system
    e. Fee for under 18 race day is $5.00
    f. Remember to close down online registration
    g. If Summer Series falls on July 4th, make arrangements with Lloyds
    h. If Summer Series Relay falls on July 4th, hold it in the morning
    i. Explore option of having Relay in entire package
    j. Refunds for those who double registered for Relay
    k. Stephany’s comments
    i. contact Charity 2 weeks before race
    ii. suggestion by Bette for a Charity Coordinator
    iii. tricky to attract charity sponsors
    iv. suggestion by Steve of building relationships with charities
    v. discussion of a Charity Coordinator tabled for next Board meeting and annual meeting
  2. Flats Mile – Bobby
    a. Thanks to the volunteers
    b. Lower turnout than last year but still good
    c. 50 adults for Mile and 12 kids for kids race
    d. discussion of date change
    e. goals for race next year
    i. reverse the course to finish at VC mansion
    ii. have a picnic/party at finish; will need separate permit
    iii. discussion of when to hold race
    iv. Race partner? Possibly NJ Achilles Chapter, Wendee to get contact for Bobby
  3. Team Spots – Bobby
    a. Team Champs is sold out
    i. due to us by 7/17, due to NYRR by 7/18
    ii. send email blast
    b. Bronx 10 mile
    i. 2 names so far
    c. Discussion of Team Spots requests
    d. Athletic Committee to review Team Spots requests
  4. Buses – already arranged by Bette
  5. Summer Beer Run – Steve
    a. was great and should be held again
  6. Treasury – Andrea
  7. Membership – Andrea

Members since last meeting

a. Scott has done a good job with the website and membership
b. Comment by Bette to encourage potential new members to sign up
c. Comment by Andrea if you see a member drop off, she is happy to reach out to them

  1. End of Summer Series Party – Social
    a. Deposit made
    b. No DJ for Summer Series Party
    c. Details to be posted
  2. Social
    a. Vote for Venue of Awards dinner?
    b. Discussion of possibly moving venue
    c. Board Vote: Bobby motioned to vote on venue for awards dinner, seconded by Steve; vote unanimous to not have it at 145th Street
    d. DJ Wendee talked to will work
    e. Tibbets as another potential site for Awards Dinner
    f. Wendee suggested a scavenger hunt as a possible event
    g. Awards Dinner for January 18, 2020
  3. Athletic – Bobby
    a. 5th Avenue Mile training starts this Saturday
    b. Proposal for a Captain Lawrence run on September 22, 2019
    c. Call for a Run Director for Orchard Beach Marathon Training Run
    d. Run tentatively scheduled for 9-22-19
    e. Wendee suggested a George Washington Bridge run into NJ but needs help to create a cue sheet for run and volunteers to mark course
  4. Leadership Meeting Change
    a. Gee suggested putting these meetings on calendar on website
    b. Beni discussed reluctance to refer members to website
    c. Steve to discuss with Scott and communications committee
    d. Bette suggested not duplicating meetings; target key issues at Leadership meetings
  5. Clothing – Beni
    a. New members – what to do?
    b. Jackets order – there were problems placing the order
    c. Better is with working with Susan Moore on Nike Women’s Clothing
  6. Motion to Adjourn at 8:59 pm by Rigo, seconded by Steve

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, Van Cortlandt Stadium, June 8, 2019, 10:30AM

  1. RRCA – Mandi
  2. Best Practices Meeting
  3. Run Sign Up does club memberships
  4. Club will look into it
  5. Club Code of Conduct
  6. we should get it instituted
  7. RRCA has a template
  8. Queens Bus
  9. has spots; sign up
  10. open to non-members
  11. Committees
  12. Social – Mandi
  13. Beer Run on 6/30 for $20
  14. Exploring different location for Awards Dinner
  15. Wendee looking at venue at 145th Street
  16. Could be $5.00 more per person
  17. Discussion
  18. Possibly have a Facebook poll
  19. Treasury – Andrea

Note: I initiated a transfer of $2,000 out of PayPal too checking… balances above are before the transfer.

Not cleared yet:

Check $607 for Queens Bus (including $100 that I accidentally underpaid for BK Bus)

Reimbursement to Bobby for $151.75

Check to Ann Restak for USATF membership for $110

Check to VCP Golf House for $500 (deposit for Summer Series Party)

  • Membership – Andrea

New Members since last meeting

  • Athletic – Ken
  • Alternating Hills and Track on Tuesdays
  • 5th Ave Mile training in mid July
  • Flats Mile on 6/26/19
  • Queens 10K and Team Champs are next point races
  • Bronx 10 Mile is selling fast
  • Clothing – Beni

i.            putting in jacket order

  • Summer Series –  Bobby
  • This past Thursday – finally put it on
  • Last race was cancelled
  • 138 runners was a bit low
  • 90 signed up for entire series
  • 20 sign up daily for individual races
  • 25-50 race day sign ups
  • Flats Mile – Bobby
  • only 10 signups
  • usually people wait until close to race
  • discussion of suggestions to improve signups
  • discussion of other race day suggestions
  • examples: more water, Jill needs list of those who picked up Bib Boards
  • Bobby will be stepping down as Race Director of Summer Series
  • Other Business
  • Yankee tickets will be going on sale
  • Kids Club is still going on
  • Meeting adjourned at 11:05AM

Meeting Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting June 5, 2019, 7:00PM

 1.    Social – Mandi
 a.    6/30/19 Beer Run 10AM
 i.               $20 alcohol
 ii.              $10 no alcohol
 b.    6/18/19 Gun Hill Brewery Run 7pm
 c.     Beer Cycling Run to Captain Lawrence 
 i.               club supported run
 ii.              Rick helps organize
 iii.            Middle of July or August
 d.    Call for someone to organize October Orchard Beach Training Run
 i.               action item
 ii.              volunteers
 e.    6/11/19 Philharmonic at Part (VCP); for Aesop’s
 f.      Awards Dinner – Wendee
 i.               met with a DJ 
 ii.              checkout out 2 different venues
 iii.            one at 145th Street and one on West Tremont
 iv.             discussion
 g.    Yankees Tickets
 i.            will go up for sale after Summer Beer Run
 ii.            game on 9/20/19
 2.    Summer Series – Bobby
 a.    Weather looks good for tomorrow
 b.    How to Configure after missed race
 i.               Discussion – ask Matt
 ii.              Tomoroww will be the second one
 c.     some have asked about refunds – only if signed up for 1st race
 d.    We will donate to Mosaic based on online
 e.    2nd Race
 i.               will announce 1st race dedicated to Michael Block and Mosaic
 ii.              donation to AKTIV
 iii.            Bette will say some words
 f.      Flats Mile – 6/26/19
 i.               low sign up right now
 ii.              ramp up our efforts 
 iii.            discussion of suggestions
 iv.             we should promote this big time
 g.    After Summer Series Relay
 i.           Bobby will not be able to direct
 ii.            discussion of how to hand off
 iii.            will step down as Race Director after relay
 iv.           discussion of future considerations; for example, have a team of
            race directors 
 3.    Queens 10K Team Spots
 a.    5 spots open and we have until Friday 
 b.    check with coaches
 c.     make sure members know about other ways to get into point races
 d.    example: Team For Kids
 4.    NYRR Best Practices – Mandi
 a.    Run Sign Up can handle Club Membership signups
 b.    Code of Conduct
 i.         we need to post code of conduct
 ii.         can have a hard copy to hand out to members
 iii.         members have to sign off on receipt
 5.    Committee updates will be Saturday
 6.    Clothing – Bette
 a.    Jacket order will need 20 orders after this current order
 b.    Small and medium are the most popular size
 Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm
 Minutes as taken by Van Cortland Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez 

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, May 11, 2019, at Van Cortlandt Stadium, 10:30AM

 Summer Series – Mandi
 a.    Charities club chose to donate to
 i.    Michael Block 5K to Mosaic
 ii.    June 6 to AKTIV for Cancer
 iii.    June 20 to BREATHE Project
 iv.    July 4 to Special Olympics Bronx
 v.    July 18 to Cystic Fibrosis
 vi.    Last race to Puerto Rican Family Institute
 b.    Celebrate Willy and Glen’s birthday at 1st Summer Series Race
 c.    Bib Boards: race swag for those who sign up for entire series
 Flats Mile on June 26, 2019 at 5PM
 Brooklyn Half
 a.    spots are done
 b.    Bib pickup: list will be submitted and pickup at Thursday Tempo
 c.    Bus
 i.    seats still available
 ii.    pay by PayPal, cash, check
 iii.    pay before Brooklyn Half
 iv.    Post Race meet up at Steeple Chase
 v.    Bus will be at 21st and Surf
 Athletic – Bette
 a.    RRCA Best Practices presentation at NYRR Run Center on Wednesday
 b.    All points races are open for registration
 a. Summer Beer Run – like Santa Run
 Treasury – Andrea
 Accounts     Current 
 Cap One Checking                         7,543.73
 Cap One Savings                          2,136.44
 PayPal                                   4,142.22
 Total                                   13,822.39 
 Still hasn’t cleared:
 2 checks for Bibboard orders ~$1,100
 Membership Report – Andrea
 a.    See below
 b.    New members since last meeting
 i.    Ryan Kirk
 ii.    Jose Reynoso
 iii.    Margarita Sabrogal
 iv.    Caitlin Huber
 v.    Kristen Chartier
 vi.    Wilmien Blake
 Clothing – Bette
 a.    need 10 orders to complete Jacket order
 b.    after this order, the company will require 20 jackets per order
 Communications – Steve
 a.    committee working on website
 b.    please send race reports and announcements to communications@vctc.org 
 Meeting Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting May 8, 2019, 8:30PM

 1.    Team Bib Pickup for Brooklyn Half - Mandi
 a.    email by Friday, May 10, 2019
 b.    Clelia will send out an Email regarding Bib Pickup, Meeting Notice
 2.    Brooklyn Bus – Mandi
 a.    46 sign ups; need 14 more to break even
 b.    already opened up to non-members 
 3.    Brooklyn Spot
 a. still open
 4.    Summer Series – Mandi, Bobby
 a.    Charities allocation
 i.               went over charities at last meeting
 ii.              can we turn on a donation button in Runsignup
 iii.            have links to charities on our website
 iv.             Steve moved to defer allocation of charities; unanimous vote
 b.    Charities for Summer Series
 i.               Room to Breath Charity – June 20, 2019
 ii.              Mosaic – May 23, 2019 Michael Block 5K
 iii.            AKTIV for Cancer – June 6, 2019
 iv.             Michael J. Fox Foundation – August 15, 2019 Fernando Ruiz 5K
 v.              Bronx Special Olympics – July 4, 2019 Relay
 vi.             Cystic Fibrosis – July 18, 2019
 vii.           VCTC – August 1, 2019 to assist end of Summer Series Party
 c.     Summer Series Party
 i.               will cost more than last year
 ii.              should have 100 people
 d.    Bib Boards
 i.               1st order is VCTC taco logo, 2nd order is Tortoise and Hare logo
 ii.              Give Tortoise and Hare Bib Boards for those who sign up for series 
 iii.            Sell Bib Boards at park for $10.00 
 5.    USTAF Membership – Bobby
 a.    it is the national governing body of track and field in US
 b.    if we join, we can participate in National meets but have be member for at least 3 months
 c.     Ann Restak offered to be representative; Discussion and Bette will speak to Ann
 6.    Team Volunteering – Mandi
 a.    Possibly volunteer at Part of the Solution
 b.    Park Clean Up 
 Meeting adjourned at 9:31pm
 Minutes as taken by Van Cortland Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez 

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, April 13, 2019
at Van Cortlandt Stadium, 10:30AM

  1. UEC Recap
    -great race
    -120-130 runners
    -$4,000+ proceeds
    -save to Friends of VCP to donate??
    -some cash marked to parks
    -gives VCTC sponsorship of Philharmonic in Park
  2. Brooklyn Half
    -still entries
  3. Healthy Kidney 10K
    -normal 4 spots policies
  4. Athletic Committee
    -track on Tuesdays until too crazy, then every other week hills
  5. Club Fair NYRR
    -nice event to network with other clubs
  6. Flats Mile
    -June 26 Wednesday
    -last day of public school
  7. Summer Series
    -May 23
    -every other Thursday
    -on the website, ready to register
    -giveaway: Bib Boards for those who registered for the series
    -($3.75 for club buying in bulk)
  8. Social update
    -Yankees tickets
    -Friday night
    -30 tickets for 9/20/19
    -Sean and Dave will organize Beer run in the summer
  9. Jacket Update
    -no clothing committee present
  10. Communications
    -Clelia Aesop’s
    -Scott website
    -Brian social media
  11. Brooklyn Half Bus
    -will be open soon
  12. Charity
    -Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen
    -Volunteers 15 + donates $250
    -29th and 9th Avenue
    -Joe Tucker
    -Mosaic 5K race – same day as Healthy Kidney
    -new course
    -Active – we still owe a check from last year
    -Grab the Torch
    -Special Olympics
    -?? Mandi’s former trainer, Breathe Project
  13. Treasury – see chart below
    -Few checks that haven’t cleared yet:
    -Brooklyn Bus $1214
    -Crown Trophy $85
    -Sandy Selikson refund $110
  14. Membership New members since last meeting: see chart below

Minutes as taken Van Cortlandt Track Club Treasurer, Andrea Raphael

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting April 11, 2019, 8:30PM

  1. UEC – Mandi
    -hoping to get an accounting to determine how much to donate to
    Van Cortlandt Park Alliance
    -surprised not so many walkup registrations
  2. Meeting Place for General Membership Meeting – Mandi
    -ideas where to hold in the event it rains
    -keep at Track
    -Clelia to send out email reminder
    -Meeting this Saturday at 10:30AM at the track
  3. Social – Jill
    -Susan Adiletta purchased Yankees tickets
    -September 20, 7:05pm Start versus Toronto
    -$29.70 per ticket
    -40 tickets purchased
    -Yani purchased 10 tickets
    -30 tickets
    -Facebook post to go up in June
    -Dave and Sean are planning a Summer Beer Run
    -Ask that some portion of UEC proceeds be used for Summer Series party
    -2017 there funds made available
    -Golf House is raising the price
    -have Adam work on BBQ
    -need to know accounting for UEC first
  4. Summer Series – Bobby
    -Mandi has suggestions for Charities
    -there are 6 regular races
    -Flats Mile
    -not part of Summer Series
    -Bobby has a charity in mind, Grab the Torch
    -Grab the Torch
    -Bobby emailed the CEO
    -Bobby wants to set up to get their support
    -will follow up within a week and see what develops in the
    next 4 weeks
    -exploring advertising aspect for Flats Mile and sponsorships
    -this discussion was tabled until the next meeting
    -Stephany will be the Co-Race Director for the Summer Series
    -Steve made a motion for a vote for Stephany Evans for Co-Race
    Director of Summer Series
    -no discussion was had
    -Board vote as unanimous, quorum present
    -Discussion of possible charities
    -The Breathe Project
    -to give single parents time to breathe in Riverdale
    -Named races
    -Michael Block 5K (first SS race)
    -explore options
    -Jill to reach out to Chris Rehm
    -Fernando Ruiz 5K (last SS race)
    -try to get acknowledgement from
    Puerto Rican Family Institute on
    how donation is used
    -AKTIV against Cancer
    -4 races now accounted for charitable donations
  5. UEC – Kate
    -portion of race proceeds can go towards Summer Series party
    -180 signups, more than last year
    -10-15 walkups
    -no idea of breakdown of 10K and 6K
    -took in about $4,249.00
    -$370.00 donation to the park
    -spent $200.00
    -$4,700.00 in profit
    -$1,500.00 cash donations
    -$400.00 cash
    -Kate will prepare a report
    -last year club donated $1,000.00 to park
    -will donate with whatever is best for Christina
  6. Social – Wendee and Rashida
    -Awards dinner suggestion
    -hall on 145th street and broadway
    -however charges more per person than Dunwoodie
    -DJ suggestion
    -$500.00 to $600.00
    -explore this option
    -Wendee showed us bib boards
    -can be used for fundraising or race swag
    -$3.95 per piece
    -club will order 100 to 200 and hand out to those who sign up for
    full Summer Series
    -last year 90 signed up for full series
    -Coaster Bibs
    -turn favorite bibs into coaster
    -can be used for possible award
    -say for a future beer mile or during a Beer run
  7. NYRR Club Fair – Mandi
    -at the Run Center
    -way to network with other clubs
    -most runners that attended were from Manhattan
  8. Brooklyn Half Club Spots
    -still open
    -extra spots
    -Susan Moore commented that age group captains should be involved in process to help select for Club Spots
    -Stephany suggested if age group captains can a list of who in their group is already registered for a Points Race
  9. Healthy Kidney 10K – Mandi
    -Club Spots still open
    -3 requests in
    -due Wednesday
  10. Brooklyn Bus – Mandi
    -plug in to be updated
    -Steve can update on Friday
    -page will be up in a few days
  11. Athletic
    -no update
  12. Clothing – Beni
    -need a page on the website for members to see and order clothing
    -can create a contact link
    -long term goal is to have a shopping cart on website
    -Mandi has the small team banner
    -Beni sends monthly inventory reports
    -$600.00 in socks and arm warmers were given away at Awards Dinner
  13. Membership
    -Thanks to Mark Girvin for his work on membership committee Meeting adjourned at 9:55pm.

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, March 9, 2019
at An Beal Bocht Cafe10:30AM

  1. Guest Speaker: Christina Taylor, Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
    -Handout of events at VCP
    -March: cleanup of Tibbets Brook
    -2 paid summer internships for High School students
    -Friends joined Coalition
    -to get for money for Parks
    -City Budget
    -100 million for Parks Department
    -try to baseline getting more workers
    -Capital Projects
    -multiple starting in next few months
    -playground at Mosholu and Broadway
    -Parks without border
    -old tennis courts to plaza seating
    -picnic area being re-done
    -Bike path by Golf House being closed for 1 year
    -Skate Park
    -Stadium needs to be
    -they can ask for track and lights to be redone
    -trying to get groups that use the track to lobby
    -trying to get private money
    -Putnam Trail
    -starting this month
    -8-10 feet wide
    -2 feet buffer
    -will be placed during winter
    -no salting
    -Community Board has acces to site
    -Christina is chairing the committee
    -entire length to be closed
    -We have to motivate city and others to contribute
    -Merger of Friends and Conservancy
    -Van Cortlandt Park Alliance
    -raise money
    -bigger projects, smaller projects
    -stuff coming together
    -hiring a new Executive Director
    -Doing a joint Fund Raiser
    -June 11 Philharmonic, $150.00 per person
    -before official launch
    -could club sponsor event at $1000.00
    -Question about Volunteering as a group
    -join with someone else?
    -if on a weekday, can club have a special day?
    -intention of redoing the Nature Center
    -Big Thank you to Christina
    -sign on to Play Fair Campaign
  2. UEC – Kate
    -We will donate some of the proceeds to the Park
    -Event on 3/30/19
    -15 volunteers to be on the court
    -be there at 9AM
    -6K option:1st place in age group awards only
    -Not many sign up yet
    -Take Flyers
    -Children’s run
    -Great Raffle
    -Thanks to sponsors
    -Hunte Law Group: Adrian Hunte
    -Northstar Group: Henry Asher
    -Need more sponsors and raffle items
    -UEC giveaway is a Buff
    -500 purchased
    -There is a course map
    -follow the flags on the course
    -FB event open by Brian
    -there is a planned course run through the Saturday before
    -3/24/19 same day as Clean up of Tibbets event
    -Telephone list for Volunteers
    -Use Walkie Talkies possible
    -Rick volunteered to look into
  3. Summer Series and Flats Mile – Bobby
    -Summer Series registration is now open
    -looking for a co-race director
    -couple of members have reached ou
    -please reach out if interested
    -Taking suggestions for charities
    -3 to 4 races
    -please email
    -Flats Mile
    -Wednesday 6/26/19
    -last day of school for DOE
    -thought of having it on Global Running Day
    -but detracted from race last year
    -giveaway will be patches
  4. NYC Half Bus
    -only 12 sign ups
    -need at least 24 sign ups
    -email blast on Monday
    -if there is not enough sign ups by Wednesday, club will cancel Bus and notify the membership
    -$20.00 to sign up for 1 way bus
  5. Membership – Andrea

Single 162
Junior 0
senior/vet 26
senior/veteran couple 14
Family 140
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 12

Total 362

New members since last meeting:
Rafael Machuca Single
David Scheiman Single
Gedyon Wolde Single
PJ Singh Family
-thinking about turning of automatic renewal

6. Treasury – Andrea

7. Athletic – Rick
-Monday Fun Run to start a week from this coming Monday
-Trying to start Temp Run on Flats this coming Thursday
-Tuesdays will be at the track
-Issues with the track
-send pictures to Christina Taylor at Christina@vancortlandt.org
-Club Spots – Bette
-NYC Half spots was a fluke
-Healthy Kidney, Marathon, Brooklyn
-4 Team Spots
-send name to vctconline@vctc.org
-as soon as you know you can’t into a points race
-2 names already for Healthy Kidney

8. Social – Wendee
-Tonight BYOB Paint Event
-$30.00 some seats left
-text Wendee
-on Facebook page
-no hard liquor

9. Communications – Steve
-Thanks to Scott for work on website and to Clelia for work on Aesop’s
-Thanks to Brian for taking over Facebook page
-anything to be posted on Public FB page, send to him

10. Clothing – Bette
-at 2 orders
-once 10 orders are received will send out
-Thanks to Beni for new logo
-Negotiating down price of cold weather jacket
-1 women’s jacket for sale
-If you want a jacket ask a member who has it in your size to try on

11. Mandi thanking one new member present, Cecille

Meeting adjourned at 11:51am.

Minutes as taken Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting March 7, 2019, 8:30PM

  1. UEC – Kate
    -dropping off flyers tonight
    -email Blast
    -needs at least 14-15 volunteers on the course
    -42 sign ups
    -Trail Mix
    -being considered
    -discussion of Bronx Ale House support
    -possibly meet up there after UEC
    -$1k donation from the Northstar Group
    -Henry Asher
    -Facebook advertising
    -if yes; should go to RunSignUp page
    -Giveaway this year is a Buff
    -leftovers for future
    -no date on these items
    -2 bags w/stuff
    -gift certificates
    -Garden Gourmet to donate fruit
    -Kate is looking for a volunteer coordinator
  2. Summer Series – Bobby
    -Stephanie may step up for Co-Race Director
    -Bobby will open registrations in next 2 weeks
    -Bette can open if she as access
    -Jill: permits have been approved
    -Mandi: suggestion stuff in bags
    -offered to organize race items in containers
    -Susan Adilettta offered to donate tote bags
    -Bette: Tables can’t be stored at VC Golf House
    -Mandi can bring tables for each race
  3. Flats Mile – Bobby
    -aiming for June 26
    -last school day for DOE
    -best date
    -last year with Global Running Day detracted from race
    -5pm events start
    -maybe 6pm for the children
    -Giveaway will be a patch
    -Kate’s suggestion
    -idea of a Summer Series Buff
    -Bobby thinks they would have to sell them on the website
    -Bette worried it will be one more item to keep track off
    -Think about it
    -tabled discussion
    -Board Vote: Should Flats Mile be on June 26, 2019?
    -Yes by unanimous vote
    -Action Item
    -Steve to assist Bobby with login for RaceDirector@vctc.org
  4. After party for Jersey City 5K
    -Kate will be having a party post NYRR 5k in Jersey City
  5. Treasury Report – Andrea

6. Membership Report
-Mark Girvin offered to help
-Scott great job w/Paid membership pro
-turn off auto renewal for everyone – Scott’s suggestion
-How to turnoff
-90 members on it
-Scott suggests to open a Support page w/Andrea
-Scott will look into

-email those members once it works

Single 162
Junior 0
senior/vet 26
senior/veteran couple 14
Family 140
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 12

Total 362

-New members since last meeting:
Rafael Machuca Single
David Scheiman Single
Gedyon Wolde Single
PJ Singh Family

7. Tibbets Park Venue – Bette
-Dunwoodie caters a venue at Tibbetts
-Where bathrooms are
-no fall kitchen
-no full kitchen
-rent it and bring own food
-$1300.00 for 8 hours
-or pay per person for Dunwoodie to cater
-harder for them
-cannot rent between June 26 through Labor Day
-talk to Wendee

8. Athletic – Rick
-Needs help with running Fun Run and Tempo run
-Rigo volunteered for Fun Run
-Mandi may offer to help with Tempo Run
-Plan to be back at Track and Flats weather permitting
-NYC Half spots
-two names submitted: Jed Bergman and Sean Moore
-Healthy Kidney 10k sold out
-two names to be submitted for Club Spots
-2 requests already
-NYRR Club Fair
-April 5, Friday night 4-8pm
-need volunteers
-have list of dates, club stuff

9. NYC Half Bus – Bette
-only 9 signed up
-only 11 total
-club can cancel the bus
-Need 25 sign ups to break even
-1 more email blast on Friday
-may need to make a decision by 3/13
-make clear in Aesop’s
-Bring up at Club Meeting

10. Brooklyn Bus – Bette
-Brooklyn & Marathon buses booked
-Staten Island

11. Clothing – Bette
-to put in new Jacket order soon

12. Social – Wendee
-Saturday Paint Lounge Event
-13 people attending
-Susan Adiletta on Yankee Outing
-Face Book survey
-10 voted for Friday
-7 voted for Saturday
-4 voted for Sunday
-2 voted did not care
-available games
-6/21 versus Houston
-9/20 versus Toronto
-August versus Cleveland
-cost in $40.00 per ticket range
-Saturday out
-will keep for a Sunday afternoon
-Wendee on another Venue
-in Bronx
-has questions
-is club insured
-not for Dunwoodie
-only for races
-Rashida asked about Horace Mann as a venue for Awards Dinner
-go inquire; don’t know if space is big enough

13. Discussion of different venues for Awards Dinner

14. Communications questions – Bette
-use of vctc.org email
-Gee will work on this
-who to contact
-ask Team Age Group captains if open to personal email

Meeting adjourned at 9:46pm.

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, February 16, 10:30AM

  1. Board Roles for 2019 – Mandi

-Andrea Raphael– Treasurer

-Steve Shernicoff – Assistant Treasurer

-Rigo Martinez – Secretary

-Bobby Asher – Vice President

-Mandi Susman- President

  • Dates for Members Meetings for 2019

-Set for the year

            -will be on Calendar on website

-March 9, 2019

            -next members meeting will have a special guest

                        -Christina Taylor from Friends of Van Cortlandt

  • Tough Love Relay – Carolyn, Race Director for Tough Love Relay

-cold but successful

-49 teams

-see you next year

-Thanks to Carolyn and all the volunteers

  • UEC – Bette

-Kate Donavan (Race Director of UEC) has race registration up

-10k and 6k offering

-flyer to be printed

-2 sponsors so far

-on March 30, 2019

  • Summer Series – Mandi

-Bobby Asher (Race Director) need a  Co-Race Director

            -anyone interested let us know

            -a lot of work but rewarding

            -see Mandi, Bette, Jill

  • NYC Half Bus – Bette

-there will be one this year

-there will be a new starting area for the race this year

-5 waves

-one way bus

  • Treasury – Andrea

-2 events so far

            -Tough Love; came out positive

            -Awards Dinner

                        -104 guest: 100 paid, 4 guests

                        -partially subsidized by the Club

                        -total costs over $10,000.00

                        -cost club about $4,000.00


Accounts                        Current                         Netting Checks below

Cap One Checking            13,608.12                                 5,158.12

Cap One Savings               2,124.69                                 2,124.69

PayPal                          1,753.84                                 1,753.84

Total                               17,486.65                                 9,036.65

Checks not cleared yet                       

Awards dinner            6,500.00           

Tip                                 1,200.00           

DJ                                    750.00           

Total                                 8,450.00           

-get people to participate in our races

-suggestion by Jill

            -before we donate money, we should wait until the end of year

            -Andrea suggested she will ask the committees for a budget

  • Membership – Andrea


These are the latest membership numbers. The Senior/Veteran Couple is the actual number of members with that membership (so 7 couples).

New members since the last membership meeting:

Jin Chan Lu (single)

Edward Feliciano (family)

Ryan Costa-Symmons (kids club)

  • Achilles International – Bette

-provide guides to disabled at races

-NYRR rule now only 1 guide per race

-Achilles reached out to member clubs at last Club Council meeting

            -they are contesting the rule

            -NYRR said case by case basis; but so far denied

-Achilles asked if clubs would support their position

            -VCTC Board decided to support Achilles

            -suggestion to have Achilles come to talk to club

-Gary Spalter asked if anyone interested in being a guide for a Westchester runner

  1.  Athletic – Ken Rolston, Coach

-Coogan’s Race in a couple of weeks

-practices will move to the track in early March

-Awards Dinner

-acknowledge winners who were not at dinner but present at meeting

                        -Jennifer Mone: Rookie of the Year

                        -Jean Pierre Bon Fils: Most Improved

-Coach Ken stepping down as coach

            -not out completely

            -will still be involved

            -coaching by committee possible

            -he is not leaving the club

            -there is a template

            -deeply touched by award given to him

            -will still post race results to Facebook

-suggestion of a paper newsletter or online for race report/results

-recognition of Mitch Strong

            -was honored by NYRR for leading 100th open run

-call for help with Kevin Shelton Smith’s age group records for club

  1.  Clothing – Beni Veraz

-Jacket Order

            -came in

            -new order forthcoming

            -PayPal button should be updated

-has singlets for sale

  1.  Club Spots for Points Races – Bette Clarke

-4 spots per points race

-Team Captains and Board decide if more than 4 members apply

-deadline for Washington Heights 5K email to club is February 20th

            -club must email members name by February 22nd

-if you receive a Club Spot, NYRR will send an email with a code

            -must sign up that day for claim spot

            -ie. Washington Heights, spot must be claimed on February 22nd

  1.  Communications – Steve Shernicoff

-Scott is working on the website and doing a good job

-Clelia is doing a good job on Aesop’s Bench email

  1.  Social – Jill Staats

-asking details be posted on Washington Heights 5K

-any suggestions send an email to social@vctc.org

-Yankees tickets from Susan Adiletta

            -will post a survey

            -may be a Friday for Saturday night

            -Wendee Corsino

-finding new social events as there are new members on the    committee

-ie. Bowling, scavenger hunt

            -suggestion of volunteering at soup kitchen during the holidays

  1.  Next meeting will be March 9, 2019 at 10:30AM
  2.  Meeting adjourned at 11:55AM

Minutes as taken Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting February 13, 2019, 8:30PM

  1. Summer Series – Bobby

-Co-Race Director for Summer Series

            -how having one would work

                        -both present at every Summer Series Race

                        -sharing responsibilities

                        -take more initiative; Board appointed

            -Discussion was had and tabled

  • Club Meetings and Notices – Bette

-need for more advance notice of meetings and any changes

-post any Cancelations on website: Action item

-Facebook reminders for meetins


-future dates for Club meetings for 2019

            -March 9

            -April 13

            -May 11

            -June 8

            -July 20

            -September 14

            -November 9

            -December 14, Annual Meeting

            -January 11

  • NYRR Club Council Meeting – Bette

-Achilles International asked clubs to sign a letter on their behalf

            -NYRR changed policy to 1 guide per disabled athlete

            -asking for support

                        -Board decided to sign on to letter

-NYRR plans to have Club Best Practices program

  • NYC Half Bus – Bette

-this year’s race will have 5 waves

-should club use a Facebook pool to gauge interest in bus

-School Bus would need 44 members to fill up

-Bus will be ordered

  • Club Points Race Policy

-suggestions to modify ie. First come first serve


-policy will remain as is

  • Clothing Shipping Policy? – Bette

-should club have a return policy


  • Club Lockers – Bette

-file boxes were found in the lockers club uses

-lockers are now full

-need to be renewed

-can other club items be stored there

  • Photographer – Larry Sillen

-great pictures of the Awards Dinner

-should we give him an award as he does not take payment for services

  • UEC – Bette

-Kate wants to make sure club always thanks the sponsors

-UEC flyer is forthcoming

  1.  Social – Jill

-Awards Dinner was successful

            -Balance was $5805.00

            -8 invitees, $440.00; 4 attended

            -$4530.00, 82 members paid via Paypal

            -$1570.00, 28 members paid via check

            -$525.00, 5 members paid in cash

            -$660.00, 12 refunds

            -3 ticket donations

-numbers from Susan Adiletta

Guests of vctc* 8    
  actual** 4    
Total guests 104    
Paid for 100    
payments received   5800.00  
  Dunwoodie     6500.00
  Dunwoodie tip     1200.00
  giveaways     272.00
  trophies     1454.50
  Larry Sillen     150.00
  DJ     750.00
Total   5800.00 10326.50
  club supplement   4526.50  
guests of vctc      
Guests who attended      

-pricing for Yankees tickets

-interest for Saturday evening games

            -Facebook poll

            -let Andrea know so she can pin it on club FB page

-Awards Dinner discussion

            -to be mentioned at Members meeting

-Ken’s discussion of story behind carpet sweeper being awarded to him

-Presentation of award to Gerard (Gee) Chamorin

  1.  Tough Love race – Carolyn


-was a delay in the results

-race brought in a profit

-report can be seen below

  1.  USTAF Affiliation – Bobby and Ken

-opens up cool possibilities

-nominal fee

-coach does have to be USTAF certified



            -if there is a youth component; must submit required proof

            -there are individual USTAF memberships

-Discussion and more information needed

-must be decided soon

            -Bobby to report back to Board regarding additional information

  1.  Athletic – Ken

-Ken to transition from role as Coach

            -not leaving

            -there are members with coaching certifications

            -Ken has a template as to how coaching is done through the year

            -Ken will address members at Members meeting


            -motion was made by Steve Shernicoff to name coaches Ken and

            Glen as Coach Emeritus


                        -no vote taken; no action on the motion

  1.  Treasury Report – Andrea

-to be given at Members Meeting

  1.  Clothing – Beni

-Jackets have arrived

  1.  Motion to adjourn at 10:22pm– Rigo

-seconded by Mani, Ken, and Steve

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Board Meeting January 26, 2019, 11:30AM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Designation of Board Positions for 2019 discussion

-Bobby, Mandi, Rigo, and Steve want to remain in positions from 2018

            -Mandi- 2018 President

            -Bobby – 2018 Vice President

            -Rigo – 2018 Secretary

            -Steve – 2018 Vice Treasurer

-Andrea expressed interest in being Treasurer for 2019

-Motion by Steve to have Bobby, Mandi, Rigo, and Steve remain in positions from 2018 and Andrea to be Treasurer for 2019

            -seconded by Mandi

-Board voted unanimously and motion passed

  • Senior Lifetime Membership – Andrea

-tabled discussion from 1/24/19 Leadership meeting

-discussion over pricing, pros, and cons

-Motion to add new Lifetime Membership levels by Steve as follows:

            -Lifetime Senior Single membership at $100.00

            -Lifetime Senior Membership Couple – $150.00

            -Lifetime Veteran Single Membership at $200.00

            -Lifetime Veteran Couple Membership at $375.00

-seconded by all

-Board voted unanimously and motion passed

-If there are current membership that fit this category and want to convert, that will be possible

Meeting adjourned by all and seconded by all present.

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, January 26, 10:30AM

  1. Call to Order – Mandi
  2. Election – Mandi

-Congratulations to the new board: Andrea, Bobby, Mandi, Rigo, and Steve

-Thank you to Carolyn for her service

  • Treasury Report – Carolyn

-Broke even for the year: most for partying

-Report attached

-clothing loss due to singlet order but will be made back in sales

-Club must designate a charity for Border race

  • Awards Dinner – Susan Adiletta

-2/9/19 6pm at Fairways at Dunwoddie

-can still purchase tickets at advanced price

-if cannot make it after initial date was changed due to weather, please

email vctconline@gmail.com if seeking a refund, refund will be in manner paid

-Deadline is 2/4 for advanced rate

-Tough Love is 2/9/19

            -call for volunteers

  • UEC – Mandi


-Call for volunteers

-Kate is the Race Director

  • Membership – Andrea

-Since a family membership receives two votes, it makes sense to report each family membership as 2 members whether or not provide a detail. This then gives a definite lower boundary – of the memberships.

Using this methodology, current membership totals are as follows:

Single 153
Junior 0
senior/vet 36
Family 138
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 14
Total 349

-This amounts to 69 family memberships that are current, and that our actual count is a bit more but this would be the voting count above.

-We had 60 new membership sign-ups in 2018. (the website data is a bit different, since we had couples that both turned senior, and we needed to create new memberships for one of the two – this should become consistent with the new “SENIOR/Veteran couple” memberships.

Jesse Spiro Single
Konstantin Cherco Single
Alfred Santino Family
Robert Asher Single
Ceciel Lewis Single
Allan Dorfman Senior/Vet

Cassie   Wangsness             Single

  • Athletic – Mandi

-Hill workouts will continue until after Coogan’s race


            -Washington Heights 5K closed out

                        -if want to run, send an email to vctconline@gmail.com

            -1/30/19 Brooklyn Half Sign up at Noon

                        -be ready

            -Bobby sugged logging into your NYRR account in advance

                        -make sure you know your password

                        -if issues on sign up, email help@nyrr.org

                                    -send during sign up period

                                    -they may assist and honor your signup

            -make sure this makes Aesop’s Bench email

-Dick: make sure you log in prior to registration window

-Andrea: if you missed guaranteed entry registration

            -email NYRR

-Steve: ways of qualifying for Brooklyn Half other than time

            -Virtual 6 races – pay an complete 6 of them

            -volunteer at the Brooklyn Half Race Expo or the race

-Dick: his friend, Filomena, has offered her apartment for meeting point for

Washington Heights 5K

            -he will post on FB

-Tempo runs will now be at the Hills in Fieldston until March

  • NYRR Club Night – Mandi

-sold out

-Monica, Bette are nominees for Runner of the Year in their age groups

-70’s Men and 60’s Women won 1st place in their age group

-Congratulations on nominees and award winners

  • Clothing – Beni

-4th Jacket Order will ship soon

            -arrive early February

-5th Jacket Order


            -prices went up

-XL women’s jacket still on sale

-looking for a vendor for Sweatshirt

-looking to get Buffs through a new vendor

  1.  Communications – Steve

-Thanks to Clelia for work on Aesop’s Bench & meeting venue

-Scott – Website

            -trying to fix Membership portion: focus for now

            -Andrea: issues with membership portion

            -Gee suggests logging into website and NYRR regularly

                        -for website help: help@vctc.org, reply in 24 hours

-Call for 2 volunteers to assist with social media

            -external VCTC FB page

            -if interested: communications@vctc.org

  1. Summer Series – Bobby

-wants 1 additional Race Director

-one the Board will approve

            -he spend over 100 hours working on the series

            -if anyone is interested: vctconline@gmail.com


                        -been member of the club for 1 year


                        -ability to delegate

                        -implement system of race center command

                        -be steady and plan ahead

                        -connections with charities who could be beneficiaries

                        -Add to Aesop’s Bench

  1. Mosiac 5K – Dick

-10th year of the race

-good vehicle for Mosaic to fundraise

-4/28/19 11AM

            -same day of Healthy Kidney

-Call for volunteers

-$20.00 race fee


            -already on VCTC website

                        -link to be added

  1. Celebrate Life Half – Rick

-if want to run, sign up

  1. Runners’ Assistance Program – Carolyn

-for runners with financial needs for Club Points Races except Marathon

            -up to 2 races

-used last year

-new Board will push for more awareness of Program

-if know of anyone who can use it, email the Board

-its reimbursement: must pay and complete points races

  1. Tough Love Relay


-race gloves for 1st 70 teams

Meeting adjourned at 11:26 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting January 24, 2019, 8:30PM

  1. Membership Meeting Location for Saturday

-Mandi will contact Golf House, Hot Spot

-Burger King as a last minute?

-Estrellita Poblana?

-once decided an email to be sent out to membership

-Clelia will go by Hot Spot at 3:30pm Friday

  • Summer Series – Bobby

-Needs a co-race director

            -another point person that Board approves

            -like a committee head

            -1 or 2 people

            -no suggestions on who but someone who directed races with

            experience and connections

-storage issues for race equipment

-need racing bibs

            -Carolyn – order arrived, 1800

            -Bobby suggested ordering an additional 500

            -most inexpensive from Road ID

-Bib Boards

            -magnetic bib holder

            -suggestion of a VC logo one as race souvenir

            -discussion: Questionable

-dates for races are set as Jill obtained the permits

-Scott’s idea of FB ads

            -targeted traffic

            -Kate: do we want more race participants

                        -issue with FB

                        -Try Instagram

                        -Yes, but for races in general

                                    -Tough Love, UEC, Flats Mile

  • UEC – Kate

-3/30/19, a Saturday

-possibility of having a second shorter race

            -possibly Tough Love course

            -difficulty in tracking runners

                        -possibly a 5k option

            -discussion of shorter race option

            -split awards differently

                        -incentive for 10k

            -same price

-Having T shirt sale at race: similar to Trail Mix

-Buffs as a possibility

-If you know of any sponsors, talk to Kate

  • Election – Clelia

-525 emails

            -14 bounced

            -131 voted

            -emails received

-1 attempt at election

            -25 voted

            -of those 8 did not return in second email


-Thank you to Carolyn for her service

-New Board to meet after Saturday’s membership meeting

  • Membership – Andrea

-$20.00 for Senior Couples, 2 Veterans

            -both members must be seniors/veterans

            -proposal of a Senior Lifetime membership level

-discussion about proposal and possible costs

-Discussion tabled

-Further discussion over Honorary lifetime membership for Coaches: Ken and Glenn

-will have to check RRCA rules

-Motion by Steve for complimentary Lifetime memberships for Coaches Ken and Glenn

            -seconded by Mandi

-Board Voted unanimously and motion passes

-Membership update at membership meeting

-call for volunteers for membership committee

-suggestion to check with membership committee prior to Elections

-suggestion of correcting membership software issue

  • Treasury – Carolyn

-Runners’ Assistance Program

            -this year was used to re-imburse Heidy Pabon

            -members not aware of program

            -need more awareness of program

            -discussion of history of program and its use

            -suggestion by Mandi for separate page within website

                        -also translate into Spanish; translate entire site

-breakdown of year

            -club broke even

-This month

            -Club money as of 1/23/19:

CapOne Savings $10,111.0        4
CapOne Checking $4,937.29
PayPal $4,117.10

-Year end will be finalized for members meeting

-constant administrative expenses

            -list to be put together

-Tax exempt status

            -should be used

-Beni will put together a clothing report

  • Washington Heights 5K


-Club spots: 4 available


            -deadline for email is 2/20

  • Tough Love

-34 teams signed up to date

-enough gloves for the 1st 70 teams

-Call for volunteers

            -Monica volunteered for registration

Meeting adjourned by motion by Mandi and seconded by Steve at 10:07 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez