Van Cortlandt Track Club Meeting Minutes 2022

General Meetings

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

Happy New Year!

Meeting begins at 11:07am

Rick begins the first General Meeting.  Let’s get started with Elections and Bylaws.

Election process {Mandi} – We will have a pro forma {carried out as a formality} election to welcome John Lanning and Dave King, our two nominees for the two open positions that Bette and Jill will be vacating.  We didn’t get the bylaws voted on last year as per the change made at the end of 2020, in which the members were to vote on the rest of the changes to the bylaws.  We’ll need to vote on the bylaws [Go to Members section to read in detail] to negate the need for a formal election if there are two open positions with two candidates or three open positions and three candidates. Since we did not vote at the end of 2020, we will have a regular election and vote on the bylaws at the end of 2022.  Per the bylaws, the election will be open for two weeks, and the Board will change over in February 2022. The election will be posted on RunSignUp and people will be able to vote then.
Bylaws changes- According to the current bylaws, the elections will have to be open for two weeks.

Waivers – Ideally we would want participants to sign the waiver that is included in the weekly Aesop’s Bench before each practice that they attend to ensure for better contact tracing if the need arises.  At the very least, participants should sign up at least once in the week that they participate in the group practices/runs. When signing the waiver, it is important for participants to please include their name, email address, and phone number.

UEC/call for volunteers – Rhashida is working on a form to call on volunteers for various committees in general, but the Urban Environmental Challenge [UEC] will be included in that call. Stephany has a list of the previous volunteers that Kate D. will send. Stephany and James M. think it would be best to keep the positions vague for now and assign people on the day of the event because it is not always certain how many people will be needed for particular duties.  

Race Timing Committee [11:26am] – We are going to try to form a race timing committee. We will either use our own system similar to what we had already been using in the past, purchase a more sophisticated system, or hire a timing system.  Rick is anticipating the need for approximately 3-5 people for this committee. We understand that the UEC is the most immediate event, coming up in April, so what we do for the UEC might be different from what we will need for the Summer Series. With respect to the UEC, Stephany will be sending out a note to the Board to get some information related to pricing and the actual course distances before it goes on RunSignUp.  The information about the race cannot go up until these simple yet important details are determined. Stephany will be writing a blurb about the UEC using information that has been used in the past. James would like to put up information related to the Summer Series on RunSignUp as well.

NYRR updates – Today was the first race of the season, and now NYRR requires that everyone be vaccinated before running.  When you go to pick up your bib, you must show proof of vaccination along with a photo ID. There were no age group awards last year, but they did include them as of today.  It looks like things are going back to normal. With respect to VCTC, we have not required that people be vaccinated, but we are asking that people sign waivers before practices and most definitely before major events like the UEC and the Summer Series

Question from James: Who is responsible for updating our website? According to Bette, Steve was usually in charge of that, and Bette helped with the calendar.  Mandi: There’s a page on, and the page can get updated with the dates for upcoming events.
Committee reports – The Membership report is at the end of the minutes. John will be going through each member to make sure that everyone receives notification to claim their RunSignUp membership. On February 1st the membership fees are going to go up by $5 per membership aside from the Lifetime membership.  Thus, the single will go up to $30/year, family will go up to $40/year, and the Kids’ Club will be $15/year.

The Treasury report is below.  We have been doing okay financially since people are signing up on RunSignUp, and the club isn’t absorbing the fee.  We will most likely invest in a VCTC Zoom account for approximately $150/year. Also the PO Box will be another $162/year.  Otherwise, we have not incurred any fees since we have not had our usual celebrations in the same way as we have had in the past.

Clothing– There is nothing to report about clothing. There are new members, but they have not contacted Beni just yet.  He is just awaiting requests for clothing from new members.  Rick does occasionally hear from people regarding singlets.  Perhaps people aren’t contacting Beni because they might be going to the website that Susan M. has set up

Communications: Bette has agreed to volunteer with Steve, but he said to hold off for now. 

There are no more agenda items. 

Welcome to our NEW MEMBERS as of January 8th

  • Vanessa Diez (Single)
  • Deena Novick (Single)
  • Dennis Yi Tenen (Family)
  • Yoora Yi Tenen (Family)
  • Daniel Hnatt (Single)
senior/veteran couple24
Kids Club16

Treasury Report

Meeting’s adjourned at 11:53am

VCTC Leadership Board Minutes

  • Thursday, January 6, 2022

Meeting begins at 8:20pm


Tonight’s agenda will begin with Election progress with Mandi and Rigo

Election progress [Mandi]- I wanted Rigo to be a part of this because he raised his hand to be on the Election Committee, but he was also one of the main drivers for the changes to the bylaws. In the past it was that four Board members had to vote to make a particular amendment. The 2020 Board voted to change the previous bylaws.The way the bylaws are listed on the website, it mentions the proposed changes for 2020 and the rest of the bylaws. You can read the rest at Rigo’s version- If we cannot document that we want members to vote on the bylaws, we can vote on this with the new Board. In the meantime, we need to have an election.  We will set up a poll, and it will be open for two slots, and the vote will be open for two weeks. It will most likely go out before* Saturday’s meeting. *After at this time.

UEC and timing it [8:35pm]- Rick will relay Stephany’s message.  The trail seems to be in good shape at press time. It will need trash pick up near McLin. We will need to get the UEC up on RunSignUp. Jill can put in for a permit but will we need [more] bibs and a timing system. It seems RoadID doesn’t do freebies anymore. Who will help get the RunSignUp registration going? Bette was the main person, but she can help Stephany if necessary.  Regarding a timing system, Rick has something that will be similar to what was used previously. The worst case scenario, Rick will use the system he has used in the past before. In the near future, we will need to gather a committee to decide on the best timing system for our needs moving forward. We will send out a request for volunteers once we get a full description of what the responsibilities entail.

2022 meeting calendar – This will have to be discussed offline, but in the past we have met on the second Saturday of the month for the general meetings while the Leadership met that previous Thursday.

Email accounts access [8:43pm] – Talk to Steve about getting people the access that they need.

Interest (or not) by Jill or Bette with continuing outside of Board in 2022 (NYRR liaison, money collection, permits, etc)- [8:44pm] Bette: As I have already mentioned, I would like to continue as NYRR liaison and team “Ambassador.” I’d like to propose that as part of that role, that I act as Volunteer Coordinator, a position we once established, which involves communicating about and recruiting volunteers for races (helping RDs for our own races, communications about and recruiting volunteers for outside races, including NYRR but also other community races), and also volunteer opportunities for the Parks Department. I’ll also be joining the Communications Committee to assist with the newsletter. I’m happy to continue to assist Beni with clothing but I think it best if the new Board make a concerted effort to recruit new people to join Beni on the Clothing Committee. Jill: I will be helping with registration if needed; would like to be Andrea’s assistant and would be willing to volunteer wherever I can [e.g., put in for permits, assist with registration, and assist James with the Cross Country Series, etc.]

Creation of an Advisory Council [8:49pm] – Rick’s experience with this is when he was the President in the past, there were people who were not on the Board but wanted to contribute. There might be people who have institutional knowledge of the club and can be of assistance.  Adrian Hunt proposed the idea of the Advisory Council in the past. What does this look like? How many people? How do we select people? The possibilities are endless.


  • Does VCTC want to set up a Zoom account? The least amount is $150.  We will need to set up an account using our one of the VCTC email addresses.  The account will be accessible to Board members with the password. Andrea will set up the account.
  • With respect to our PO Box payment renewal, it can possibly be done online though Rick has agreed to take over from Steve.
  • Some things that will come up are the RRCA memberships and updating the Board Members. Also the form for filling up the postcard for taxes is due soon. 

Membership– An email went out with a bad link. It was corrected and Rick renewed but later received an email that his membership expired.  The two systems [ and RunSignUp] are not in sync, but once the account is disabled, hopefully things will be clear. John will reach out to RunSignUp. Related to membership, the 2021 Board agreed to raise the fees by $5 per membership minus the Lifetime Membership.  This is scheduled to go into effect in on February 1st.  

Waivers have been enabled for weekly workouts. Ideally, participants will just need to sign up before each practice.  

Coach Ken’s update with the running [9:17pm]- Fieldston Hills started on Tuesday, January 4th and will continue for about 8 weeks.  It’s supposed to be 17 degrees next Tuesday, January 11th. Louis Csak and Bobby Asher have been working in conjunction with Coach Ken for the possibility of getting us involved in USATF events.  There are a few cool events to get involved in such as the Masters Races between March 18-20th, 2022 at the Armory.  

Question: Do we want to do anything with Awarding for 2021?

Possibilities could include:

  • Runner of the Year
  • Best Race
  • Most Improved

Question: Is there any way to get Sal Carreta’s email? Sal, be on the lookout for an email from a fellow Vannie.

Meeting’s adjourned at 9:33pm