2021 Summer Series — Race #4 (Relay) – 7/1/2021

Overall Results

1 Jordan Bresinger and Tim CraigThe Runny LeggsM3046225:58
2Eileen Hickey and Adil FilaliThe GrindersC3045428:35
3Hannah Spratt and Damien KellyLast MinuteC3046728:43
4Caroline Cobb and Susan MooreTwo TeachersF4045928:45
5Joe Tucker and Dan DohertySkyhawksM4045130:18
6Bruce Buff and Sean DunneBull DogsM4046630:38
7Jimmy Atkins and Wynn DeJuanBorn in HarlemM5046531:48
8Allan and Isaac LudgateButch and SundanceM3045531:58
9Carolyn Heir and Kate LyonsK.C., the Sunshine RunnersF4045631:59
10Devon Levy and Becky DosterTeam Pizza RatF3045833:40
11Efraim Herstic and Bernard MackM&MM4046134:13
12Ron and Iris Yan2020 Couch ClubC3044834:36
13Rick Bloomer and JP BonfilsRick and MortyM5044934:58
14Shai Bocarsly and Joseph YudelsonKirby/JonasM2046435:17
15Ron Marte and Juana AbreuAre We There YetC3046835:46
16Hana and Hanady SayedH2GoF3045335:56
17Bette Clark and Kate DonovanSparkle in the ParcF6045239:43
18Jill Staats and Jen Mone2Tortoise, No HareF6045040:07