So you’ve decided to take the plunge and join VCTC.  You’re going to be glad you did.

Click here to be redirected to RunSignUp to pick your membership level and pay your dues.

What happens Next?

You will automatically gain access to all the Members Only pages and groups so go explore!

Stick up some photos (PLEASE !) so we know what you look like – that really helps folk get to know you.  If you have any great running related videos you can stick them up too.  How about posting a Blog or saying “Hi” to people.

PRs.  We like to know all about your past Personal Records.  Go to the Member PRs sub-tab to see the distances we focus on (almost all distances from 800m to 100 miles+.  We want to know how well you do in future races so we can congratulate you when you do well, as well as respecting times achieved in the past, regardless of whether you were super-fast.  Remember this personal and you’ll see from everyone else’s PRs that we love everyone, not just the HS Jocks.  Send your PRs to Coach Ken at or to and that includes any you achieve later on.  We can look at NYRR results ourselves but checking others is tricky.

Register Yourself with NYRR as VCTC.  If you intend racing, and note that many don’t, and that’s ok, but if you do you may run New York Road Runners races.  Joining NYRR gets you a discount in all their races but remember to register (or change) your club as VCTC.  This lets us find all the VCTC results together easily and means your results score points for the Club.

Singlet and Gear.  Now to what you really want to know.  Beni Veraz is in charge of Club Gear and can get you your singlet so contact him for more information.

Any Questions?  If there is anything more you’d like to know email Rick at or anyone else for answers.  Email addresses are on the website for directors and most other people so don’t hesitate to ask, or ask anyone at the events.

And we really look forward to seeing you!


Not sure yet?

Fair enough, perhaps you don’t know us and are a tad shy about starting out running with people you may think are so fit that you won’t fit in.  Don’t worry, most of us started out that way and you don’t have to get fit before approaching us.  We’ll help you get there.  So why not come along and try us out to see if you might like us before you commit.  Or just join us for breakfast and a chat (or look at us from a distance till you feel comfortable enough to step forward.  Just say, ‘Hello, I’m thinking about VCTC and wanted to meet you first.  My name is …’ and you’ll be made immediately welcome.

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