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In order to be officially listed in our club records you have to be a member in good standing when you set your ‘record.’

Sorry, your high school 400m times don’t count, unless of course you were a paid-up member at the time!

After reviewing the club records, if you believe you have a faster time that can be verified (i.e. through official race results), please email the information to our club record keeper, Kevin Shelton-Smith.


Club Records 07 Dec 2021

The Ted Corbitt 15k never disappoints and this December 4th was no exception with 5 new VCTC records.

Bob Rooney continues his remarkable season and smashed Tim Belton’s previous M65-69 record of 1.14.01 set in the same race in 2015 with his astounding 1.03.31.

Most amazing of all, someone has actually taken one of Bette Clark’s records!  Hana Sayed ran 1.15.05 to snatch Bette’s F50-54 record of 1.15.45 set at the Colon Cancer 15k in March 2008.

Bette, as we know, hasn’t slowed much since then and has set a really challenging time for future runners with her fabulous F65 time of 1.16.45.  She took a huge 13 minutes off the previous best set by Edith Jones at the Al Gordon 15k in Feb 2005.

Finally, Monika Macezinskas continued her amazing record, setting a new standard in the F75-79 age group with her time of 1.51.37.


Club Records 23 Nov 2021

Great racing on Nov 21st from the short to the long, at both the Race to Deliver 4M and the JFK 50 Miles ultra in Maryland, with 3 records set by our ladies.

At the JFK 50, Stephanie Evans smashed her own F60-64 50 miles Club Record by over 3 hours!  Her previous record was set at the tough and brutal North Face Bear Mtn race in May 2019.  The JFK is the big daddy of 50 miles races, (or that big Momma?) with a thousand runners.  It takes in 13 miles of the Appalachian Trail before adding a marathon along the C&O Canal trail before getting anywhere close to finishing – no easy thing.  Steph’s time was a fantastic 10.27.09 for which she also won her age group.

At the other end of the scale, Bette improved her F65 4M Club Record set in August at the Retro 4 by 8 seconds to 31.53 in Central Park. Monika Macezinskas, now in the F75 age group added to her titles by taking 10 seconds off Edith Jones’s record set in 2015 at the Race as One.  Monika’s time was 42.30.


Club Records 12 Nov 2021  

After a long period off due to covid restrictions cancelling so many races, it’s been great to see so many records set from May 2021.  2021 has definitely been a year to show that youthfulness flows in the veins of older Vanny runners.  

Bette Clark kicked off the season on May 20th in the covid restricted VCTC-only Summer Series setting a new VCP 5k F65 record of 28.23.
June 17th we saw Bob Rooney shave 4 seconds off Beni Veraz’s VCP 5k M60 Club Record in a new time of 22.02.
On July 15th, Arnie Gore established a new M70 Club Record of 41.02.  

June 26th at the MK Rocket 5k in England, Kevin Shelton-Smith set a new M60 club record of 19.19. On July 25th 5k at the Bedford GP he lowered it to 18.54.  While you’re hot you’re hot and one week later on Aug 1st at the Wellingborough 5 he set a new M60 club record for 5 miles of 31.01.  

Over longer distances, Mitch Strong continued to impress.  On July 31st at the Pajama Romp 6 hours run (not sure if you have to wear pajamas) he set a M70 Club Record of 20.725 miles.  

Congrats to Arnie on establishing the M80 Club Record at the Retro 4 Miler on 7 Aug in a time of 45.58.
Also to Bette in the same race in a time of 32.05 improving on the F65 Club Record set at 34.16 15 years ago by Edith Jones at the Tom Labrecque 4M.  

Bob Rooney set a new M65 Club Record at the Harlem 5k on Aug 14th, and in a superb age graded percentage of 83.65%.  His time of 20.05 takes over from Dave King’s previous record of 21.330set at the Woodlawn Run for a Cause in Sep 2015.
Bette also set a new F65 Club Record at the same race with a time of 24.55 improving on Edith Jones’s time of 27.19 set at the Olympic Bid 5k in Feb 2005.
Arnie smashed his own M80 5k Club Record set earlier this year in Prospect Park.  HIs time of 48.23 was walloped down to 35.15    

Some great racing in the 5th Ave Mile produced 3 new age group records and a host of PBs.
First up Bob Rooney continued his terrific form with a 5.57 mile taking Ken’s record of 6.31 set in 2017 for the M65-69 Club Record.
Susanne Myette now holds the F60-64 record with her 6.32 improving on Susan Adiletta’s time of 7.00 set in 2016.
Finally, Arnie established a new M80 record of 10.21.  

Kevin set a new M60-64 marathon time of 3.25.46 at Southampton, England improving on Beni’s CR of 3.33.30 set at Boston in 2016.

At home at the Bronx 10 on Sep 26th, a massive shout-out goes to Suzanne Myette who ran the fastest age graded percentage of ANY female in the club ever. Her time of 1.17.17 scored 86.34%, some 2% higher than Bette’s previous record set at the Staten Island Half in 2015.
Meanwhile, Bette continues to grab the headlines with her new F-65-69 record of 1.24.29, besting Edith Jones old record of 1.30.50 set at the Frostbite 10 on Jan 22, 2006.  

Away from the challenges of the Bronx, Kevin set a new 10 Mile record at the Leighton 10 just the week before in a time of 1.07.33, improving on Beni Veraz’s time of 1.09.02 set in 2016   On Oct 31st Kevin chipped another second off the record at the Fen 10 during some biblical weather.    

The NYC Marathon saw a real battle among the ladies for the F45-49 crown held by Majella Henaghan since the same race in 2016.  With a time of 4.00.05 to beat, Jenny Baum came close, just 29 seconds off the record.  Meanwhile, just ahead, and dipping under 4 hours,  was Impirika Quinzon in a time of 3.59.39.  But the Record goes to Kate Lyons in a superb time of 3.41.51.
Quite amazingly, Bette Clark continuing her great form almost beat the F45 record herself, running 4.00.37, taking Susan Epstein’s F65-69 Club Record set at the 2011 NYCM in 5.35.17.


Club Records 1 Jan 2021

Oct 2020

W40-44, Laura ran Half Marathon 1:22:34 at 2019 Staten Island Half.
At CA International Marathon 2019 she ran 2:53:01
Jacob Adams ran 4:24 at 2019 Fifth Avenue Mile, edging out the old record by a second.
60k, Female age 40-44 Carolyn H ran 5:20:36 in 2018.
800m Carolyn ran 2:55.20 at NYRR night at the races in 2018, new record for female 40-44
Ken Rolston ran 2:55.16 at the same race – M65-69
Finally, Kevin Shelton-Smith ran 10k in 38.18 for the M60 Club Record set 21 years ago by the great Otis Matthews!

Dec 2019

Big congrats to Stephany Evans for her success in the 100 Mile race, 22:59:50 Beast of Burden 8/10/2019 4th overall and 1st female. Establishing a club record for W 60s at the 100 mile distance
Well done to all others too, especially Bob Rooney for his age group club record at the Pete McArdle, beating Beni’s old record by 9 mins.
Also well done to Lanny and Mitch for their 50k age group club records at the Ted Corbitt 50k.
Suzanne Myette has taken Bette’s 5k and 10M records.

Jan 2018

Two great overall club record, Bobby’s 49.17 at Boilermaker 15k and Elena’s 4.00.01 (ouch) 50k at Orange Curtain 50k in LA added to the great VCTC Club Records.
Stephany Evans have set new ultra Club Records and Monika M has gained a few. Jacob is in for the Mile and I’ve added a F80-84 column as Edith is now scoring F80 CRs

27 Nov 2017

The new 2017 records came from Ken, Bette, Beni, Manlio, Stephany Evans, Jill, Arnie, Bobby, Susan Moore, Monika M, Tony, Ed James, Debbie, Nancy, Carolyn Hehir, Ciara Malone, Ann Restak and Kevin Shelton-Smith. The Super Ultra – it’s a rather loose definition but basically anything considerably over 100 Miles is considered.

Club Records 11 Jan 2018


Latest Club Records

Since the 5th Ave Mile the latest VCTC records all came in the Bronx 10 and one in the NYCM. I’m getting this update out now as I’m sure there are bound to be some great marathon times coming up soon – good luck everyone running and cheering on Sunday. The complete list of records is attached.

Beni has taken Otis Matthews old club M60 best of 1.10.11 set at the Hot Chocolate 10 on Dec 5th, 1998. Beni’s time was 1.09.02.
Tim Belton set a new M65+ Club Record of 1.23.51.
Bette took a whopping 4 mins off her own F60 record recent set at Nyack.
Nancy Gordils lowered Andi Davis F50 record down to 1.17.45, and finally,
Majella Heneghan dropped Kate Donovan’s record set at the Mothers Day race in May 2008 by a minute to set a new F45 Club Record of 1.22.44.

In the New York City Marathon we had just one new Club Record. Majella Heneghan set a new F45-49 time of 4.00.05, taking 8 mins off the previous best set by Penelope Sheeley.

Congrats to all!


Dear Vannies

It’s been a while since I updated the Club Records but there’s been a lot going on in Central Park, VCP and elsewhere. The 5th Ave Mile is often a good source of records so with that completed, here is the update.

Starting with the Summer Series 5k XC in VCP:

May 26, Bette broke Jill’s old record in W60 class with 26.10.
Jun 9, Bette increased her speed to run 25.46, while Kevin made a summer return to improve his M55 record to 19.51.
Jun 23, two week later Trish Novelli had moved up an age group and improved Mandi’s old W45 record by 21 secs to 25.12.
Also Tony Gonzalez broke Arnie’s old M70 record of 28.44 finishing in 27.19.
Jul 21, Tony went faster still, running 26.58 – sub-27 is pretty fast for a 70 years-old! Well these times are ALL fast of course.
Aug 11, who else but Bette breaking her own record yet again, down to 26.02.

20 May, at a hilly Blisworth 5M, Kevin improved his M55 time to 30.32.

Jun 5, at the Retro 4, Kevin’s visit wouldn’t have been complete without a new M55 age record in CP of 24.12, this time breaking Mike Hudick’s long standing record from the Snowflake 4 in Feb 2004 of 24.21.
Dave King also set a new M65 record of 29.21, breaking Arnie’s time of 30.10 set in 2008.
It’s also worth also mentioning that Nancy Gordils equalled Bette’s old W50 record of 30.04.

Jun 25, at the LGBT 5M Pride Run, Arnie Gore beat Fernando Ruiz M75 time set at the 2007 Team Champs by 4 minutes, enough to win his new age group by over 3 minutes in a time of 46.54.
Meanwhile Bette lowered Jill’s old W60 record down to 39.37.
Nancy just missed Andie Davies’s record by 7 secs.

Jul 30 Team Champs 5M, Tony Gonzalez took 11 secs off Arnie’s old M70 record with his 41.33.
Bette lowered her W60 time down to 38.24.

Aug 27 Percy Sutton 5k, Bobby Asher ran a blistering race to improve an already tough M30-39 record of 16.04 previously set by Mike Arnstein at Coogans in 2009. Bobby ran an incredible 15.43.
Dave King missed Arnie’s M65 record by just 2 seconds.

Sep 3 5th Ave Mile, Susan Adiletta ran the Mile in 7 mins flat to break Jill’s W60 record from 2013 by 3 seconds.
Beni Veraz missed his own M60 record of 5.35 by just 2 secs but crushed the opposition to win his race.

The full list of records is attached. If you know any that have been missed, please let me know at


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