The club meets to run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Detailed information about the workouts are below.

If you are new to the club or thinking about joining us, and want to confirm a particular workout or meeting location, send an email to

Monday Fun Run

During the warmer months, on Monday nights at 7pm, we meet for a fun run. These are run at a pace that leaves nobody behind, and typically is a couple of loops of the flats / parade grounds in Van Cortlandt Park. Introductions are made at the start, so newcomers are very welcome!

The meeting place is the Tortoise and Hare statue, on Broadway, across from Lloyds Carrot Cake, a 5 minute walk uptown from the 242nd St 1 train station.

Tuesday Night Speed Workout

Each Tuesday night at 7pm we meet for our club speed workout.

  • Most of the year, the meeting location is at the Van Cortlandt Park track.
  • In the summer time (late May through mid August), we run in the Van Cortlandt Park ‘back hills’ on alternate weeks – on the weeks when there is no summer series race. The meeting location for these workouts is found by following the trail at the northeast tip of the parade grounds loop up the hill to the bridge that goes over the Henry Hudson Parkway.
  • During the months of January and February (and maybe early March, depending on snow coverage) we meet in the parking lot of the Fieldston High School on Manhattan College Parkway for a hill workout.

Thursday Night Tempo

Thursday Nights we meet at 7pm the ‘Tortoise and Hare’ statue on Broadway – the finish line of many cross country races.

Tempo runs are a key ingredient for improving race times and are run at a pace that you could run a 10 mile race – at least in theory! This is also described as a pace at which you could hold a conversation but only with short sentences.

The workout is typically 2 or 3 timed intervals. Everyone starts at the same time and runs their own pace. A horn blows halfway through the interval, and everyone turns around and returns to the start – ideally returning at the same pace as heading out. Anyone who runs a consistent pace throughout will reach the start/finish at precisely the end of the timed interval! Lloyds carrot cake muffins are sometimes handed out to the person most consistently reaching the finish line right on time.

During the winter months when there’s frequently snow in the park, we meet at the Fieldston High School parking lot for hill repeasts, same as Tuesday nights.

Saturday Morning Group Run

Good Morning! Come and join us for our regular morning group runs each Saturday morning at 8AM!

We break into various groups based on different paces and distances, starting with a loop of the Parade Grounds, then some peel off through the trails for various length and speed runs in smaller groups.

Be sure to meet back up after the run for brunch at a local cafe!

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