2020 Van Cortlandt Track Club Meeting Minutes

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, January 25, 2020 at An Beal Bocht Cafe, 10:30AM

Shout Out – Mandi
a. to Social Committee for their work on the Awards Dinner
b. Rashida, Wendee, Bridget, Beni, Connie Stephens & others
c. Ask Ken to send award Remarks and winners listElections – Mandi
a. 2 Candidates: Bette & Jill
b. Doing online poll
c. Paper ballots were used at the Awards Dinner
d. Next week results will be certified
e. Then it will be announced who will be taking the specific positions
f. Thanks to Rigo and Bobby for their service on the BoardRaces – Mandi
a. Tough Love 2/15/20 maybe untimed
b. UEC on 4/5/20
c. Run for the Wild 4/25/20
d. Summer Series starts at end of May every other Thursday
e. Flats Mile on 6/13/20
f. Call for volunteers to help with timing
g. Club is also considering hiring a company to time racesTeam Spots Policy – Bette, Rick, and Ken
a. Qualifications stated
b. For Points Races only
i. there are 11 races in 2020
ii. 4 spots after registration
iii. if you get a spot, NYRR will email you a code
iv. members chosen should check their email for this code
c. As names come in for consideration, discussion amongst team captains
i. if only 4, no problem
ii. Competitive race
iii. faster runners to fill out age groups are considered
iv. there are other factors used to consider
d. Club will be stricter because there are some members who are abusing the Team Spots; should be fast in other ways as well
e. Age Group Captains will be consulted
f. New policy will go out when it is ready
g. Discussion of registration issuesSan Blas Half in Coamo, Puerto Rico
a. Thanks to Bette, Richard, Jill, and Willy
b. Going to race and trying to bring supplies for Puerto Rico Effort
c. JetBlue agreed to waive baggage fees so they can bring additional luggage containing donated items
d. Items being donated to a church in Ponce via a long time member, Yazmin
e. Amazon will send items purchased there directly to address in Ponce
f. Also thanks to EnidCommittee Reports
a. Membership – Andrea

New Members since last meeting

b. Treasury – Andrea

c. Athletic – Ken
i. editing records from Kevin’s list
ii. Hill work outs will continue on Tuesday
iii. Hill work out will also continue on Thursdays
iv. Glen will be back coaching after Daylight Savings
v. Thursday is NYRR Club Night, Monika Macezinskas is nominated for Runner of the Year
d. Communications – Steve
i. Thanks to Clelia for work on Aesop’s
ii. email Communications if you need anything to be announced in Aesop’s
iii. Thanks to Brian for his work on the Social Media
e. Clothing – Beni
i. taking Jacket orders as 20 is the minimum
ii. Bringing back to VCTC Beanie
iii. Sweatshirts will also be brought back
Meeting adjourned
Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 1/24/20

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting, January 23, 2020, 8:30 pm

  1. Call to Order at 8:33PM by President, Mandi Susman
  2. By Law Revisions – Mandi
    a. Steve will make 1st Draft: nominated by Mandi
    b. Rigo volunteered to assist
    c. Have a draft by next Leadership meeting
    d. Edit for Club now
    i. Meeting thing
    ii. Requirements for elections
    iii. Refer
    e. Also check with Adrian
  3. Elections – Mandi
    a. Paper Ballot
    b. Online
    c. Poll Plug in on Word Press; by tomorrow
    d. Put paper count into the minutes
    i. Rigo conducted the paper ballot count
    ii. Out of 33 paper ballots at the Awards Dinner 2020, 30 votes for Bette and 30 votes for Jill
    iii. Hand count done at 7:53 pm on 1/23/2020 by Rigoberto Martinez, VCTC Elections Committee Chair 2019
  4. Meeting Dates for 2020: Note Gee will update website calendar
    a. January 2020: General Membership Meeting on 1/25/2020
    b. February 2020: Leadership 2/20/2020, General Membership 2/22/2020
    c. March 2020: Leadership 3/12/2020, General Membership 3/14/2020
    d. April 2020: Leadership 4/9/2020, General Membership 4/11/2020
    e. May 2020: Leadership 5/7/2020, General Membership 5/9/2020
    f. June 2020: Leadership 6/18/2020, General Membership 6/20/2020
    g. July 2020: Leadership 7/23/2020, General Membership 7/25/2020
    h. August 2020: None
    i. September 2020: Leadership 9/10/2020, General Membership 9/12/2020
    j. October 2020: Leadership 10/15/2020, General Membership 10/17/2020
    k. November 2020: Leadership 11/12/2020, General Membership 11/14/2020
    l. December 2020: Leadership 12/10/2020, General Membership 12/12/2020
  5. NYRR Club Council Meeting on 2/26/2020 – Rick & Gee will attend
  6. Races
    a. Flats Mile – Bobby
    i. 6/13/2020
    ii. Run Sign Up should go up with no change in price
    iii. Jill will apply for the permit
    iv. Reverse course
    v. Laura from Museum stated the lawn will be available on race day from 11AM – 3PM
    vi. Club can provide its own food
    vii. Tentative yes
    viii. Picnic type race day central
    ix. Race from 9AM – Noon with registration at 8AM
    x. Kids race will be first
    b. Summer Series – Jill
    i. Permits are in for Summer Series and UEC
    ii. Mandi suggested outside company for race timing
  7. iii. discussion
  8. invite Jose Cooper to Leadership meeting
  9. contact Myriam Loor regarding timing
    iii. Bobby offered to fill in
    iv. Stephany as RD is being discussed
    v. Suggestion of separate meeting for Summer Series
    vi. Mandi informed us Kate Lyons willing to assist with Summer Series
    vii. Suggestion of special email for call for help with Series
    viii. Have a Race Director only meeting
    ix. Possibly after February 22, 2020 membership meeting
    x. Susan A. suggested focus on RD job description then have volunteers
    c. Tough Love on 2/15/2020 at 10AM
    i. Kate offered to be RD
    ii. Steve offered to assist
    iii. Kate asked about Insurance, Mandi will work on that
    iv. Tough Love Run Sign Up available
    v. What race swag was available? Ask Carolyn
    vi. Enough race bibs available for race
    vii. Chocolate muffins; gift certificate from Bronx Ale House
    viii. Need water; send email through Run Sign Up
    ix. Observation that Race Bib numbers overlap
    x. Kate will find out about different colored Bibs for UEC
    d. UEC – Kate
    i. 5K, 10K
    ii. Kate wants to send notes about Tough Love & UEC in Aesop’s
    iii. Run Sign Up to be activated – Bette
    iv. Marketing and Follow up – tabled
  10. Team Spots Policy
    a. Updated to reflect limits on spots members can use
    b. Discussion about policy and need for transparency
    c. Steve suggested drafting a new policy and formalizing at next leadership meeting
    d. Andrea suggested tracking requests
    e. Steve nominated Andrea to draft
  11. Puerto Rico – Bette
    a. local orgs bringing things up to public
    b. Contact Church orgs
    c. Better asked JetBlue to waive baggage fees to bring donated items for Puerto Rico relief efforts
    d. Club was put in contact with a Church in Ponce near Coamo, where tat Church is handing out items to those affected by natural disaster
    e. Eileen Hickey put together Super Bowl squares and will donate proceeds to Puerto Rico effort
    f. Ask members to donate blankets
    g. Action item: send list of items to be donated to Clelia so she can list them in Aesop’s
  12. Awards Dinner Recap – Rashida
    a. Lots of mugs available
    b. Layout was good
    c. Include financials
  13. Treasury – Andrea
    a. if hiring a timer; Andrea suggested capping our donations from Summer Series
    b. Suggestion of increasing membership to $30.00 for single
    c. Bobby suggested having a regulation as to how much club should donate
    d. Put a donate button on Run Sign Up
    e. 3k SS deficit, 4k deficit Awards Dinner
    f. 3k insurance bill
    g. Bobby will discuss Sponsorship and Donors at next meeting
    h. Refund for Dinner: no one asked, if asked then discuss
    i. Andrea suggested asked for payments via Zelle
    j. Need 27 members to sign up for NYC Half Bus to break even
    k. Steve suggested $20.00 for members on bus
    l. NYC Half Bus available now
  14. Committee Updates
    a. Communications by Steve: testing out calendar
  15. New Business – Bette
    a. maybe next meeting should be at Last Stop; they can open place early
    b. NYRR club night: next Thursday
  16. Meeting adjourned at 10:12pm: Motion by Rigo, Second by Mandi

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Recording Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez, 1/23/2020