2018 Members’ and Leadership Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Member’s Meeting

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Van Cortlandt Golf House

10:30 am Group Picture

10:42 am Meeting started
Mandi thanks board for all of their work and also introduces board to members.
Mandi goes over the committees and members of each committee
Mandi recaps the year
  • Jan – awards dinner
  • Feb – tough love relay
  • March – Washington Heights 5K – 97 Finishers
  • April – UEC
  • May – Summer Series begins
  • June – Flats Mile and Beer Run
  • July – Summer Series Relay
  • August – End of Summer Party
  • September – Post Bronx 10 Mile Picnic and Yankees Game
  • November – NYC Marathon and Hike
  • December – Santa Run and Annual Meeting
Kids club taking a hiatus
Jennifer to help Mandi with Kids Club
Mandi gives overview of election
3 positions currently open
Bette nominated by Steve – nomination seconded
Mandi nominated by Steve – nomination seconded
Steve nominated by Mandi – nomination seconded
Jill nominated by Gee – nomination seconded
Steve steps down from Election Committee
Rigo to head Election Committee
Treasury Update
As of 12/12/2018
PayPal $2,643.92
Checking $1,545.11
Savings $10,097.40
Total: $14,286.43
Club tries to maintain $10 to $15k in account
Full treasury report for the year will be posted in January
Athletic Update
Last track workout at track will be this Tuesday.  Following holidays Tuesday workout will move to hills
Ken asks for members to send him their running recaps or stories for the year for the awards dinner by December 30th.
2019 will be Coach Ken’s last year as coach he would like to begin to train new people to take over
Bette and Rick introduce the age group captains
Bette mentions club spots for points races and about volunteering at large races for entry the following year
Communications update
Shout to Clelia for work on Aesop’s
shout out to Scott and Gee for help on the website
Steve mentions website issues go to email address monitored by Steve, Scott and Gee
Mandi asked for volunteers to help with social media
Membership update
Membership totals:

Single 157
Junior 0
senior/vet 41
Family 117
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 14
Total 337
New members joined since last meeting:
Jacob Massa
Orlando Solorza & family
Andrea reaches out to all new members and connects them to the age group captains
Susan and Carolyn help to greet new members at workouts when Andrea is not there
Velma an old members from the 90’s has rejoined the club
Race update
Tough Love will be held on 2/9 – Carolyn asked for volunteers – post race gathering at Bronx Ale House
Bobby explains duties of being a race director
Bobby gives recap of Summer Series – first race will named after Mike Block – last rce will be named after Fernando Ruiz
Bobby gives recap of Flats mile held on global running day – 55 attendees – Race will be moved to a Saturday in 2019
Call for volunteers for flats mile and summer series
UEC is scheduled for March 30th
Shout out to Matt Soja and everyone who helped with race timing
Social update
Awards dinner is January 19th
New members for social are: Rashida, Wendee, Joyce, Adam snd Bridget
Jill and Susan will step down as heads of social following Awards Dinner
One committee member to be in charge of specific event
Beni discussed closure of putnam trail – work expected to be done by December 2019 – alternate running trails are OCA and back hills
Clothing Update
New jacket order will be placed soon
Bette and Beni show the different jacket options
Mandi asks for suggestions or comments from members regarding the club
Meeting adjourned at 11:50am
Addendum to Annual Meeting Minutes
January 1, 2019

Since we still had only two candidates are running for three spots for the 2019 Board, we agreed to waive the requirement that former board members have to wait two years before they can run again (see Article V, Paragraph D below). 
D. The term of office for a member of the Board of Directors shall be two years. No member of the Board of Directors shall serve for more than three consecutive terms (six years). This may be extended one term if no eligible member stands for election. Former Board members may again seek election after a period of two years during which they were not on the Board. Board members may hold three consecutive terms beginning with the election held in January 2013.
The Board voted unanimously. 

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting December 13, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Agenda for Annual Meeting- Mandi




            -Committee Updates

            -Update on Putnam Trial

                        -there will be construction on the trail

                        -will be closed

                        -Beni will provide an update when time comes

-Propose Question for membership about Social committee


            -recap of year

            -Suggestion of giving a review of each committee

            -yearly recap

-Order of topics: yearly recap, ideas, treasury, committee, nominations

            -Nominations will be before committee reports

-Suggestion of asking those who are age group captains if they want to continue in that role

            -By laws state 5 year limit

-Picture before meeting

-Discussion of agenda

  1. Summer Series – Bobby

-Summer Series more or less on same dates

-concern of overlap with other 5K series

  1. UEC – Bobby

-Kate still considering being part of Trail Mix Series

            -difficult with Leatherman’s Loop being close to UEC

-go with date Kate suggested

  1. Nominations Committee– Steve

-Some of the potential nominees

            -have declined

            -Mandi is running

            -Carolyn is not running

-Steve will take names and create slate

            -give those who accept a couple of weeks

            -if small may be shorter

-need copy of By Laws at meeting

            -Gee offered to print out

-3 Board spots open

-Steve will run if short on candidates

-Election committee will be Steve, Clelia, and Rigo

-Elections will open up in January

-Mandi thanks the committee

  1. Awards Dinner – Jill

-Beni will track attendees

-DJ is set

-Patch Giveaway

            -past years’ giveaways will be available

            -grab bag, everyone gets one



            -not for dinner

-we guarantee X amount of attendees to venue

            -encourage advanced payment

-VIP list

            -discussion of comped guests to be given to Social

-Plan to have Gary Corbitt as a speaker

-No refunds

  1. Summer Series – Bobby

-last 5K to be named after Fernando Ruiz

-request for 1st 5K to named in honor of Michael Block

            -who to donate to

            -Mandi will reach out to Chris Rehm

  1. Santa Run Recap

-Bette offered a stop at her home

-Thanks to Dave and Sean

            -BAH charged for Tax and Gratuity

-if Sean put some of his own money, reach out to Board

  1. Committee Reports

                        -Membership – Andrea

                                    -forthcoming at Saturday’s general membership meeting

                        -Treasury – Carolyn

                                    -moment of appreciation for NYC marathon runners

                                    -CapOne Savings $10,097.40

CapOne Checking $15,45.11

PayPal $2,643.92

Total: $14,286.43

-need written annual report

            -Carolyn will have a summary

            -request to be put in an Excel or PDF for website

                             -Athletic – Bette

                                    -1 of 3 clubs to win 2 different age groups

                                    -1/31/19 is NYRR Club Night at Manhattan Center

                                    -NYRR will announce Runner of the Year nominees 12/21

                                    -NYRR Club Council Meeting

                                                -change in the point races

                                                -new race to be used as qualifier for NYC Half

                                    -Visions of San Blas Run

                                                -day after awards dinner

                                    -Mention of NYRR Virtual Races to qualify for Brooklyn Half

                                    in addition to volunteering at Expo or race

                        -Clothing – Beni

                                    -Thanks to Rigo for loaning his jacket

                                    -Thanks to Beni for new logo

                                    -putting in new jacket order

                                                -4 styles

                                                -if in before New Year, can possibly receive by Feb.

                                    -call for separate clothing page on website

                                    -Bette’s suggestion of a long sleeve cotton T shirt

                                                -from store on 242 and Broadway


                                    -Thanks to Scott for his work

                                    -Website – Scott

                                                -Changes and improvements

                                                -Discussion about membership


                                                            -posted new NYRR races

                                                            -suggest protect member directory

                                                            -link to sign in


                                                            -new help@vctc.org

                                                                        -so far 2 to 3 requests

                                                                        -replies within 24 hours

                                                -most of the site’s pages have been protected

                                                            -turned off Buddy press

                                                -role of Communications director

                                                            -director should review


                                                            -or have Board approval

                                                -club posting only

                                                -need a coordinator or talk to each other

                                                -Gee available to help

                                                -Scott good resource

                                    -Bobby’s comments

                                                -important to have a place with pictures of our events

                                                -concern over race websites

                                                            -separate area

                                                            -want pictures on our website

                        -Social – Jill

                                    -a lot more activities as time went on

                                                -split activities

                                    -give everyone a break

                                    -Jill & Susan will stay on committee for year with new

                                    committee members

                                    -Add new events

                                    -Thanks to new social committee members

                                    -Bette’s suggestion for new events

                                                -snowshoeing – ski event

                                                            -in Carmel, NY

                                                            -$12 a day to rent equipment

                                                -try to go on a Sunday when there is snow

                                                            -coordinate a bus or cars

                                                -no lessons

                                                -Dave did this years ago

                                                -get there at 9AM to rent equipment

                                                            -snow shoes by the hour

                                                -Week days are easier

  1. New business


                                    -Tough Love on 2/9/19 2×2 relay

                        -Social event ideas

                                    -scavenger hunt


                                    -run over GW bridge

                                    -escape room

Meeting adjourned by motion by Steve and seconded by Mandi at 10:04 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, November 10, 2018, 10:30AM

  1. Call to Order – Mandi
  2. Congrats to the Marathoners – Bobby

-73 VCTC members ran the NYC Marathon

-most ever

  1. Annual Meeting – Mandi

-on December 15, 2018

-Van Cortland Golf House at 10:30AM

  1. Elections – Mandi

-both the Nominations and Election Committees are set

-more information to go out

  1. Tomorrow 10AM Hike at Rockefeller State Park

-$6.00 to park at the lot

-meet at the parking lot

-afterwards going to the Woodfire Restaurant

-12 to 12:30 reservation

-16 members have signed up

-Gary Spalter will lead short walk

-Dave Isaac to lead 6 mile walk

  1. Committee Reports

-Athletic – Bobby

-72 VCTC members in NYC Marathon

-Ted Corbitt 15K on 12-8-18

-still open so please sign up

-12/5/18 Team Captains Meeting at NYRR

-vote on Points Races for 2019

-will get an email with survey of which races you prefer

-we are trying to get Cross Country races

-we are trying to get Marathon off the list

-Change in NYRR leadership

-Jim Heim took ver for Peter Ciaccia

-Michael Capariso remains CEO

-Jim Heim will be president of events

-Be careful running- Mandi

-especially at night

-any interest on morning runs?

-Ariel Cruz saw a coyote this past week

-run in pairs

-Strava has a feature that will send your route to someone

-run with a cellphone and ID

-Wendee saw a flyer for a white supremacist gathering

-Polar Plunge is next week – Mandi

-Bronx event cancelled

-can go to Glen Island or Staten Island

-Membership – Andrea

-Below are the membership totals and new members since the last team meeting

Single 161
Junior 1
senior/vet 44
Family 125
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 14
Total 353

-New members:

-Dan Reynolds and family (4 total, included in the above numbers)

-Hana Sayed

-Treasury – Carolyn

-CapOne Savings $10,084.22

-CapOne Checking $2,288.11

-PayPal $2,965.73

-Total: $15,338.06

-Already reduced from the total, $2,896.06 payment for recent singlet order

-Money will be recouped as singlets are sold

-Clothing – Beni

-Jackets are in production

-November 26 should ship

-Communicatons – Steve

-good job on Aesop’s Bench by Clelia


-Scott Cezina-Levine agreed to help

-new email if issues with website: help@vctc.org

-Social – Jill

-Hike tomorrow

-sign up

-Heidi from Craftsbury Running Camp will be there

-Santa Run – Dave

-3 or 4 bars

-easy route


-Question about non-alcoholic beverages


-can drive or bike

-Awards Dinner

-January 19, 2019

-DJ is set

-working on giveaway

-Awards: compile your list of 2018 races and send to


  1. New Business

-Gee asked about First Aid Training

-Ariel suggested that club maintain social media sites

-have more than one person

-call for a volunteer

-try to send stuff to Kate or email communications@vctc.org

-Wendee: follow up on article in Bronx Press about Heidy Pabon

-Carolyn: we should join other Bronx teams in events

-Dave: club should write a letter to Park’s department about VCP track

-Ariel: received a call about coyote from Park’s Department

-Carolyn: Tough Love Relay will be put on in February 2019

-race registration will open after Ted Corbitt 15K

-around Valentine’s day weather permitting

-either 2/16 or 2/17

-not to conflict with Taconic Freezer 5K

-Bobby: volunteer spots have opened up for Ted Corbitt 15K

-look for other off shoot NYRR volunteer spots for +1

Meeting adjourned at 11:26 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martine

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting November 8, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Location for Annual Meeting – Mandi

-Susan Adiletta looking into Van Cortlandt Golf House

-is available

-Should we look into Horace Mann

-Susan recommends having a backup

-Van Cortlandt House, Susan will contact

  1. Clothing – Bette

-Jackets should be coming in a few more weeks

-Bette went to sports store at corner of 242nd Street

-$8 to $10 for a long sleeve shirt

-cotton T shirt

-discussion should we look into this

-order some shirts or ask first if people interested

-post survey to FB

-sooner rather than later

-Singlets order came in


  1. Volunteering for Election – Mandi

-Both committees set up

-Steve, Rigo, and Clelia

-3 spots for Board

-Bette suggest putting up descriptions of the jobs

-Committee working with Andrea for list of members eligible

  1. Ted Corbitt 15K– Susan Moore

-this race will sell out

-When do we ask for Club Spots

-tell members to sign up for the race now

-Club points races

-make sure you are registered under VCTC

-Susan to send to Clelia

-Non-New York Teams scoring – NYC Marathon

-raise the issue at next Club Council Meeting

-NYC Marathon as a points race

-could be raised an issue once again

-other local clubs however like it as a points race

  1. Annual Meeting 2018 – Bobby

-recommends putting up notices on FB, email, Instagram

-email regarding who is eligible

-all electronic information

-also use private messaging on social media

-discussion on Instagram being an issue for messaging

-discussion of use of website

-should be used for communication

-for private part of website

-issue of signing into site

-Jobs and organizational charts are on the website

-pages are available from last year

-Gee suggests having either 1 person or 1 email for problems

-Steve will set up email

-Steve, Mandi, and Scott will manage that email

-eligibility does not have term limits

-who is on the committees

-start with the invite list for the leadership meetings

-go back 3 years

-By laws has list of committees; but is vague

-remind members to go to website

  1. Website – Scott Cezina-Levine

-problem with way membership app integrates with PayPal

-but ability to just use card is rudimentary

-club could purchase Business membership $30.00/month

-Easy way is to continue using free PayPal account

-but requires members to have a PayPal account

-Question then of club paying for PayPal; what are the advantages

-$30 sounds like a bargain

-problem for the past year of memberships disappearing – Andrea

-started with membership renewals

-Andrea exports from website into Excel

-problems renewing

-then more problems with auto renewals

-Andrea has been manually adding in renewals

-Expense is it worth for the board to pay for PayPal business level

-Vote by the Board is unanimous to go with PayPal Business

level membership at $30.00 per month

-Steve presented a caveat that we look into

what else we get with that membership

-Carolyn to give Scott access to PayPal

-Can there be 1 more email when membership payment is made to membership@vctc.org

  1. Summer Series last race in honor of Fernando Ruiz – Mandi

-1st race of Summer Series in name of Mike Block

-find a tie in charity

-suggestion by Andrea

-put together a group for morning runs

-anyone can organize

-Suggestion by Bette

-have a record of Summer Series races

-maintain a historical record

-Question by Bobby

-has to mail award to Summer Series overall winners

-Trophies for

-Armando Olivera

-Judith Tripp

  1. Committee Reports

-Membership – Andrea

-forthcoming at Saturday’s general membership meeting

-Treasury – Carolyn

-moment of appreciation for NYC marathon runners

-CapOne Savings $10,084.22

CapOne Checking $2,288.11

PayPal $2,965.73

Total: $15,338.06

-Already reduced from the total, $2,896.06 payment for recent singlet order

-Money will be recouped as singlets are sold.

-Athletic – Bette

-Mandi: Polar Plunger to benefit Special Olympics

-cancelled in Bronx

-organizers suggesting go to Glen Island or

Staten Island

-not sure if benefits will go to Bronx team

-Upcoming NYRR Club Council Meeting

-thanks to Gee

-12/5 is next meeting and vote for Club Points races

-same races generally; range of distances

-Ted Corbitt is last points race of 2018

-previously discussed

-will try to keep everyone informed

-Workout at the track until the end of year weather permitting

-Kate to provide updates on date for UEC

-idea of being part of Trail Mix Series

-set dates for all of our races

-should Tough Love Relay be put on

-all present in favor

-Bobby suggested 2-10-19

-Flats Mile –Bobby

-wants to use picnic area of VC House for race

-reverse course

-Clothing – Beni

-Singlets have arrived

-available at Saturday’s general membership meeting

-Jackets are in production

-Old singlets

-same price as new singlets

-get rid of old ones first

-does the club sell old singlet at old price


-Motion to vote by Steve

-Prior singlets to be lowered to $15.00

-seconded by Bobby


-Vote on the proposal by Steve by Board

-1 in favor

-3 opposed

-1 abstention

-Motion fails

-sell new singlets first

-Communications – Steve

-website previously discussed with Scott

-good job on Aesop’s Bench by Clelia

-Gee suggests exclusive content for website

-recommendation of use of SSL across website

-Scott asked if site has Google Analytics – yes

-Social – Jill

-previous question about any members volunteering

-4 members have volunteered for Social committee

-Joyce Tibbett

-Adam Schwartz

-Wendee Corsino

-Rashida Hilliard

-Hike on Sunday November 11

-email blast

-pinned on Face Book

-16 members have signed up

-Santa Run

-set a date

-Sean Moore will be speaking with the Bars

-suggestion of December 16, 2018 as date

-Pete McArdle 15K post race party on December 2, 2018

-at Ariel Cruz’s apartment

-will be posted on Face Book

-Awards Dinner

-giveaway will be a patch

-possibly ask someone to design

-all set

Meeting adjourned by motion by Steve and seconded by Mandi at 9:59 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, October 13, 2018, 10:30AM

  1. Mike Block – Mandi

-unfortunately passed away last Monday

-working on a fundraiser in his honor

-club maintained a moment of silence

  1. Marathon – Bette

-after SI Half, will set up Bus

-Change is Post Race meet up

-Last Stop will host us

-will have an expanded menu

-only concern is Mom cooks, but we tend to trickle in

-Any member registered to run and wants to participate in the Opening Ceremony can do so

-names are due by 10-19-18

-Susan Adiletta is working on a banner

-Peter Ciaccia

-is retiring and wants local runners to welcome last runners

-Night of Champions

-$350.00 per ticket

-is a fundraiser for NYRR’s children’s programs

-Peter wants local clubs to attend

-don’t forget to go out and cheer and come to the post race spot

  1. Mosaic Run – Dick Conley

-Carolyn Hehir put together a run to the garden set up by Selma Raven

-Selma is being honored at Mosaic dinner

-Club donated to the Journal

-Garden is at Mosaic respite house located on the Northbound side of

Henry Hudson Parkway and 232nd Street

  1. Polar Plunge – Mandi

-looking for those interested in Polar Plunge

-on November 18, 2018 at 10AM, Mandi will post details

  1. SI Half Bus

-10 seats maybe available

-Bus will leave on time

-option of going one way

  1. Annual Meeting – Mandi

-on December 15, 2018

-nominations will be taken for open board seats

-Nominations committee being set up- contact Steve Shernicoff if interested

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-Find attached 3rd Quarter Financial Report:


Current $:

As of 10/10/2018:  
CapOne Savings $10,070.62
CapOne Checking $6,130.65
PayPal $2,507.47
Total: $18,708.74
Received in  3rd Quarter:  
Membership $1,329.56
Clothing/ singlets $302.52

Donation sent to Rising NYRR from Flats Mile $250

Summer Series 5k Races & Relay  Net Raised  $7,681.17

Summer Series Party on Thursday 8/16/2018 Net Cost to the Club: $2,935.71

Bronx 10M picnic  Sunday 9/30/2018  Net Cost to the Club: $926.63

-Adjust for costs of cake at Post Bronx 10 party

-donations will be made accordingly for Summer Series races

  1. Athletic – Bette

-Race Schedule for NYRR

-Spring races open

-Club Council has not voted what races will be club points races

-Lebow half will not be part of 4 of 6 to qualify for NYC Half

-early bird prices end October 24, 2018

-make sure you sign up on time for races on time and try not to rely

on Club Spots for points races

-Tuesdays will be on the track as weather permits

  1. Clothing – Beni

-4 to 6 weeks for singlets to arrive


-order will be put together

-let us know

-another 4 weeks

-Bette encourages volunteers for Clothing Committee

  1. Communications – Steve

-good job on Aesop’s by Clelia


-found some resources who could help w/in the club

-improvements could come sooner

  1. Membershp – Andrea

-totals for membership:

Single 165
Junior 2
senior/vet 44
Family 118
Lifetime 8
Kids Club 15
Total 352

New members since last meeting:

Rebecca Steinberg & family

Jonathan Schweitzer

Qiwei Lu & family

3 Kids club members

  1. Social – Jill

-Hike for November 11

-probably Bear Mountain

-if ideas on a new patch, email Jill

-Call for Volunteers

-Dave, Jill, and Susan stepping down in February

-volunteer now and shadow the committee

Meeting adjourned at 11:03 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting October 11, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Mike Block – Fundraiser? – Mandi

-possibly a community race

-involve Chris Rehm; Bette will contact him

-pick a date, find a charity

-could be a Sunday walk

-after the NYC Marathon

  1. Selma – Run to Garden – Mandi

-this coming Saturday Morning

  1. Post-Marathon Gathering Spot – Bette

-try Last Stop (formerly Short Stop)

-1 space we can fill up

-good good, great beer selection

-leadership is good with the spot

  1. XC Series – confirm donations – Bobby

-races we specifically designated for specific charities

-50% of the proceeds for those races

-no online donations

-Henry Asher specifically donated and earmarked $365.00

-towards Children’s border charities

-donation from Flats Mile for resurfacing flats

-donate to Parks

-contact Iris

  1. Buses – SI and Marathon – Bette

-SI Bus

-35 sign ups, room for 44

-open to non-members

– cash for tip for SI Bus


-will be set up after SI Half

-Bobby ordered the placard

  1. Confirm Annual Meeting Location – Mandi

-discussion of where: VC House or Golf House

-discussion of date of meeting; it will remain on December 15

  1. Election Committee – Mandi

-need volunteers at least 1 Board Member who is not running

-Steve Shernicoff volunteered for Election and Nominations

-Nominations Committee also needs 3 volunteers

-to identify who is eligible to run

-Clelia Milan and Rigo Martinez volunteered

-need to come up with an accurate list

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-3rd Quarter Financial Report:


Current $:

As of 10/10/2018:  
CapOne Savings $10,070.62
CapOne Checking $6,130.65
PayPal $2,507.47
Total: $18,708.74
Received in  3rd Quarter:  
Membership $1,329.56
Clothing/ singlets $302.52

Donation sent to Rising NYRR from Flats Mile $250

Summer Series 5k Races & Relay  Net Raised  $7,681.17

Summer Series Party on Thursday 8/16/2018 Net Cost to the Club: $2,935.71

Bronx 10M picnic  Sunday 9/30/2018  Net Cost to the Club: $926.63

-Does not include Henry’s Asher’s donation

-Rigo to reach out to Heidi Pabon about Brooklyn Half check

  1. Clothing – Beni

-Singlets will be arriving between 4 to 6 weeks

-Beni will search for a new vendor

-Carolyn suggested pushing clothing club has in stock now

-will be available at annual meeting

-Susan Adiletta suggested having a giveaway at Awards Dinner

of past giveaways

-Bette suggested a grab bag and giving away a patch as this year’s

new item


-will be ordered shortly after Marathon Bus is set up

-ask those who put in for 3rd order to pay

-last call for jackets

-suggestion of setting up something with Champion Systems

where new members can order jackets on their own

-Bette said Luis Sanchez wants to help but cannot

attend meetings due to work

  1. Athletic – Bette

-names were submitted for Marathon

-Opening Ceremony volunteers

-only 1 name; due by 10-19-18

-we can have 6 members present

-last Fun Run of 2018 will be on October 29, 2018

-Bette asked for a small flag or banner for events such as

NYC Marathon Opening Ceremony

-Susan Adiletta volunteered to figure out

-Peter Ciaccia

-asked clubs to have a representative at Night of Champions

-asked clubs to join him welcoming the last finishers of the

NYC Marathon

  1. Communications – Steve

-found someone to help with website; Scott Cezina

-Mohammed also interested

-good job to Clelia on Aesop’s Bench

  1. Social – Jill

-hike in the works for either November 11 or 18

-3 volunteers needed to run the social committee

-so far Rashida Hilliard, Wendee Corsino, and Adam Schwartz have expressed interest

-need a Race Director for Tough Love Run

  1. Membership

-report at General Membership meeting

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, September 9, 2018, 10:30AM

  1. Membership – Andrea

-349 total members

-172 single

-3 junior

-44 senior/veteran

-110 family

-8 lifetime

-12 kids

-New members

-Diane Calderon

-Shanique Clarke

-Laurence Hasson

-Nancy Cornejo

-Argilio Rodriguez

-Suzanne Schiff

-Chelsea Gordon

  1. Buses – Mandi

-will be a bus for the Marathon

-possibly a bus for the Staten Island Half

  1. Club Spots for Bronx 10 mile and Marathon

-will be announced shortly

-individuals chosen will be notified first

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-PayPal $1,756.63

-Savings $10,047.48

-Checking $7,906.80

-Total $19,721.91

  1. Website – Mandi

-issues with membership renewals

-working on it, possibly looking for new software

-call for members with technical expertise

-possibly new member Mohammed

  1. Committees

-Athletics – Ken

-switching gears after this weekend

-start with preparation for Bronx 10 mile, halfs, and


-build up for longer stuff

-5th Avenue Mile

-VCTC cheering section between 64th and 65th Street

-if not running, please come and cheer

-if running, get sweated up before race

-Clothing – Beni

-Singlets between 3 to 4 weeks

-Jackets before December

-possibly before Marathon

-Communications – Steve

-Clelia doing a good job with Aesop’s Bench


-if want content there, email communications

-Mandi suggested members submit race reports to

communications for blog and Aesop’s

-Social – Jill

-Summer Series Party


-Bronx 10 Mile picnic

-Mini Golf Outing

-may not happen if not people sign up

-Yankee game coming up on 9/16

-Article on Runner’s World website about Bette Clark

  1. Summer Series Wrap Up – Mandi

-$6 to $7k in total revenue

-Donations going to

-Tina’s Wish

-Puerto Rican Family Institute

-AKTIV against Cancer

  1. Additional

-Andrea on Membership

-if a member has an issue with the club, please reach out to

membership or Andrea and she will try to resolve

-Ken suggested bringing back the newsletter possibly quarterly

-Ken suggested Dave King may be interested

-Gary has VCTC newsletters going back to 1983

-Great job by Bobby on Summer Series

Meeting adjourned at 10:54 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting September 6, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Summer Series close out (final budget, donations, etc.) – Bobby

-total online revenue about $4400.00

-rough estimates

-$6 to $7K in total revenues

-1/3 of registrations on race day

-2nd, 5th, and 6th race proceeds 50% being donated

-varied from race to race

-online between 150-350

-not counting full series sign up

-math being completed

-unfortunately treasurer could not attend meeting

-checks for donations to charities will be written within 2 weeks


-no beneficiary

-there was talk about possibly donating proceeds given

situation at US border during that time

-possibly aid displaced children

-possibly a legal defense fund

-Relay raised the most proceeds

-Flats Mile

-Bobby to find out how club can donate

-Susan Adiletta asked about monies that will be available

to pay Summer Series Party after donations made

-will happen

-Mandi suggested additional donation to VCP Conservancy

-race proceeds accounted for

-Summer Series BBQ comes first

-monies raised from Flats Mile will pay for much material for


-Bobby suggested donating to NYRR for purchase of running

shoes for children

  1. Buses – Staten Island? Marathon?

-skipped, we will ask Bette

  1. Spots for Bronx 10 and Marathon – Mandi

-Bronx 10

-4 names submitted already

-Maryann, Dominic, Beni, and Sam

-we can submit 2 names but do it soon

-discussion as to who to chose and Leo Vando and

Leoni Parker chosen

-subject to team captains and coaches

-names due tomorrow

-Marathon Spots (not for local competitive)

-discussion and Steve Discenza, Emily Sclafani, Alexandra

Hernandez-McKean, and Adam Schwartz chosen

-Rick will send an email to Bette

-names due to NYRR by 9/15/18

  1. Treasury – Mandi per Carolyn’s email

-PayPal $1,756.63

-Savings $10,047.48

-Checking $7,906.80

-Total $19,721.91

-accounts for Summer Series Party check that cleared

-Timing Clock

-Bobby ok with holding on to it but a message should be

circulated regarding the who has the clock

-Poles and Stands for finish line

-in Mandi’s car and she will move it to the lock at the Golf


-Jill commented regarding Summer Series cost

-costs are going up for Golf House

-we needed a minimum of 100 ppl

-we just hit 100 at the party

-74 prepaid and 26 paid at the door

-possibly rethink

-try ordering food and party at the T&H statue

-Susan Adiletta suggested incorporating SS party with Bronx 10


-Bobby thinking of redesigning the Flats Mile course starting at

bleachers and end at VC Mansion then post party there

  1. Website – Mandi

-problems with membership renewals

-possibly talk to Ali, Ben

-Ben states he is swamped

-difficult to get work on site done by volunteer

-glitches with membership renewals

-new members not showing up as new members

-how many systems

-membership plug in via Word Press 3rd party app

-Paypal is separate

-Need someone to reach out to Word Press with some level of

knowledge of websites and issues

-Mandi will look into finding someone

-Bobby will possibly reach out to Matt Soja if he may be interested

  1. Committees

-Athletic- Mandi

-5th Avenue Mile and Bronx 10 Mile coming up

-Cheering section for 5th Ave Mile will be posted and

emailed; also to be shared at meetin

-Back at the Track on Tuesday until it snows

-Fun Runs will last until end of October

-Clothing – Beni

-having a hard time with Sugoi

-under new ownership: Sombrio Cartel

-want to sell club singlets from catalog

-contacted Adam for custom order

-many things took time: getting proof, submitting

new art for T&H

-Sugoi doing one thing at a time

-took time to receive color swatch

-Sugoi wants to charge for changing art $75 and $25

for changing proof

-Beni is hesitant with using Sugoi again

-Beni suggested adding a separate clothing page on website

-Communications – Steve

-Clelia doing a good job with Aesop’s

-call for website volunteers at the upcoming club meeting


-skipped for tonight

-Social – Jill

-Golf Outing organized by Dave King

-no responses and outing on 9/22

-20 people are needed by 9/13

-if not then the outing will be moved to another time

-Susan Adiletta doing it earlier next year

-there was a suggestion for weekend before Marathon

-Bronx 10 Mile Party

-after race at Van Cortlandt Mansion grounds

  1. Additional

-Bobby suggested an email go out with a link to the Runners World

article about Bette

-Kate will help with food for Bronx 10 party

-Orchard Beach Run is on

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting July 31, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Committee Update – Social- Susan Adiletta

-End of Summer Series Party

            -on track with last year’s

            -Paypal link is up

            -wristbands are ready

-Post Bronx 10 mile Picnic

            -concern over use of FCP tent

                        -Cristina would happy to share costs of FCP tent

                        -we would have to get the chairs and tables

                        -FCP would like a $250.00 donation for HiketoberFest

                                    -VCTC name in their press release, signage,

                                    and newsletter

                                    -plus 1 complimentary ticket to HiketoberFest

            -Unanimous vote on club donating $250.00 to FCP

                        -form and check prepared

-Possible Golf Outing – Dave

            -If at VCP: $62.00 per person for 9 holes including food

            -Mosholu: $42.00 per person for 9 holes no food

            -Tibbets Brook: miniature golf

                        -under 25 ppl $8.00 per person

                        -over 25 ppl $7.00 per person

                        -no food

                        -if the crowd is large enough, maybe during week

                        -We could bring finger sandwiches

                        -after Labor day, they only open on weekends

            -Target date 9/22, 9/23

                        -Dave will do the legwork

-Possible Poker Run

            -3 mile run of VCP (college, high school course)

            -6 stations you get a card at each

            -at finish, cards stapled together, highest hand wins

            -Race fee of $3.00

-Orchard Beach Run – Rick


            -need volunteers for course and at Orchard

            -call during Club meeting, FB, and Aesop’s

-For after SS party

            -call for someone to come up with a playlist for event

  1. Race Updates – Bobby

-Summer Series

-150 participants

                        -in line with last few years

                        -but a little lower than in years past

-race day registrations are a bit lower

-only feedback is need for more volunteers for more course marshals

-Delay in last race in printing results

                        -printer had issues

                        -new printer was purchased and received by Matt with

                        permission from Bobby

                        -in the future, will seek permission

-Issue of budget

            -will write up one for future

                        -there was a misjudgment of race inventory

-Flats Mile

            -raised $244.00 in donations for NYRR Rising Stars

            -raised $286.00 in donations for materials to resurface Flats

-Money for Post Summer Series party

            -moneys for race donations earmarked

            -Relay funds have not been earmarked for anything

            -this year generated from Club monies

-Gee, Jill, and Monica were made Assistant Race Directors

            -for Summer Series

            -Norris in charge of course marshals

-Handling of Cash at races

            -could be better and can use more documentation

-Summer Series for August 2, 2018 to benefit Tina’s Wish

  1. Treasury Update – Carolyn

-Total of $19,876.74

-CapOne Savings $10,040.83
-CapOne Checking $6,425.46
-PayPal     $3,410.55

-this is after UEC donation to FCP

-Reimbursement by PayPal question

            -contacted PayPal for guidance and yes can be done is one

            uses Friends and Family

            -in the past it has been done via personal

-Club purchases using Tax Exemption Certificate

-would need it to purchase on behalf of club to get tax exemption

-figure out a procedure for purchasing

                                    -Carolyn will work with Steve to go through paper file

  1. Committee Updates

-Membership – Bobby

            -not ready for today but will be ready for Club Meeting

-Athletic – Bobby

            -Team Champs

                        -success; 69 VCTC runners

-some members ran NYRR races week of to be able to participate in Team Champs

            -5th Avenue Mile workouts

                        -continue until week before

            -Percy Sutton 5k

                        -team captains should encourage members to sign up

                        -Points race

-Communications – Steve

            -Clelia doing great job on Aesop’s

            -Steve asked Mandi if she can find someone else to

            lead Website team

                        -those who have knowledge are swamped

                        -Steve will put a call out at Club Meeting

                        -Bobby- need a clear goal for Website

                        -Gee – need features to guide members to website

-End of Hills Pizza Party

            -should we: Yes

            -Tuesday week after Summer Series ends


            -put in next Aesop’s

-Clothing- Beni

            -in contact with right person at Sugoi for singlets

            -awaiting response

            -suggestion of getting purple singlet for women

-Club Fair on 8/3/18

            -Gee will be there for duration

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting,

Van Cortlandt Park Handball Courts, June 2, 2018, 10:30AM

    1. Possible Group Training Opportunity with guys who conduct a boot camp in Van Cortandt Stadium
  1. Queens Bus – Mandi

-bus was ordered

-PayPal button will be up on the website soon

-Please email if interested in Club Spots for Queens 10K

            -deadline to email club is Wednesday

            -notification will go to those chosen Thursday

            -those chose should register for race by Friday

-Issue with members using spots for more than a few races

            -not everyone is doing this

            -but please look at calendar and sign up for point races

            -There will be a cap on Club Race Spots members can use

                        -at 2per calendar year

  1. UEC – Mandi

-successful race

-club will make a donate of $2,250.00 for Friends of VCP

  1. Race Updates – Bobby

-Flats Mile – This Wednesday

            -32 signups for Mile

            -spread the word

            -Adult Heats start at 6:30pm and go every 20 minutes

            -Kids 800m at 5pm for ages walking through 12

                        -at 5pm so parents can come and possible run mile

            -Kate’s B’Day celebration will be after the race at finish line

-Summer Series

            -142 finishers at 1st race

            -thanks to the volunteers

            -Bag Check feedback

                        -looking for a volunteer for bag check on the grass

            -Next race will benefit AKTIV against Cancer

                        -rep will be there

                        -need course marshals

  1. Athletic – Ken

-1st Hill workout had about 25-30 members

-look at old running logs

            -change in focal point for summer

            -improve speed for members

            -Hills will be longer work

-Work on running down hill

-Track workouts

            -more 600, 400, 300, and 400 clusters

            -to encourage more turnover

-That will be the overarching philosophy for the summer

-Dave said if you are a new runner approach the coaches during workout

            -goal is to run and not get hurt

            -if can’t finish a workout, consult the coaches its ok

-Bobby asked about down hill running

            -technique to lean a bit forward

            -practice on a hill but not a steep hill

            -Manlio said goal is not jam quads and hips, move like a mambo

                        -will relieve pressure in the hips and quads

            -Jose discussed water running workouts with Doug Stern

                        -different gaits were used in the water, shorter gaits

            -Dave said key is to overstride

            -Ken said its like a downhill skier, try to lean forward

-Discussion within NYRR about possibility of Team Champs being a 4 miler

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-Total accounts: $19,002.94

            -Savings $10,034.12

            -Checking $7,134.95

            -PayPal $1,833.87

-Brooklyn Bus Cost to Club $140.00

-Bus Cost total $1,134.00 (Bus $1,014.00 + tip $120.00)

-Bus net received $994.00 (68 people at $15=$1,020 less $26 in PayPal fees)

  1. Communications – Mandi

-Thanks to Clelia for her work on Aesops’ Bench

-if you want something in Aesops’ please send and email to communications@vctc.org,

  1. Kids Club – Mandi

-workout today

-Steve and Ali are working on FB

-Kate works on Twitter and Instagram

  1. Membership – Mandi with email from Andrea

-Total Members 340

                        -Single 163

                        -Junior 6

                        -senior/vet 38

                        -Family 115

                        -Lifetime 8

                        -Kids Club 10

            -New members since last meeting

                        -Steven Wislo

                        -Orlando Geigel

                        -Katherine Robb

                        -Jennifer Iffil

                        -Rosy Alas

                        -James Addona

                        -Nick Deuz

-Lifetime membership gets you free entry to all VCTC races

            -costs $500.00

            -Question if there is a Senior Lifetime membership

  1. Social – Susan Adiletta

            -Yankees Tickets for 9-16-18 versus Toronto

                        -$27.00 per ticket

            -Coming up – Dave

                        -Summer Beer Run tentatively for 6-24-18

                                    -to Woodlawn then different bars

                                    -end up at Mosholu BBQ Pit

                                    -costs about $15 or $20

                                    -Beer included but not ribs

            -Kate’s B-Day celebration at conclusion of Flats Mile

            -potential Golf Outing


                        -on a Saturday afternoon

                        -9 holes

                        -FB survey to determine interest

            -Ken’s question about cost of end of SS BBQ

                        -it was about $5000

                        -what if someone can get food from outside

                                    -costs of Golf House covers a lot of the work

                        -Dara can possible get discounts on alcohol

  1. New member present at meeting – Ariel

Meeting adjourned at 11:18 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting May 31, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Refunds for Brooklyn Half Bus

-some members did not ride the bus

-only Susan A. asked for refund

            -right now inclination to refund her the bus

            -Vote unanimous of Board Members present

                        -Bobby, Mandi, Rigo

            -create a new bus policy to give advance notice

-if seats are available for nonmembers, club sends email to membership and then puts a Facebook post in closed FB group

            -Kate offered to place on Social Media Platforms if provided

            the language for such message

  1. Social media/race promotion – Mandi

-Great job on Aesop’s Bench by Clelia

-idea of a schedule for Social Media

            -Kate asked for a text with pictures of events

            -Mandi proposes a schedule

-idea is that social media does not die out once Club race schedule ends

-Kate is open to idea of a schedule

                        -Steve manages FB posts

                        -Bobby recommended Ali join Steve in managing FB

                        -Suggesion of adding all jobs on Website

                                    -update who to contact on Website

                                    -like to Aesop’s so members know who to contact

  1. Queens bus – Bette

-Suggestion of FB survey to find out interest for bus

-Queens Spots by Wednesday, June 6

            -so far 3 names

-Discussion of issue with Club Race Spot policy

            -perhaps 2 spots per year per person

            -not as a routine

            -suggestion for Rigo to review this policy; Action Item

            -separate discussion about NYRR Drug Policy

                        -suggestion discussing it at a future club meeting

                        -testing at races with prize money

  1. Race updates: flats mile, summer series – Bobby

-Summer Series

            -142 finishers at 1st race

            -9 more than last year

            -New Bullhorn for $25.00

            -This week’s will be big one

-Flats Mile

            -Keep promoting it

                        -Kate doing well on promo

            -BronxNet appearance by Bobby

            -23 signups for Mile

            -a few kids signed up for Kids run

            -Race coincides with NYRR water station

            -Kids will receive bibs

-Discussion of 2 potential beneficiaries for SS

            -Tina’s Wish

                        -sponsors research on early stage ovarian cancer

                        -should we consider them for SS donation

                                    -unanimous vote by Board Members present

                                    -Bobby, Mandi, Rigo


                        -education for folks who want to get into media


                        -offers group instruction on media

-Discussion of donation amount tabled

-no charity recipient chosen for 1st SS race

-Flats Mile proceeds for materials to refurbish Flats

-Kids 800 proceeds for youth programs

-Note if donating 50% of SS proceeds, remainder may not cover cost of SS BBQ

-There will be a raffle at Flats Mile including copies of SideTracked

  1. UEC donation – Kate

-Question of cost of last year’s Summer Series BBQ

            -about $5k

-Vote on donating $2250.00 to Friends of VCP along with monies from donation button from Run Sign Up

            -unanimous vote by Board Members Present

            -Bobby, Mandi, Rigo

-Additional discussion of UEC possibly being part of Trail Mix and having a shorter second race as part of UEC.

  1. Treasury update – Carolyn by email

-Total accounts: $19,002.94

            -Savings $10,034.12

            -Checking $7,134.95

            -PayPal $1,833.87

-Brooklyn Bus Cost to Club $140.00

-Bus Cost total $1,134.00 (Bus $1,014.00 + tip $120.00)

-Bus net received $994.00 (68 people at $15=$1,020 less $26 in PayPal fees)

  1. Committee updates:


            -make sure we have Club Spots by Wednesday

            -NYRR Club Council Meeting in 2 weeks







Membership-Andrea by email

            -Total Members 340

                        -Single 163

                        -Junior 6

                        -senior/vet 38

                        -Family 115

                        -Lifetime 8

                        -Kids Club 10

            -New members since last meeting

                        -Steven Wislo

                        -Orlando Geigel

                        -Katherine Robb

                        -Jennifer Iffil

                        -Rosy Alas

                        -James Addona

                        -Nick Deuz

  1. Social – Susan Adiletta

-Need a Website Drop Down for Social Events

            -Action Item

-Need access to Social email VCTC

-Yankees Game tickets for 9/16/18

            -need a PayPal Button

            -get into Aesop’s Bench

-Golf Outing

            -Dave reached out to VCP Golf Course

            -would include 9 holes, burger, and hotdog

            -on a Saturday afternoon

            -at a cost of $62.00 per person

-Beer Run still in the works

-Bronx 10 BBQ is getting organized

Meeting adjourned at 9:47PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club General Membership Meeting, May 12, 2018, 10:30AM

  1. Fernando Ruiz’s passing

-passed last Friday

-Enid Lopez Burns

            -said a few words about him

            -always smiling

-moment of silence was held in his behalf

-Bobby had suggested a donation in Fernando’s name

-it will be announced that the final Summer Series race will be raising funds for Puerto Rican Family Institute in his name

-will become an annual tradition

            -Enid expressed her thanks for the idea

  1. Race Updates – Bobby

-Flats Mile

            -Trying a flyer with a QR code

            -13 registrations for mile; none for Kids race

            -Kids race at 5pm on Global Running Day

                        -free for kids 0-11

            -spread the road

            -6:30PM for the mile; open to feed back

            -hoping for a masters and open heat winner

            -possibility for more categories; goal is 8 heats

            -please share as much as possible

            -Kate will celebrate birthday at Tortoise and Hare statue at end

-Summer Series

            -50 registrations so far

            -call for course marshals; Action item for Aesops’

            -timing – no chips

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-As of 5/10/18

            -total $15,959.43

            -CapOne Savings $10,034.12

            -CapONe Checking $5,269.03

            -PayPal $656.28

  1. Athletic – Rick

-Back to the Hills on Tuesday after Memorial Day, 5/29/18

            -alternate with SS and Track

            -no Hills twice a week

-Bib pick up for BK Half

            -extension; send an email now


            -email blast

            -if opt for that, pick up bib at Thursday tempo

  1. Buses – Rick

-BK Half

            -2 buses leaving at 5AM

                        -5AM because of street closures

                        -we don’t want to take a chance

            -leaving Brooklyn at 12pm and 1pm respectively

            -Club will meet at Steeplechase bar

            -we will try to have the buses adjacent to meeting place

            -can go to the ocean w/Manlio; good for legs

-Queens 10K

            -Spots Policy; please send an email by Wednesday June 6, 2018

  1. Communications – Steve

-Thanks to Clelia for job on Aesop’s

-This week will be stakeholder inteviews for website

            -to understand how members use website

-Start adding member profiles to newsletter

            -reach out to communications@vctc.org

  1. Clothing

-Singlet prices going up to $20.00

            -will be able to order on website soon

            -check with Beni first for size availability

-Andrea will update new member email to reflect change

  1. Social- Jill

-6/23 or 6/24 possibly for Golf outing

-Summer Beer Run

            -dates to be confirmed but 7/15 or 7/22

-SS BBQ set

-9/23/18 Yankees Game

            -40 tickets $27.9-

            -Board vote

                        -unanimous vote by Board to approve ticket purchase

-Post Bronx 10 mile BBQ

            -at Van Cortlandt House

-10/28 Poker Run

            -idea is to run and pick up cards at different stations

-10/7 Orchard Beach Run

-11/11 possible Bear Mountain Hike

            -cap cost for food

-12/9 or 12/16 for Santa Run

-1/26/19 for Awards Dinner at Dunwoodie

-Idea of Runaway from Home Sundays

-CPR classes; would cost $30.00 to be certified

  1. Membership – Andrea

-Total 339

            -Single 157

            -Junior 6

            -Senior/Vet 38

            -Family 120

            -Lifetime 8

            -Kids Club 10

-New Members since last meeting

            -Joshua Kurchin

            -Francisco Lugovina

            -Ruth Mazurek

            -Mark Girvin

            -Muhammed Ahmed

            -Shane Clarke

            -Ciara Cortes-Butler

            -Alexa Valdez

            -Ariel Ramirez

  1. Clothing is available upstairs today

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting May 10, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Communications – Steve


            -very good open rates at about 40%

-Make sure

            -emails about VCTC races go to nonmember list

            -once a week until Summer Series is over

                        -Clelia, Steve, or Mandi

-Website interviews

            -Steve will take over

            -will meet with committees and Board members

                        -what we want from website

                        -Steve will start next week

-Passwords and emails

            -Steve wants to change passwords

            -option for email forwards from @vctc.org email

            -Keep it simple; if its not broken don’t fix it

            -but good for things such as racedirector@vctc.org

-Gee will share results of his school’s study about their website

-According to Susan Moore, other clubs like Dashing Whippets post a lot of stuff on their sites

-have not figured out a way to post race results from Facebook to website

-Bette asked

            -no member list on the website

            -need a place that is protected where you can look up member info

            -member contact info

-Compliments to Clelia on Aesops

            -suggestion of getting a Spanish version of Aesops

-Get work out more frequently

            -share posts

            -engagement is important

  1. Buses – Bette

-Not filled one bus for Brooklyn

            -8 non-members have reached out

            -open up to non-members this weekend

            -may fill 1 ½ bus

            -44 on 1 bus, 55 if two buses

-Brooklyn Bib pickup

            -has to find out rules

-Bette will be there on Wednesday and bring bibs on Thursday

            -Process for Team Bib Pickup due by May 11

                        -email to be sent tonight; responses to vctc online by 2pm

            -Proxy pickup up to 3 people per person

            -Queens buses

                        -in question

                        -Points Race spot: 1 request so far

                        -need email for spot requests

                        -names due by 6/6, 6/7

                        -also call for spots in Aesops

  1. Race Updates – Bobby

-Flats Mile

            -not a lot of registration; it is on Global Running Day website

            -Good press for the club

            -start to push ASAP

            -Ali sent photos

            -Volunteers; need volunteers for Mile

            -Kids race will be untimed

            -Gee will time Mile

            -more for Global Running Day and community

            -can pledge mile

-Summer Series

            -Need formal email call for volunteers

            -shaping up

            -need to push

            -35-40 registrants for series

            -Do we dedicate a race to Fernando Ruiz?

                        -Bobby asked if possible make it annual

                        -possibility of a donation to pair with it

                        -suggestion by Mandi to make it 1st race of year

                        -donation to Puerto Rican Family Institute

                        -if we do, announce it before the race

                        -suggestion of last SS race for Fernando Ruiz

            -viewing for Fernando Ruiz tomorrow, funeral Sat. 10AM

                        -we will have moment of silence at Club meeting for him

            -Will club donate to AKTIV for Cancer

                        -use our prerogative for donations

                        -we should pick a race

                                    -unanimous vote for 2nd race for AKTIV

-Timing of Flats Mile

            -late enough for other Global Running Day events over

            -Kids won’t be too tired

            -6:30PM for mile

-Early Bib pickup for Flats Mile at 1st Summer Series race

            -or at Thursday Tempo

-Advertising for Race

            -there is a website that has all the races

            -running in the usa

            -Bobby will look into that for future

            -we should have a weekly email

-Kate throwing her party party after Flats Mile at Tortoise and Hare statue

  1. UEC Proceeds – Kate

-$3,128.00 earned after expenses

            -$267.00 in donations (on side for park)

-proposal of donating $2,500.00 to park

-Rest $628.00

            -for SS picnic

-UEC next year

            -some runners not fit enough for the race

            -possible shorter race for slower runners

                        -1 loop instead of 2

            -or a hike to accompany UEC

-Vote for $2,500.00 donation to park

            -hold vote for Treasurer to review

-to park conservancy, Friends of VCP

-Dick’s race raised over $30k

  1. Social – Jill

-list of possible events handed out

-it’s a rough draft

-Orchard Beach run may be earlier than Oct. 21

-a budget should be set for Hike and good

-suggestion of continuing Pizza sit out after last Hill workout

-Firm dates for these events:

            -8/16/18 for Summer Series BBQ

            -9/30/18 for Bronx 10 Mile Picnic

            -1/26/19 for Awards Dinner

-Glen is asking for a date for club Pentathlon

            -Action Point; we need to find a date

  1. Membership

-new member Orlando

  1. Athletic

-Hill workouts will start after 1st Summer Series

  1. Clothing – Beni

-wants to change Turtle on singlet

-Steve’s motion on changing price of singlet going up to $20.00 effective in next Aesop’s Bench

            -uanimous: Bobby, Carolyn, Mandi, Rigo, Steve

  1. Treasury – Carolyn

-As of 5/10/18

            -total $15,959.43

            -CapOne Savings $10,034.12

            -CapONe Checking $5,269.03

            -PayPal $656.28

  1. Thanks to Rick for hosting the meeting

Meeting adjourned at 10:07PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club

General Membership Meeting, April 8, 2018, 10:30AM

  1. UEC: Kate- 20 min

-8AM Registration

-Call for Junk Food

-Rick: coffee and donuts

-Brian will be at Mile 3 water table

-How many volunteers

-24 volunteers

-Registration team is set

-Finish Line

-Megaphone at Friends of Van Cortlandt Park

-Be mindful of Ticks, so cover up

-Wear club gear if you will be present

-Donation to Friends of Van Cortlandt Park

-Ken & Dave will be there at 7AM

-Beni will be there

-Jose will be there

-Bobby will be sweeping

-Course Marshal’s will meet at pedestrian bridge at 9AM

-Kids Race

  1. Buses to up coming races: Bette – 5 min

-NYC Half club will consider using school buses next time

-Queens 10K will have a new course, we will let you know

-2 Buses to Brooklyn Half

  1. Summer Series/Flats Mile/Global Running Day: Bobby – 5 min

-Flats Mile on 6/6/18 at 6PM, 5pm Race Day registration

-800m Kids Race and will be first event of Flats Mile

-part of Global Running Day

  1. Update on Kids’ Club: Mandi – 5 min

-40 families

-thanks to Zasha and Steve

  1. Treasury Update: Carolyn – 5 min

-Savings: $10,030.82

-Checking: $5,016.51

-Paypal: $2,754.60

-Total: $17,801.93

-NYC Half bus cost more

-$712.00 net from Tough Love

  1. Committee Updates
    • Athletic: Ken & Bobby – 5 min

-Tuesdays at the Track until the end of may

after 1st Summer series, alternating with hills

-Healthy Kidney 10k is the next points race

-Boston, Long Branch are next races with club presence

-Captains: Overall are Bette and Rick

-NYRR Club Council Meeting

-Brooklyn Half has 4 spots typically but not limited but

it is on a 1st come, 1st serve basis

-spread the word to members

-Bib bundling will be available, by May 11

-4 spots policy

-if club grants you a spot, must be registered by Friday before race

-NYC Marathon Tune Up Runs will be 12, 15, 18 miles

-will be scored

-count towards 9 + 1


-Washington Heights 5k: course was crowded

-NYC Half: start and crowding, finish was long

-NYRR looking into it

-Queens 10k will have a new course

-rest of NYRR races are open for registration in May

-Volunteer Registration for NYRR

-group of 20 people from a club or you can bring 20 people

-Club Night Feed back

-too crowded

-no space to dance

-NYRR trying to re-organize

-Age Captains meeting on 4/21

-RMHA now Mosiac 5K on 4/22/18

  • By-Laws: Bobby – 5 min
  • Clothing: Bette/Beni – 5 min

-Buy Socks

-Jacket Order issue

-need a 1st order jacket for one month to match color


-Beni has some

-No Kids sizes

-UEC patch available for purchase

  • Communications & Website: Steve – 5 min

-thanks to Board and Clelia for Aesops’ April Fools Edition

-Website: will be contacting stakeholders

  • Membership: Mandi for Andrea – 5 min

-Membership totals

-Single 177
-Junior 6
-senior/vet 40
-Family 125
-Lifetime 8
-Kids Club 7
-Total 363

-New members: (joined since last meeting)
-Hayley McDaid Kids Club
-Adam Schwartz Single
-Philip Murray Senior/Vet
-Paolo Paparello Single
-Saudy Tejada Single
-Sheila Marshall Single
-Mohammed Oudghiri Single
-Melissa Sullivan Single
-Jennifer Villa Single
-Paschal Amadife Single
-Oona Bustard Family
-Darren Rosa Single
-Jorge Pina Family

  • Social: Jill – 5 min

Meeting adjourned at 11:14 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting April 5, 2018, 8:30PM

  1. UEC Update: Kate – 16 min

-Question if anyone had a roll of raffle tickets (action item)

-will be using 2 different types of bibs

-last years

-type used at Summer Series

-as long as the numbers are different

-Jill will create banner for sponsors

-Award for Adrian Hunte, Garden Gourmet, Yo Burger

-Tortoise and Hare

-$15.00 to mount

-Ask Dave to look for the megaphone (action item)

-Friends of Van Cortlandt Park

-Christine Taylor may not be there Saturday

-Kate will be going on Saturday to pick up items for race and timing equipment

-Mandi offered to help stage race at Rick’s

-Bette- keep everything in the locker

-Asking for an official photographer (action item)

-Ali or Rick

-Coordinate with Gary for coffee

-20 volunteers signed up

-Need $100.00 cash for race day (action item)

-Call for junk food donations from members (action item)

-Need starting gun or horn

-Volunteers must be at VCP at 8AM

-Ask Ken to bring the old banner (action item)

-A table will be needed at 3 mile mark

-Beni will get key from John on Friday and make a copy and to   have access to storage

-Ken and Dave are leading the volunteers

-Course volunteers to be at VCP at 7AM to help mark the course

-Race Day Registration

-50 day sign up for adults

-special for children

-Gee, Mandi, Bette will help with printing of forms

-Bobby will sweep

-Those presented agreed that top overall finishers would get awards, Kids race after top awards, then the raffle, finally age group awards

  1. Summer Series/Flats Mile/Global Running Day: Bobby – 5 min

-NYRR Kids Race – Global Running Day

-try to get a lot of kids

-Put on RRCA website

-all events

  1. Update on Kids’ Club: Mandi – 5 min

-40 Families on email list

-Saturdays at 4pm possibly alternating with 2pm

-Kickoff at UEC

-start of Kids’ club will depend on the weather

-4 Adult volunteers: Steve, Zasha, and two parents

  1. General Meeting Location for April: Rick- 5 min

-Rick suggests Café Buon Gusto

-he spoke to them and they agreed to open at 10:30am

-There are two options for breakfast

-Prix Fixe – must guarantee $250.00

-Brunch Menu

-Everyone can pay individually

-Leadership agreed that Brunch menu was better option

  1. Brooklyn Bus: Bette – 2 min

-2 school buses

-Queens 10k will not be at Flushing Meadows Park

-use a bus?

-NYRR will post the new course

-Feedback from NYC Half Bus

-members did not like long wait

-use school buses instead

  1. Treasury Update: Carolyn – 5 min

-Savings: $10,030.82

-Checking: $5,016.51

-Paypal: $2,754.60

-Total: $17,801.93

  1. Committee Updates
    1. Athletic (age group captain finalization): Bobby – 5 min

-Club spots for Brooklyn Half

-on a rolling basis

-potentially can get more than 4

-email to be sent out

-inclusion for requests in next Aesops’

-Spots for Healthy Kidney 10K

-names must be in by 4/18/18

-Susan A. removed name from requests for this race

-NYRR Club Council Meeting

-Sal suggested a meeting for age group captains

-Who are the age group captains

-Susan M will be 40s Women and Open Captain

-Carolyn will be 40s Women co-captain

-Gil and Matt will be Open Men’s captain

-NYRR Long Training Runs

-will count for 9 + 1

-12, 15, and 18 miles respectively

-NYRR working on issue with phone app

-Issues with NYC Marathon

-with non-local teams winning age group

-maybe require teams have 1 NYRR race

-distinction between pros and amateurs

-Carolyn received Ken’s bio for website and is looking for info on Glen

-concerns sent to team meeting and heads of Club councils

  1. By-Laws: Bobby – 5 min

-wait until after Boston Marathon to meet

-Committee of six with legal backgrounds and knowledge of club

-last Article of the Bylaws says for it to be altered 4 members of Board to vote on it

-a lot of power for a Board

-committee will make suggestions

-suggestion of members voting on changes

at Annual Meeting

  1. Clothing: Bette

-Maryann Left Nike order with Bette

-Jacket snafu

-color issue

-call for volunteer member to loan 1st order jacket

to be sent to company to match color for 3rd order

-Beni- singlets have not been ordered

-suggestion of having members order singlets via Paypal

-Maryann dropped off clothes at lock

-need for another locker as other is full

  1. Communications and Website: Steve – 5 min

-Ali will start reaching out to stakeholders

-Team effort on Aesops’

-props to Clelia on April Fool’s edition

-Gee: update to “What you get” page

-last page on website

-please look at it and give feedback to Gee

-suggestion of pulling Facebook pictures for website

-Update Award Notices

-Steve reached out to Ken

-question about placing race results on Website

-post member race results on monthly basis

-committee wants to build a database

  1. Membership – 5 min
  2. Social: Susan A. – 5 min

-can social events be posted on website

-send to communications@vctc.org

-Poker Run being organized

-CPR class being planned

-suggestion of Wilderness 1st Aid

-volunteers for a VCTC aid station at North Face Challenge

Motion to Adjourn by Jill at 9:56PM, Seconded by Steve

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

VCTC General Membership Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 10, 2018, 10:30AM, Bronx Ale House, 216, W 238 St., Bronx, NY, 10463

1. By-Laws: Bobby
2. Kids’ Club update – Mandi
-we have volunteers and reaching out to families with interest
-We are part of RRCA and they have a 10 week Kids program
-ages 5-13

3. Race updates
-UEC – Kate
-on 4/8/18 and need volunteers and runners
-Sam Martinez, Jennifer, and Susan A. volunteered
-We have Sponsors ie. Hunte Law Group, Ana Guerrero
-Mosaic 5K – Mandi
-2 loops of the flats on 4/22/18
-need volunteers
-Summer Series – Bobby
-first race on 5/24/18
-5 signups so far
-need volunteers
-Flats Mile – Bobby
-Kids 800m will be part of Global Running Day with NYRR
-open for donations to benefit NYRR youth programs
-Flats Mile will be a paid event with proceeds to re-surface Flats

4. Bus Updates (NYC Half and Brooklyn) – Bette
-Sign up for NYC Half bus as Sunday it will open up to all

5. Treasury Update – Carolyn
-Paypal $2022.43, Checking $3326.07, Savings $10,027.49
-total: $15,375.99

6. Volunteer clean up for the Park – Bette
-on 3/24/18 10:30AM
-meet at the Golf Course parking lot to help clean up trail

7. Committee Updates
-Clothing – Beni
-Jackets can still be ordered
-will be last order for 40th Anniversary Jacket
– Communications/Website – Steve
-Website is in a test
-reaching out to Stakeholders (those with stake in club)
-Membership – Andrea
-361 total membership
-175 Single, 6 junior, 39 senior/vet, 127 family, 8 lifetime, 6 Kids Club
-5 new members since last meeting
-Athletic – Ken
-back at the track starting this Tuesday
-Great job at Coogans/Wash Heights 5K
-Next points race is Healthy Kidney 10K
-Lots of races coming up so Spring Training will include longer training on the track
-We have a permit for the inside 3 lanes of VCTC track
-Fun Runs will start this Monday night- Rick
-slower pace social run
-Thursday Night Tempo Run – Rick will be leading starting this Thursday on the Flats
-carrot cake muffin award to the most consistent runner
– Team Captains
– Bobby will be stepping down
– Susan Moore is new Women 40s Captain
-Announcements coming soon
-Laura will be stepping down
-Thanks Bobby and Laura
-Social – Susan and Jill
-things are in the works
-ideas are welcome
-CPR Training, Poker Run, and Summer ‘Santa’ Run

Meeting adjourned at 11:08 AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary,
Rigoberto Martinez

VCTC Leadership Meeting

March 8, 2018, 8:30PM

1. By Laws – Bobby
-Committee is: Bobby, Rigo, Bette, Adrian, Diana, & Reggie
2. Kids’ Club update – Mandi
-Still organizing
-We have volunteers
-use UEC as a kickoff
3. Race updates

-RMHA 5K – Mandi
-now known as Mosaic and is on our website
-on 4/22/18
-UEC – Kate
-68 enrollees
-Asking to update the JPEG to use on social media
-Ana Guerrero is a new sponsor
-Question about whether there are levels of sponsorships
-Ambulance; Kate will let local companies know race is on
-Use of latitude and longitudes; can be taught to course marshal’s on the spot
-Need a table for water
-Summer Series – Bobby
-registration is now open
-Flats Mile – Bobby
-6/6/18 and will be going on with Global Running Day
-NYRR will have kids Rising Star 800m; free
-Flats Mile will be a paid event with proceeds to go re-surfacing the Flats
4. Treasury Update – Carolyn
-Paypal $2022.43, Checking $3326.07, Savings $10,027.49
-total: $15,375.99
5. Bus Updates (NYC Half and Brooklyn) – Mandi
-on 30 people so far
-need 51 to break even
-voted to keep coach bus
-will open up on Sunday to friends and family
6. Committee Updates – Including confirming who’s officially leading and on each committee
-Clothing – Beni
-Jackets: not happy with color on second order
-contact not being responsive
-Singlets: Need More;
-Vote on Singlets was unanimous for ordering 12 singlets per size per gender
-Suggestion for 2 singlets per family for new members
-Communications/Website – Steve
-Aesop’s: Good job to Clelia on the newsletter
-Website: Stakeholder interviews on what they want from website
-Stakeholder: anyone with interest in club (ie. Leadership)
-if you know anyone who should be interviewed contact committee
-Blogs on site? Under explorer
-suggestion on placing past award winners list and pictures
-on site
-on site, update Club Spots language so everyone is
encouraged to apply
-Carolyn and Susan M. are official greeters at workouts
-Committee is Andrea, Hiroshi, Carolyn, and Susan M.
-Athletic – Bobby
-Glen will be holding intra-club Penthalon
-94 registered at Wash Heights 5K
-please reiterate that members publicly represent club at races in all communications whether running all out, walking, cheering
-Bobby stepping down as Men’s team captain and nominating Rick for team captain
-Rick wanted time to think about it
-Laura is stepping down as Women’s Team Captain
-Carolyn nominated Susan Moore as Women’s 40s Captain
-seconded by Bobby
-Susan accepted
-vote was unanimous
-Men’s 40s: find out if Ninji is still interested
-Men’s 50s: Sean Moore wants to remain
-Sal: still Men’s 60s+ captain
-Matt Soja will remain as Men’s Open captain
Meeting adjourned at 9:49PM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary,
Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Members’ Meeting

Bronx Ale House, February 17, 2018, 10:30AM,

  1. Election Recap

-4 candidates and 2 spot,

-after election, meeting do decide roles and members stepped down

-Andrea and Kate

-spots were offered to the other candidates

-Point of order where request made for documents

-documents to be ready by next Saturday

  1. Call for volunteers:
  • Age group captains (Bobby)

-will remain as team captain until Washington Heights 5K

-call for volunteers for available captain positions who will keep up the team spirit alive

-Board will appoint accordingly

-Sean Moore wants to remain as Men’s 50s captain

-Sal Carretta wants to remain as Men’s 60s captain

-Bette Clark as Women’s 60s captain

-Susan Epstein volunteered to be Women’s 70s captain

  • Committees:
    • Social (Jill and Susan Adiletta)

-possible Poker Run where winners will be decided by best hand; possibly in April

-if interested in volunteering email social@vctc.org

  • Bylaws (Bobby)

-needs volunteers to help revise Bylaws

-email Bobby directly at bobby.vctc@gmail.com

-call for volunteers in Aesop’s

  • Membership? (if Andrea needs more help in addition to Hiroshi)

-need volunteers welcoming new members at workouts

-Carolyn and Susan Moore volunteered

  • Kids’ Club (Mandi)

-need of couple of parent volunteers

-need 1 or 2 more persons for practices

-Steve S. volunteered

  1. Buses for NYC Half and Brooklyn Half (Bette)

-$15.00 Coach bus 1 way to race

-sign up is now open

-sign up will be up shortly and there will be 2 school buses

  1. Race Updates:
  • Tough Love recap (Carolyn)

-finally happened

-thanks to all of the volunteers and helpers


  • UEC (Kate)

-on 4/8/18

-flyers are available for posting

-volunteers needed for course marshalling

  • RMHA (Mandi)

-register through their site or our site

-will be 2 loops of the Flats

– on 4/22/18

  • Summer Series (Bobby)

-21st year but could be called 20th anniversary

-Ali Brohi is helping out

-1st race will be on 5/24/18

-2X2 relay will be on 7/5/18

  • Flats Mile (Bobby)

-6/6/18 on Global Running Day

-5 pm start

-free Kids 800m race

-Mile heats to begin at 6:30PM

  1. Treasury Update (Carolyn)

-$9026 in Savings

-$4456 in Checking

-$1363 in PayPal

-Total of 14485

  1. Committee Reports:
  • Athletic (Bobby)

-Tuesday night workouts will be at the Fieldston Hills until after NYC Half possibly into April after Boston Marathon

-Washington Heights 5K is closed out

-Spots available, email info@vctc.org by 2/20/18

-Board will then decide who will get the spots

  • Bylaws (Bobby)

-goal of revisions by June

  • Clothing (Beni)

-2nd Jacket order color was incorrect

-want the 3rd Jacket order color to match

-but have to show the company the difference

-Need a volunteer to loan jacket so it can be sent

-Susan A volunteered her jacket

-this will be the last order for the 40th Anniversary Jacket

-no L, XL singlets available at the moment

  • Communications (Steve)

-the meeting dates are on the website for the rest of the year

-if issues with logging into site, email info@vctc.org

-Clelia has taken over Aesop’s Bench

-working on improving website experience

-if thoughts or interested in helping, email communications@vct.org

  • Membership (Andrea)

-374 members

-178 single

-6 junior

-78 seniors

-137 family

-8 lifetime

-6 kids

-4 new members since last membership meeting

  • Social (Jill)
  1. Possible new breakfast location (Rick)

-up Manhattan College Parkway

-near Pastry shop

-in talks with them

Meeting adjourned at 11:34AM

Minutes as taken by Van Cortlandt Track Club Secretary, Rigoberto Martinez

Van Cortlandt Track Club Leadership Meeting February 13 2018, 8:30PM

  1. Goals for the year: by-laws, kids’ club, maintaining the VCTC “family” feeling, building on Rick’s and Bette’s leadership and growing the team

-First meeting of new board this year

-Discussion of how we ended up with Steve and Rigo on the Board

-further discussion of what happened and of first board meeting


-leadership to address at General Membership Meeting

  1. Kids’ Club update (parent volunteers) – Mandi

-Parents have expressed interest

-we need more volunteers and parents to step up

-maybe a rotation of volunteers

-ask for volunteers in Aesop’s

  1. Ideas for maintaining the VCTC Family

-no discussion at present

  1. Race update

-Tough Love recap-Carolyn

-Success with race taking place

-Put Cemetery Hill in adjusted course

-34 Teams pre-registered

-3 no shows

-4 registered on race day

-35 teams competed



-Bette for gift card for winners for Bronx Ale House

-Gee for helping move race stuff from car

-Matt for timing



-less $95.00 cost, less $25.00 for permit

-about $662.00 net

-Hats were fro a long time ago

-luckily they were not dated

-Thanks to Ali for promotional

-Idea for Skechers Gift Card that was provided by Kevin next time for first VCTC finishers


-Summer Series-Bobby

-registration is open

-Flats Mile

-registration is open


-22 registrations so far

-walking course tomorrow (2-14-18)

-would like Tortoise & Hare trophies

-would like to purchase medals for the kids

-Out reach to Teachers

-because race is week after Easter

-ask Teachers

-Friends of Van Cortlandt allowing Kate to store UEC race stuff

-planning to go to Kennedy to reconnect

  1. Treasury Update

-Savings has $9026.11

-Checking has $4456.00

-Paypal has $1363.00

-Total: $1485 approximately

  1. Committee Updates – Including confirming who’s officially leading and on each committee


-issue with Champion jackets

-color wrong on second order of 40th anniversary

-asking to make sure they match color correctly, so asking for

a volunteer who purchased $58.00 to loan jackets so it can be

shown by comparison to match color

-12 orders already in for 3rd jacket order

-Steve suggested posting a final date to order

-Beni is putting together a Sugoi order

-asking if we want inventory

-Steve suggested should maintain the Nike option as Sugoi will be the go to for singlets

-Mandi asked if club should revisit requiring first year members to purchase singlet as part of first year dues

-Carolyn said no

-Bette said it was tried before for a couple of years

-Communications/Website – Steve

-Clelia has taken over Aesop’s Bench

-Ali, Ben, Brian joined Communications Committee

-working on Website improvements especially membership

-call for any suggestions

-Bette asked about emailing other members through site

-Mandi said site has a group feature that could be turned on

-Bette had question regarding email providing text for NYC Half bus details

-Steve will create Paypal button and webpage

-for that stuff email Treasury inbox and Board

-Membership – Andrea

– Hiroshi is assisting with Excel

-Athletic – no update at present

– Question regarding open and age group captains

-raise it a meeting

– interested can email info@vctc.org

-Social- Jill

– Awards dinner booked for last weekend of January 2019

– will book same DJ from 2018

– same menu

– CPR classes after dinner

– Susan Adiletta working idea of a Poker Run

– Kate working on idea of Nature Walk

-By-laws – Bobby

– no update at present

  1. Additional Note

-Steve volunteered to pick up Club mail

– Rick to find out about a possible new breakfast place post Group Run near Manhattan College Parkway

Meeting ended at 9:57 PM

Minutes taken by Rigoberto Martinez, Secretary, Van Cortlandt Track Club

VCTC General Membership Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 27, 2018, 10:30AM, Bronx Ale House, 216, W 238 St., Bronx, NY, 10463

1. Meeting Called to Order at 10:30AM
2. Introduction of new board
Results of Election Announced
-President: Mandi Susman
-Vice President: Bobby Asher
-Treasurer: Carolyn Hehir
-Vice Treasurer: Steve Shernicoff
-Secretary: Rigo Martinez
Explanation of results
-Andrea Rafael stepped down from the board
-Kate Donovan won a Board position but declined to take it
-Steve Shernicoff and Rigo Martinez the other candidates, were offered the open spots and accepted

3. Overview of main goals for the year (with more to come):
-Continue to make every runner feel at home
-only one Board meeting since election but this is a goal
-Kids club
-re-energize the kids club
-least fun thing to do but we are hoping to get this done within the first 6 months
-Bobby will be leading that effort

3. Mandi read a statement from former president, Rick Bloomer

4. Club Night on February 1, 2018

5. Bette Clark introduced Guest speaker, Iris Rodriguez from Parks Department
-mentioned Margot from VCP and John Paul as persons who are in charge of VCP trails
-requested we communicate with those persons regarding the park trails
– Question from John Rau regarding flats maintenance
-Iris stated the solicit donations from running groups to aid in flats manintenance
-Question from Beni Veraz regarding paving of Putnam Trail, moved to post meeting
-Question from Dave King regarding refurbishing to VCP Track
-Iris stated department is looking for funding

6. Upcoming races:
-Tough love, Carolyn Hehir, Race Director
-need more course marshalls, total of 4 or 5
-sign up for the race
-Race is February 10, 2018 at 10AM
-hats with registration fee
-there will be 9AM race day registration
-UEC. Kate Donovan Race Director
-had flyers for posting available so members can post in their neighborhood
-needs volunteers for race day and runners to sign up
-Reminder from Adrian Hunte that Taconic Freezer 5K is Sunday, January 28, 18
-Summer Series, Bobby Asher, Race Director
-registration opens up February 1, 2018
-needs volunteers
-first race is May 25, 2018
-50% of race proceeds are donated for charity
-if you have a charity to suggest, please let Bobby know
-Flats Mile, Bobby Asher, Race Director
-possible idea of donating proceeds for maintenance of Flats
-registration opens on February 1, 2018
-on June 6, 2018, Global Running Day

7. Discussion by Bobby regarding Team Captain
-Bobby will be handing over position to Team Captain to someone else
-February announcement
-Don’t forget to sign up for NYRR Washington Heights 5K, First NYRR Club Points Race
-March 4, 2018

8. There will be bus for the NYRR NYC Half
-$15.00 one way

9. Committee updates
-By Laws, Bobby Asher
-looking for any volunteers

-Membership, Andrea Rafael
-385 members total
-185 single
-6 junior
-47 senior
-132 family
-kids and 8 Lifetime members
-14 new members in December and January

-Treasury, Andrea Rafael
-$23,000.00 all accounts
-not accounting for $8200.00 for Awards Night
-Where it came from
-Membership at $8000
-Races – $15,800
-Summer Series, $8000
-UEC, $5400
-Flats Mile, $600
-PR Run, $1900 (which was donated along with additional $100 to Puerto Rican Family Institute)
-$6000 donations
-$2000 PR run
-Friends of VCP $1500
-Special Olympics, $1000
-VC House
-Akitiv for Cancer
-Races and giveaways
-$1100 awards
-Race Buses

-Athletic, Ken Rolston
-will be on the Hills in Fieldston up to the Washington Heights 5K, so early March will be back on the Track
– One more NYRR Races at the Armory on 3-1-18
– Mile race
-10 x 200 and 5 people
-Points Races
-same schedule as last year
– Shout out to Matt Soja for keeping the club posted as to the races
– Brooklyn Half registration – Bobby
– please be logged in and have credit card ready at 11:59AM on January 31, 2018
-registration opens up at Noon
-may close out in 15 minutes

-Social, Jill Staats
-Thanks to social committee for a great Awards Dinner
– Don’t forget NYRR Club Night is February 1, 2018
-asked if members interested in CPR training
-no word about after party for Coogans
-After Party for Tough Love at BAH

-Clothing, Bette Clark
-last chance to order 40th Anniversary logo Jackets
– there will be a third order
-members with jackets present at meeting if you want to see them and try them on

-Communications, Steve Shernicoff
-Aesop’s will continue to be emailed out
-Website, looking for volunteers
-Suggestion from Wendy Corsino regarding sending out a version of Aesop’s in Spanish
-Andrea will reach out to Luis Roa
-Andrea suggested reaching out Melissa Gonzalez

Meeting adourned at 11:16AM

Minutes as taken by Rigoberto Martinez, Secretary for Van Cortlandt Park Track Club, on January 27, 2018

VCTC Leadership Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2018

Team meeting Saturday January 26 will be held at the Bronx Alehouse. 10:30 a.m. start. $10pp for breakfast.

NYRR Club Night. February 1, 2018. 39 VCTC members have registered so far.

Friends of Van Cortlandt volunteer day will be held in March. Date TBD.

VCTC will provide a bus to the NYC Half in March. Details to follow.

Restructuring of VCTC Team Captains to be discussed.

Election update: Vote closed Wednesday, January 23, 2018.

Tough Love Relay: February 10, 2018. Weather permitting. Giveaway hats are in.

UEC registration is now open. Race is April 8, 2018. All sponsors from last year are “on board.” 20-30 have signed up so far.

NYRR proposing “virtual races”.

VCTC Summer Series registration opens Feb 1. First race is May 24.

VCTC Flats Mile registration opens Feb 1. Race is June 6. (Wednesday)

VCTC Awards Dinner recap. Discuss reaction, any proposed changes, etc.

VCTC Initial Board Meeting for 2018 Board of Directors

Date: Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Location: Santa Fe Restaurant, The Bronx

Mandi Susman
Andrea Rafael
Carolyn Hehir
Bobby Asher
Kate Donovan

The meeting opened at approximately 9:00 with customary greetings and congratulations.

After some discussion as to how to proceed, Bobby suggested going around the table so each member could have the opportunity to state what he or she would like to see for the year ahead for the club.

Andrea said she wanted to reach out to new members and to continue to make the club better. She noted that she is happy with current size of the club.

Bobby said that he wanted to see the by-laws changed and he would like to head up the committee to oversee these changes. Potential members of the by-law committee were discussed, including Adrian and Reggie.

Kate said that she would like the club connect more to high school students in local neighborhoods, to introduce them to running, healthy life styles and their beautiful park. Kate also said that she would like to see the web site, especially the home page, revised. Mandi noted that she did not feel the home page needed any work. After a general discussion, it was agreed that many pages needed to be populated with content.

Carolyn (TK)

Mandi. (TK)

Mandi proposed the second order of business on appointments to posts. Mandi explained that customarily incumbent board members have first choice on board positions.

Carolyn proposed that Mandi take the position of president since she has been acting as president in some key decisions over the past year. All present agreed to elect Mandi to the position of president of the board. No formal vote was taken.

Mandi accepted the position and the broached the question of co-presidency. Mandi stated that she and Bobby had been discussing the possibility of sharing the presidency.

Bobby noted that the two could fill different roles and take different responsibilities. Mandi could take on the administrative role, and Bobby a more public outfacing role.

Kate questioned whether the other members of the leadership committee were aware of this proposal.
Bobby affirmed that the topic had come up in a board meeting and had received negative feedback.

After some discussion, during which Mandi and Bobby agreed that a co-presidency would require a change in the by-laws, Carolyn proposed that the topic be shelved until a later date and discussions be held with a broader audience.

Further discussion on the roles:
Bobby said that he felt he would most able to perform the role of VP, since he had already been Secretary and although he had not enjoyed those duties although he carried them out. Bobby noted that Kate was taking notes, and he expressed satisfaction with the arrangement. He also said that he did not feel comfortable with the role of Treasurer.
All present agreed Bobby would be Vice President. No formal vote was taken.

Kate then agreed to be the Secretary. All agreed, no formal vote was taken.

Kate, in her role as Secretary, asserted that Andrea would logically continue as Treasurer. Carolyn stated that she wanted to take over the role, in order to see more detailed reports.

Mandi proposed that Andrea and Carolyn act as co-treasurers. Other members of the board did not recognize this proposal.

Mandi, Bobby, and Kate agreed to Carolyn’s appointment. No formal vote was taken.

The meeting concluded at approximately 10:30 p.m.