Who To Contact

VCTC takes over Captain Lawrence Brewery – June 2023

Do you ever wonder who you should contact in the club? Not sure who does what? Well, here’s your answer!

General team questions should be directed to: info@vctc.org

Board of Directors:

Rhashida Hilliard, President – email: president@vctc.org

Hannah Spratt, Vice President – email: vctconline@gmail.com

Andrea Rafael, Treasurer  – email: treasurer@vctc.org

John Lanning, Vice Treasurer  – email: treasurer@vctc.org

Dave King, Secretary  – email: communications@vctc.org

Team Captains:

Sean Moore (Open Men’s).  Susan Moore  (Open Women’s)

Age Group Captains:

  • 20s/30s Women: Hannah Spratt
  • 40s Women: Susan Moore
  • 50s Women: Jennifer Mone
  • 60s Women: Susan Adiletta
  • 70s Women: Monika Macezinskas   
  • 20s/30s Men: Alessandro Casiraghi
  • 40s Men: Sean Moore
  • 50s Men: Sean Moore
  • 60’s/70’s/80’s Men: Sal Carretta

Social Committee:  email: social@vctc.org

UEC Race Director: email: uec@vctc.org

Rhashida Hilliard

Summer Series Race Director: email: racedirectors@vctc.org

Adam Golovizki

Membership Directors: email: membership@vctc.org

Jean Marie Andrews and John Lanning

Communications Committee: email: communications@vctc.org

Steve Shernicoff

Clothing Committee: email: clothing@vctc.org

Kids Club Director:   email: kidsclub@vctc.org

Mandi Susman

Team Ambassador:

Bette Clark

Not sure who to contact? Use the general email and someone will get back to you!   info@vctc.org