2017 Members’ and Board Meeting Minutes

General Meeting VCTC 12/1/17
Van Cortlandt Mansion 11 a.m.

1. New team jackets that have been ordered are ready for pickup. More can be ordered. 4 Different styles.
2. Santa Run: Sunday December 10, 11 a.m. photo at T&H. $15 entry, $10 for non-alcoholic drinkers. Approx 5 miiles total. 3 different wateringholes.
3. Run For Puerto Rico: Held November 26 in VCP. Raised $2000 for Hurricane relief.
4. McArdle 15k. Sunday December 3, 2017. Brunch at Stephanie Evans’ apartment after race.
5. Tough Love Relay: February 10, 2018. 10 a.m. 2×2-mile loop in VCP.
6. UEC: April 8, 2018. Kate Donovan Race Director.
7. Flats Mile: June 6, 2018. Bobby Asher Race Director. 6 p.m.
8. Summer Series: First race May 24, 2018. 7 p.m.
9. By-Laws interpretation/stretch: President Bloomer suggested to waive 5 year restriction on committee service. Also waive 1 year requirement for committee service when needed.
10. NYRR club points vote: December 6, 2017. Board wants to canvas membership for opinion. Must be submitted by Monday evening.
11. Board Election: Nominations taken for 2 board positions opening up. All names on eligible list(see website) nominated. Steve Shernicoff, Bobby Asher and Rigo Martinez accepted nomination. Adrian Hunte-Smith, Susan Adiletta, Kate Donovan, Ariel Cruz, Dick Conley all declined. Election to be held in early January and announced at Awards Dinner January 20, 2018.
12. Membership on all committees are to be renewed on a yearly basis.
13. Friends of Van Cortlandt Park looking for volunteers on Wednesday December 6 to aid in path cleanup on Vault Hill.
14. Committees: Communications: will send out weekly emails to membership.
Social Media transitioning from Ariel Cruz to Kate Donovan
Clothing: 40th Anniversary hats available for $10. Jackets are in.
Charity: Dick Conley investigating various charities for Summer Series.
Treasury: VCTC has total $18,00 in coffers.
Membership; VCTC has 373 members.
Coach: Tuesday nights on track until Dec 26, 2017. Then move to Fieldston Hills. 7 p.m. NYRR Thursday Night at the Races resume December 7, 2017 at Armory.
15. Matt Soja’s tireless Summer Series scoring stint noted and applauded.

11/30/17 Board Meeting

1. Christina Taylor, Friends of VCP, asking for volunteers to work on Vault Trail on Wednesday, December 6, meeting at golf house at 10 a.m.
2. Run for Puerto Rico was a big success collecting nearly $1,900 with another $100 pledged. Money goes to Hurricane relief for P.R.
3. Annual VCTC Election Team Meeting will be held Saturday, December 2 at VC Mansion, 10:30 a.m. Two positions on VCTC Board are up for election. List of eligible candidates available on website. Nominations will be held at meeting.
4. NYRR club members to vote on 2018 points races on December 6. VCTC to poll its members for advice on VCTC vote. Several changes to format proposed; Club Champs date to be moved, race number reduced from 11 to 8, Staten Island Half dropped.
5. Tough Love Relay date: Saturday, February 10, 10 a.m. Extreme weather could result in cancellation.
6. VCTC Awards Dinner: Saturday January 20, 2018. Dunwoodie Golf Club. Giveaways have been received. Invite Larry Sillen(NYRR photographer) to cover event? Tortoise and Hare trophies to be investigated(VCTC has huge inventory of “free” trophies).
7. UEC will take place on April 8, 2018. We will investigate joining Taconic RR trail race series.
8. Flats Mile: Wednesday June 6.
9. Santa Run: Sunday December 10, 2017. Meet 11 :15 at T&H, VCP. $15. Must discuss event fee for non-drinkers.
10. Jackets that were ordered have arrived. Need to order more team singlets. Cmte will look into ordering a team sweatshirt.

Club meeting 11/11/17

1. VCTC hike Sunday 11/12/17. Bear Mountain. 10 a.m. Brunch at Bill and Adrian’s after.
2. Polar plunge. Bronx Zoo. 11/19/17 10 a.m. Benefits Special Olympics.
3. Run For Puerto Rico. Sunday 11/26/17. 10 a.m. 3.5 miles. Not timed. Proceeds will go to benefit victims in Puerto Rico of Hurricane.
4. VCTC Santa Run. Sunday 12/10/17. Meet at T&H 11 a.m.(?). $20/person. Sean Moore making arrangements.
5. Tough Love Relay. 2x2miles. VCP TBA.
6. VCTC Awards Dinner. Now scheduled for 1/20/18. Same cost as last year. Dunwoodie Golf Club, Yonkers. 6-11 p.m.
7. Flats Mile. 6/6/18. VCP Flats. Bobby Asher RD.
8. UEC. 4/8/18.
9. NYRR to decide Club pts races for 2018. See Aesop’s Bench for details.
10. Next NYRR points race: Ted Corbitt. 12/9/17. Central Park.
11. Tuesday night workouts to stay at track until end of year. Then to Fieldston Rd.
12. NYRR Thursday Night at the Races begins Dec 7, 2017.
13. Clothing. Jackets ordered due in early December.
14. Communications Cmte needs testers for upgraded website.
15. VCTC finances; Club has $16,500 in coffers.
16. VCTC membership now at 374.
17. VCTC is renting 3 lockers for its equipment at VC Golf House.

10/12/17 Board Meeting

1. Annual elections to be held an Annual Meeting December 2. A committee is needed to oversee, consisting of one board member not up for re-election and 1 or 2 from general membership. The goal is to list and publicize all elegibles. Venue not yet chosen.
2. An order is now being submitted for those who ordered new VCTC Jackets.
3. Annual Meeting venue not yet decided.
4. VCTC plans to have a Disaster Response Run to collect donations for recent natural disaster relief. Possibly Thanksgiving Day?
5. NYC Marathon Parade of Nations-VCTC marchers needed. Must be entered in NYC Marathon to participate.
6. VCTC Annual Awards Dinner giveaways have been ordered.
7. Annual Awards Dinner will be at Dunwoodie Golf Club. Date uncertain as of now. $55/person members, $60 non-members and guests. Club will chip in $2000 to cover costs.
8. Nike orders submitted, discounts gotten by higher volume ordered. Nike to set up store on VCTC website for future clothing orders.
9. Club Hike. Bear Mountain. November 12. Trip to Peekskill Brewery afterwards. Maryann Khinda organizing.
10. VCTC still has team socks for sale. Please order yours now.
11. Maryann Khinda stepping down from all committees.
12. February’s Tough Love race to be held in VCP. Weather permitting, as past 2 have been canceled due to poor conditions.
13. Team picnic financials: VCTC spent $580. Tip can collected $252. $328 final cost for club.
14. Club has about $16000 in kitty.
15. UEC tentatively held April 8, 2018. Kate Donovan Race Director.
16. NYRR Club Council meeting coming up this week.
17. Bobby Asher working on Flats Mile for next year.
18. Request to make donation to Susie Foundation to fight ALS at Hartford Marathon next weekend. Request too late. May be a charity for Summer Series.
19. Orchard Beach Run-October 15. T&H meeting point. 8 a.m. 10 miler, 20 miler. Need cars to shuttle people around.
20. Marathon bus signup. $15/person. 55 seats. Members only so far.
21. Post NYC Marathon gathering proposed for Pizza place in Bronx/238th St.
22. NYRR to decide 2018 club points races December 6th. VCTC must decide which it supports.
23. Kate Donovan to take over twitter site from Ariel Cruz.
24. Lloyds Carrot Cake collecting donations to aid U.S. Virgin Islands hurricane victims.
25. VCTC will have a bus to the NYC Half in March 2018. New course.
26. VCTC to consider that non-member and friend were able to register for Staten Island bus.

VCTC Team Meeting 9/9/17
Van Cortlandt Stadium

1. 5th Ave Mile- 9/10. VCTC cheering section at ¾ mile mark.
2. VCTC meetings will take place at the VC Golf House in colder weather.
3. Team Buses are ordered for the Staten Island Half and NYC Marathon.
4. Parade of Nations will be held Friday evening before NYC Marathon. Contact Susan Adiletta to march. Marchers must be registered to run.
5. October 15- Orchard Beach training run. 10 miler or 20 miler. Rick Bloomer to organize.
6. Bronxville Running Company wants to organize a VCTC team run and shoe testing evening.
7. Polar Bear plunge to benefit Special Olympics November 19 at Bronx Zoo.
8. VCTC hike November 12. Details to come.
9. Carolyn Hehir ha sent invite for Meb to run with VCTC.
10. VCTC Summer Series needs new race director/timer. Jose Cooper volunteered to learn timing system.
11. Summer Series recap- party had 126 attendees. Took in $6500. Gave $2500 to charities. Cleared $756.
12. Bronx 10 Miler- September 24. VCTC BBQ afterwards. VC Mansion. We need volunteers to clean up after.
13. Maryann Khinda has lots of VCTC socks and arm warmers for sale. Buy some.
14. New VCTC jackets are ready to order.
15. VCTC Annual Awards Dinner- January 20th. Dunwoodie Golf House.
16. VCTC will rent 3 lockers at Golf House to store various equipment; $50/locker/year.
17. VCTC team captains need to access team rosters to do their jobs.
18. The membership renewal page on website needs to be tested for changes.
19. VCTC has approximately $18,000 in coffers.
20. VCTC membership now over 400. Eleven new members since July.
21. NYRR has updated its race results page.
22. Tuesday night workouts will now take place at VC Stadium track UFN.

9/7/17 Board Meeting

1. Membership website needs to be fixed. Can’t do some things. Techies needed to
2. Bronxville Running Company proposed a shoe-testing night with VCTC.
3. Marathon Parade of Nations Friday evening before NYC Marathon. 3marathon
entrants from each team can participate.
4. BBQ recap-126 attendees. Surplus of $756. Good time.
5. VC Golf house locker rentals-$50 per locker per year. Can store some race
6. Summer Series XCountry. $6400 for 7 races. Needs a race director for 2018. 4
charities given $500 each.
7. VCTC to consider planting a tree in VCP in memory of Nieves Medrano.
8. VCTC team captains need to be able to access age-group rosters.
9. New VCTC jackets need to be advertised to sell.
10. Committee needed to confer with Prospect Park Track Club to coordinate our
Summer Series schedule with theirs so no duplication of dates.
11. VCTC picnic at VC Mansion following Bronx 10-Miler. Volunteers needed for
post-picnic cleanup.
12. VCTC Awards Dinner- January 20, 2018 at Dunwoodie Golf House.
13. Nike order-as of now it is too small for order to go through. More orders needed.
14. Maryann Khinda still has 50 pairs of VCTC socks to sell. $8
15. Arm warmers also available for $7.
16. Orchard Beach training run-mid October. Details to follow.
17. Links to reserve bus rides to and fro Staten Island ½ and NYC Marathon to be
added to website.
18. VCTC hike is planned. Details to follow.
19. Polar Plunge at Bronx Zoo Nov 19. Need to advertise and put team together.
20. Need rep(s) to attend VC Community Council meeting about goings on in park.
Sept 19 Leo Engineering Bldg Manhattan College.
21. Invite out to Meb Keflezigi to run with VCTC, possibly on a Sat morning.

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting July 18, 2017


  1. Bette’s Agenda Items
    1. Storage Area Needed: need a more central location for clothing and other club items
    2. Status of caporeira studio?
    3. Jackets: All the information is ready so the website is not ready; the Communications committee needs the information from Bette and Beni so they can set up the website
    4. Approached by ACTIV asking if we can dedicate a race to them
    5. ACTIV also has charity spots available for the TCS NYC Marathon and asking between $2500.00 to $3000.00 which is reasonable; this information should be part of the next newsletter
  2. Bobby’s Agenda Items
    1. Flats Mile was a success and his goal is to make part of Global Running Day; $600.00 in income with $432.00 in expenses. So about $163 of profit which Bobby wants it to go towards the BBQ
    2. Team Champs and Club Week: Bobby is looking into being able to have more than 2 club representatives during Club Week
    3. Club Marathon Spots: Board will have to make a decision via email as there is no meeting in August
  3. Susan’s Agenda Items
    1. BBQ: people are starting to pay for tickets and so far 10 have paid although she believes many more will pay closer to the BBQ
    2. Picnic after Bronx 10 Mile is already set up
    3. Setting up the Hike in the fall and this should be part of the social section of the next newsletter
    4. Treasury Report by Carolyn
  4. Pay Pal $35.00, Checking $5374.00, Savings $10,015.00, PayPal $4000.00
    1. Balance of Golf house: $500.00 check given; price about $30.00 per person but we should be able to cover the expenses
    2. Andrea will give membership summary at Saturday’s Club Meeting
  5. Mail was given to Carolyn by Mandi
  6. Clothing Report by Beni
    1. Board should decide what to do about the traditional singlet if they want to change it and take a loss on the current inventory. Currently there is a large inventory of the traditional singlet. No quorum was present to vote on this matter today.
    2. Beni is looking for uniformity in the club outfits for example with the new Jackets but he is thinking of the future. He is working on a new design for the singlets. Mandi suggested that he work with Maryann and that the Board is looking forward to that. The club will continue to sell the traditional singlet
  7. Kids’ Club report by Mandi
    1. Mandi is looking for another coach for the kids’ club as the schedule and attendance has been inconsistent. If she had another coach, practices would not have to be cancelled if she is not available.
    2. Mandi is also considering sending an email to the Kids’ club membership looking for suggestions for a more convenient time
    3. Parents have asked if there is a Kid sized singlet available as some of the Kids’ club members race in the summer series
  8. Queens Bus question by Carolyn
    1. Carolyn asked if the Queens Bus is needed as VCTC had the only bus parked at the designated spot and not many members were on it.
    2. Club took a loss of $180.00 on the Queens Bus
    3. If the Board considers the Queens Bus, then it should be advertised with more advanced notice or not have it at all
  9. South Bronx United by Mandi
    1. South Bronx United has reached out to VCTC about inviting us to their 4th Annual Health and Wellness Fair to coordinate their races. It will be held at Macombs Dam Park
    2. They would like to partner with VCTC again
    3. Mandi thinks it is a good partnership and the club should send 2 members to participate and give South Bronx United the schedule for the rest of the Summer Series Races
  10. Carolyn raised issue of clothing email
    1. Beni has no access to VCTC Online email
    2. Beni prefers to have a VCTC Online email for the clothing
    3. That email was set set up as clothing@vctconline.org


Meeting commenced at 8:26PM and adjourned at 9:13PM.


Minutes as taken by Rigoberto Martinez

VCTC Team Meeting 6/9/17

VC Stadium

19 members attending

  1. Bobby Asher talked about various aspects of team spirit.
  2. Charities- Money from UEC donated to Van Cortlandt Mansion.
  3. Flats Mile Race tomorrow morning at T&H. 4 heats. First race goes off at 10 a.m. Volunteers neded.
  4. Queens 10 bus now open to outsiders. 16 members signed up so far.
  5. Sal Carretta to organize intra-club masters’ race.
  6. Clothing: Jackets ready to be ordered, when posted. New line of apparel looking good.
  7. Golf outing to be organized by Adrian Hunte-Smith.
  8. VCTC member attacked and injured on the #1 subway train.

Board Meeting 6/5/17

15 members in attendance


  1. Gilbert Rodriguez is leaving New York for Denver Colorado this month.
  2. Bus to Queens 10k is available for sign-up. June 17race.
  3. VCTC Mile race to take place Sunday, June 10. 4 heats: Mens’ Open, Womens’ Open, M40+, W40+.
  4. Sal Carretta has proposed an intra-club masters race.
  5. Team RWB has proposed combining training runs between it and VCTC.
  6. Clothing orders have been submitted. Jackets will be ready for delivery by August. Hats are for sale. Oredered socks delivered in late June.
  7. Summer Series: $169 profit for first race. Charities’ donations will be calibrated at season end to distribute money evenly.
  8. Golf outing in the works.
  9. New member attacked in #1 train this week.

VCTC Monthly meeting 5/6/17

Van Cortlandt Lake House

  1. New jackets will arrive soon. $58 for basic jacket; $78 for wind-guard jacket(heavier).
  2. Maryann Khinda is investigating new M/F clothing.
  3. Andrea Rafael sends a greeting to all new members: Bronx based running club which welcomes all comers of all abilities to help them reach their runnin goals. We are a diverse club of fast and slow runners, etc.
  4. Brooklyn bus. Register now. Will be open to outsiders after Friday May 12. $15/person.
  5. VCTRC will have a bus to the Queens 10k if enough interest.
  6. NYRR Representative Mary Haskins spoke on volunteering for NYRR races, especially the Bronx 10 which is in our “backyard.” 20 volunteers for NYRR race gets one extra entry into NYC Marathon. 40 gets two. She also promoted Global Running Day, June 7th at T&H.
  7. VCTC is looking into storage area in building housing Brazilian martial arts studio.
  8. Adrian Hunte-Smith to organize a Mosholu Golf Outing.
  9. There will be a team number pickup for Brooklyn Half. Bobby will need QR code.
  10. VCTC will stage a mile race on the VC flats on June 11. Permit approved. Part of 5-borough challenge.
  11. VCTC will donate $1500 to Friends of Van Cortlandt from proceeds of our UEC race in April.
  12. Yankee tickets are sold out; no more to be ordered. Game vs Boston August 13.
  13. Picnic after Bronx 10 September 24 at VC Mansion.
  14. Summer Series permits are in. Miles Moloney, Race Director.
  15. Communications cmte: Rigo now helping with this cmte. Ariel Cruz needs help with Facebook and Twitter.
  16. Membership; 372 members. Please wear singlets in races.
  17. VCTC will set up aid table at the Bear Mountain Races May 12, 13.

Board mtg 5/4/17

15 attendees

  1. The meeting started with a proposal by President Rick Bloomer to define the relevance and validity of members feeling excluded and isolated within club functions. A lively discussion followed.
  2. Bobby Asher proposed a Mile Race Series for the five boroughs, with VCTC sponsoring a race on VC flats.
  3. Bette Clark suggested VCTC have a bus to the Queens 10k in June.
  4. The Brooklyn Half bus has only 28 members signed up so far. The week before the race (May20), the bus will be open to outsiders. Cost same for all.
  5. UEC- VCTC will donate $1,500 from race profits to Friends of Van Cortlandt. The race had a $4,300 profit.
  6. Yankee tickets are now sold out. No new order planned.
  7. VCTC is considering the Golf House for the end-of-series Summer Races. Other venues are being considered for the August 17 event.
  8. Space is reserved for the September picnic at the VC Mansion. No date set yet.
  9. Several members will go to Bear Mountain to investigate possibility of a team hike there.
  10. VCTC has 5 entries for the Brooklyn Half. Five members have expressed interest. There will be a team pickup of numbers for event.
  11. Bette Clark has Arnstein Tortoise-and-Hare trophies. Possible awards for future events.
  12. New jackets are on order.
  13. Summer Series begins May 25th. Only 33 registered for races so far. Race needs to be promoted.


Members Meeting 4/1/17

VC Mansion 25 attendees

  1. UEC ready to go. Volunteers assigned, awards and give-aways ready.
  2. Healthy Kidney NYRR points race to be run on April 9.
  3. Boston Marathon teams (Mens Masters, Womens Open) are set.
  4. NYRR meeting to be held 4/5/17. Bobby Asher and Carolyn Hehir t attend.
  5. Bronx 10 miler-VCTC needs a coordinator for volunteers for the NYRR points on September 24,2017.
  6. Kids Club meets Saturdays at 4 p.m. Training is for Riverdale Y 10k.
  7. RMHA 5k is April 23, 2017. Dick Conley, race director is looking for runners and volunteers. Contact Dick for info.
  8. Monday Fun Run will resume April 3, 2017. 7 p.m.
  9. Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game tickets for August 13, 2017 are available. $32/ticket. Contact Maryann Khinda to purchase.
  10. Hannah Lipman and James Moloney VCTC party to be held at Ethical Center at 4 p.m. on April 23rd. All club members invited.
  11. Bette Clark and Rick Bloomer to attend International Day of Sport sponsored by the French Consulate. Bette to speak.
  12. Treasury report: VCTC has total of about $15000 in net worth.
  13. VCTC has about 380 members, including singles, families, lifers, and youths.

Board mtg 3/30/17 VCTC


  1. UEC getting ready. Online registration at 119. Lloyd’s giving muffins. Giveaway patches in mail from China to arrive Friday April 1. Team run-through on Saturday. Matt to teach Miles Moloney and Gee Chomorin timing system.
  2. VCTC team meeting to be held Saturday April 1. Venue TBD.
  3. Summer Series. Miles Moloney new race director. 12 pre-regs so far. Dick Conley to decide charities: Van Cortlandt Manor, Friends of VCP, Active against cancer, MS? Some of the entry fees collected to go to pay for end-of-series party.
  4. Yankee tix for August 13 gane vs Boston now available for $32.50 per. Susan Adiletta collecting and distributing tix.
  5. Clothing- Beni Veraz trying to get new jackets.
  6. VCTC monthly meeting dates are now on website for 2017.
  7. VCTC to support RMHA race April 23.
  8. Boston Marathon teams have been submitted. Womens Open, Mrns Master.
  9. Brooklyn Half buses ordered. $15/person. One leaves 5:15 a.m., one at 5:30 on race day, May 20.
  10. VCTC looking for a person to coordinate team volunteers for NYRR races, especially Bronx 10-miler.

3/11/17 General Meeting


Van Cortlandt Mansion   23 attendees


  1. VCTC was represented in all age-groups in the Washington Heights 5k. Our women’s 60’s and Men’s 70’s teams came in first. VCTC had 81 finishers.
  2. VCTC’s weekly Saturday morning meeting place post-workout is closing. It is not clear what, if anything, is replacing it.
  3. Paul Paradise is moving to Thailand. There will be a good-bye party for Paul on Sunday, March 19. More info on Facebook.
  4. The NYC Half-marathon is at 10:30 a.m.
  5. Starting in April, weather permitting, team meetings will be held in VCP Stadium.
  6. Also weather permitting, Tuesday night workouts will be on the track. However, the last Tuesday in each month the workout will be in the hills.
  7. Summer Series permit is approved. First race is May 25. VCTC volunteers needed. Timing system needs to be learned.
  8. Monday Run For Fun will begin in April.
  9. Kids Club will also begin in April.
  10. The next NYRR points race is the UAE Healthy Kidney Race on April 9. Race is still open.
  11. 8th Annual RMHA 5k will be held April 23 at 11 a.m. in VCP. Volunteers needed. Contact Dick Conley for info.
  12. Yankee Tickets for game vs Boston on August 13th are available. Price is $32.40 per seat, on first base side. Contact Susan Adiletta to purchase.
  13. VCTC has 360 members.
  14. VCTC has total of $14,120 in coffers.
  15. Send inquiries to communications@vctc.org
  16. A number of members are anxiously awaiting arrival of new VCTC jackets. Beni to follow up.
  17. Apera Duffel bags available for $69.50/bag plus $10 for VCTC logo. Contact Dave King. To be posted on Facebook.

Board Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2017

Meeting Held at Rick Bloomer’s Apartment. 11 present at this meeting. Started at 8:42 PM

  1. UEC Update – Kate
    1. 50 enrollees so far; the goal is 200
    2. Bibs have not been ordered yet; ok with those present
    3. Going with Patches and not T-Shirts
      Can be done last minute
      6 or 7 dollars for 200-300 patches
    4. Kate will share Patch design
    5. Bette suggested a company that can help with the design (graphic sizing etc.)
    6. Kate contacted the RRCA and wants future race directors to do the same
    7. Kate has been reaching out to local college Track Teams, ie. Jaspers, Fordham
    8. What exposure are Sponsors expecting?
      Shout out to members over email list
      Via megaphone at UEC
    9. Bobby wants to run a water stop at UEC
      By the Cow Path to advertise Riverdale Y race (he is assistant race director)
      Table does not need a permit; advertising for that race may be an issue
      Bette- getting a permit to advertise will be difficult
      We don’t want to obtain the permit
    10. Garden Gourmet will donate 50 gallons of water
    11. Race bibs will have Lloyds on it and Question by Kate on how to formally thank Lloyds for sponsporship
    12. Kate will handle that and Rick said it was ok
    13. How is the race being promoted? On FB, flyers. According to Maryann there is a spreadsheet on how to promote; also in the Riverdale Press
    14. Kate has raised significant money for this race
    15. Volunteers needed and to be announced at Saturday’s club meeting
    16. Andrea volunteered to start training with Matt in Time Keeping
  1. Celebrate Life Half Marathon Flyers – Bette will print more
  2. Friends of Van Cortlandt – Bette
    1. Asking if we want to participate in their 25th Anniversary banner
    2. Rick said there are tiers of sponsorship and banners will be posted around streets of Van Cortlandt Park
    3. Mandi suggested using some of the extra proceeds of UEC to pay for sponsorship
    4. $1000.00 gets us on 2 banners and the deadline is April 25th
  3. Maryann – 5 agenda items
    1. 30 tickets obtained in section 414 for August 13 game with 1:05 start
      Tickets priced at $32.50
      Question is whether to roll service charge of $25.00 into the price per ticket or have club subsidize it
      Paypal should be set up for club members to purchase the tickets
      Club reimbursement for purchase of tickets
    2. James and Hannah’s Party: Not an official club event
      Question is what to gift to them whether a lifetime family membership or purchase the cake for the party and price point of $100
      Decided that the Family Lifetime membership would be the gift
      Add event to next Aesop’s Bench Newsletter post
    3. Spring Event: Whether or Hiking or Running Event
      If an overnight event at park of last hike; cabin can be rented for $500 for the weekend
      Adrian Hunte told Maryann she could help
      But cabin reservations could be gone by now
    4. Summer Party: What is the Budget?
      Usually most expensive social event at $40 per person at the VC Golf House
      Susan’s idea of having the Summer Party at the Ethical Society but the drawback is loss of BBQ
      Discussion of limiting charitable donations to fund social events however that idea was already considered for purposes of having more funds in general
    5. Clothing: Maryann wanting to get into club clothing on the women’s side
      She will present her ideas by next month and Susan will pick up more of the Social along with Alison
      Bette suggest Maryann talk to Brian Drennen
      Maryann’s goal is that the team matches in every race
  1. Bette
    1. Will start booking Brooklyn Buses
    2. Asked by Andy Kimmerling about advertising Westchester Runners Bus to Marathon and Rick said it’s not a problem
  2. Rick
    1. We should promote 40th Anniversary Hats; Mandi will help Andrea set up Paypal button on VCTC website
  3. Summer Series – Jill
    1. Permits have been obtained
    2. Miles has been brought up to speed
    3. Registrations are starting to come in according to Bette
  4. Fun Runs to commence in April
  5. Membership
    1. Gilbert is helping her with matching official membership list with private FB group
    2. Bridget is helping her matching with PayPal
  6. Waiver for UEC was presented at the meeting
  7. $5.00 discount code for Manhattan College, College runners and for lifetime members
  8. Kid’s Club will not start up in March most likely in April given weather

Meeting ended at 9:48PM.

Members meeting 2/11/17

Master of Ceremony: Mandi Susman                      16 members attending


  1. New VCTC Board officers: President: Rick Bloomer; Vice President; Mandi Susman; Treasurer: Andrea Rafael; Assistant Treasurer: Carolyn Hehir; Secretary: David King.
  2. VCTC Club Awards night deemed a success. Held January 28, 2017 at Dunwoodie Golf Club. Beni Veraz and Bette Clark are our Runners of the Year, 2016.
  3. NYRR Awards dinner: February 23, 2017. VCTC Womens’ 60+ team won age-group award. VCTC has 5 individuals nominated for age-group awards.
  4. VCTC Valentine’s Day relay race canceled due to bad weather.
  5. UEC to be held April 2, 2017. We now have sponsors and giveaways for race.
  6. Friends of Van Cortlandt to team with VCTC for UEC.
  7. RMHA 5k will be held April 23, 2017. Volunteers needed.
  8. Washington Heights 5k to be held March 5, 2017. 94 VCTC members signed up so far. Entry is now closed. VCTC has 3 extra slots available.
  9. Brooklyn Half Marathon to be held May 20, 2017. VCTC will have team bus to event. Entries closed within 26 minutes of open. 8 VCTC members who were locked off NYRR website to get consideration. VCTC has 5 extra slots available.
  10. VCTC Monday Fun Run to resume in better weather, sometime in April. Stay tuned.
  11. NYRR Thursday Night at the Races on February 26, 2017. 10,000 meter team relay is one of events.
  12. Moms in Training to meet in VCP at Tortoise and Hare on Sundays at 9 a.m.
  13. Membership: 387 paid members.
  14. Facebook Group: VCTC group posts are for VCTC members only. Please do not post info-sensitive messages outside of group.
  15. Treasury: PayPal account has $487. Capital One Account has $13,000.
  16. Clothing; 40th Anniversary hats are available for purchase for $18.
  17. Communications: Website has extra security. Aesop posted by 3rd party service, for which vctc pays.

Membership mtg 1/14/17

  1. VCTC 60’s Womens’ team official winner of NYRR competition. Mens’ 70+ team 2nd place.
  2. Awards given at NYRR Club Night in February.
  3. VCTC Awards Dinner will be held January 28th at Dunwoodie Golf Club.
  4. 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.
  5. Rides available from 242 St.
  6. Members should fill out food menu poll on Facebook ASAP.
  7. Finances.
  8. Club has about $19,000 in cash and assets.
  9. Board to consider charitable donations policy, which has drained club financial position in last year.
  10. NYRR Fred Lebow(old Manhattan Half) will be run on January 22.
  11. Brooklyn Half entry opens January 26. Race closes out quickly on that date. Anyone who has auto entry should claim it soonest.
  12. There will be a team bus to and fro Brooklyn on race day.
  13. The VCTC kids run is cancelled for January and February. Will resume in March, weather permitting.
  14. Tough Love Relay- February 12, 2017. 10 a.m.
  15. Maureen Cawley is race director.
  16. permit not yet approved.
  17. race course is 2-mile loop around Cemetery Hill.
  18. UEC- April 2, 2017
  19. Permit approved.
  20. Kate Donovan is race director.
  21. Summer Series- starts May 25, 2017.
  22. Miles Moloney is race director/Jill Staats will aid.
  23. Same 5k course.
  24. Washington Heights 5k- March 5.
  25. NYRR club points race.
  26. Sign up ASAP; race close to full.
  27. Taconic RR Winter Series begins February 5-5k, Feb 19-5 miler.
  28. RMHA 5k April 23, 2017.
  29. VCTC Tuesday night workouts meet at Fieldston School at 7 p.m.
  30. VCTC Thursday Tempo Runs continue on VCP flats, weather permitting.
  31. VCTC Monday fun runs start again in March.
  32. Elections.
  33. 3 candidates for 3 seats for VCTC Board. Vote anyway. Polls close January 23.
  34. Mandi Susman working on Website problems from recent hacking incident.
  35. Membership-VCTC has 376 members signed up. Some members have not renewed membership for 2017 yet.
  36. Clothing-Champion jackets soon available for purchase.
  37. singlets and hats will be available for purchase at Awards Dinner.
  38. 40th Anniversary hats available for $10.
  39. NYRR to hold anti-doping seminars the week of January 16.

 1/12/17VCTC Board Meeting


  1. Awards Dinner- 63 signed up so far. DJ will be paid at dinner. $55/person for members, $65 for non-members and late registrants. Menu poll on Facebook. 40th anniversary hats will be for sale at door for $10. Singlets and last year’s hats will also be available for purchase.
  2. Finances- total club assets- $23,239. Members need to renew. Party subsidy not subtracted yet.
  3. VCTC needs to find non-charging places to hold monthly membership meetings. Board will consider.
  4. Millrose tickets are available for purchase. Games held February 11. $100/ticket.
  5. NYRR to hold RunClean seminars this coming week. Re:Anti-drug testing.
  6. Tough Love Relay. To be held February 12, 10 a.m., weather permitting. Maureen Cawley is race director. Permit not yet approved. Course run on 2-mile loop up Cemetery Hill.
  7. UEC. Permit approved. April 2, 2017. 10K distance. Kids race also.
  8. Summer Series. Miles Moloney race director. Jill Staats to help. First race May 25.
  9. Elections. 3 people running for 3 seats. But vote anyway. Polls close 1/23/17.
  10. VCTC needs people to volunteer for various committees.
  11. Bette Clark and Rigo to help on Communications cmte.
  12. Website has been hacked by unknown assailant(s). Mandi Sussman working to get order back.